Wednesday (Term 3 | Week 2)

Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday!

Here’s how our learning looked for the middle of the school week:

Letters and Sounds

Group 1 were learning all about the letter z, making the sound /z/. They learned that at the start of a word a single z is used, for example, zoo; however, at the end of the word the sound /z/ can be made by either one z  as in quiz or by twos in buzz.

Group 1 always sing The Alphabet Song too. Why not practise it at home? Or teach it to a little brother or sister, or a parent?

Group 2 were learning about the long vowel phoneme ee, as in cheese and week.



Character Strengths: Perseverance

We began by watching the very lovely story How to Catch a Star by  the talented author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers.

We reflected on the story. How did the boy use perseverance in order to catch a star?

  • Tri: He didn’t give up.
  • Braiden: When he couldn’t reach it, he climbed a tree, the tallest tree.
  • Lowell: He used his dad’s life ring to try to catch it. 
  • Lina: He asked a bird to get it for him. 
  • Abhay: He tried to do it lots of times.

We thought about the things that we have persevered at in order to master a skill or achieve something. Times when we didn’t give up, even when things might have been tricky or taken time.

We also reflected on how we use perseverance to learn to read: now we can read more words and higher level texts than when we started at school. We use lots of different strategies to help us learn: practising, re-reading; sounding-out,;blending sounds; chunking into syllables; getting clues from the illustrations; thinking about meaning; semantics; context;  splitting compound words into two or more parts; looking for words within words; spotting letters that make sounds we’ve learned about and many more besides. We love reading in R1JH and R1MP! 


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