Friday (Term 3 | Week 2)

Welcome. It’s FriYAY!

A balmy, sunny Friday to brings us to the end of Week 2:

Congratulations to our awesome readers, who are continuing to reach significant milestones on their reading journeys:


Thank you to 2RG and 4BP for an entertaining assembly themed on the very funny ‘Do NOT open this book!’ series by author/illustrator, Andy lee.


Lots of children in class were very proud to see their older siblings, friends and cousins on stage today!

As per the school’s Term 3 calendar:

  • R1MP will be hosting assembly with their buddy class, 5/6NB on Friday, Week 6
  • R1JH follow on with their buddy class, 5/6ND on Friday, Week 7

The children are excited to share their learning with you!

Maths Mini 

Today we were rolling dice and adding totals. Some of use rolled two dice, some rolled three, four and even five!


Mrs Crisp shared a very special story with us this afternoon, following on from our learning earlier in the week about Saint Mary of the Cross McKillop.

Dianne Phillips rsj writes:

Bobs captured my imagination years ago when I first saw that iconic photo of him with Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop and her siblings, Donald and Annie. I also love the idea that Mary, who grew up around animals, loved to have a pet dog close by. Having a little dog close by would have kept her grounded.

A short time ago, after writing the story of Bobs, I visited Penola where I met Catherine Sandric who was also visiting with her mother. I was encouraged to ask Catherine if she might illustrate my story of Bobs. Catherine graciously accepted and together we made the story of Bobs come to life.

While this story has been written with children from eight to ten years of age in mind, some adults have found it helpful as they face their grief and loss of a loved one. Bobs is a “clever little dog”, as Donald remarks in the story.

There were other dogs before Bobs in Mary’s life. There are no photos of them, however a name of a dog has been passed down from Sisters of Saint Joseph who knew Mary. Mary herself when writing to a friend, mentions another of the dogs by name. A couple of Sisters have recorded how they helped to care for pets that lived with them at the Mother House in North Sydney.

Like many Australians today, our Saint Mary had a soft spot in her heart for animals. I look forward to exploring the lives of some of her other pets. Perhaps, like Bobs, they will reveal how they offered her unconditional love in the ups and downs of her life.


Outdoor Fitness

At the end of the day we headed out for 20 minutes fitness: soccer, sandpit, chasing shadows -trying to stand on Mrs Handforth’s head (shadow head , that is!) and a visit to the fish farm for this children who were interested.

Happy Weekend, everyone!
I leave you with a picture of Vincent’s pyramid which took him ‘ages and ages’ to build … great perseverance, Vincent!

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