Thursday (Term 3 | Week 8)

We are ready for another glorious day of sunshine and learning.


The children continued making their Granny Grassheads this morning.  It was such a lovely morning we moved the activity outside.  Once finished the students recorded a picture of Granny Grasshead and labelled it.


Play Investigations


There are many children in our class of India heritage and they proudly shared something about the country of India.  Some children (Hindi/Punjabi/Tamil speakers) knew how to count to 4 in  their Indian language and Eerat taught us how to say ‘hello’.   It was also lovely to hear the children tell the class who they visited in India.  Abhay said he has visited his grandma. 

Mrs Handforth read an Indian story called:

There once was a pedlar that sold caps and people came out just to see him walk by with all of the caps stacked on top of his head. Then one day no one came out so he walked away from the town and feel asleep under a tree but when he woke up all of the caps except one had gone!

Then the children were invited to engage in the provocations to deepen their awareness and appreciation of Indian culture.

See you all tomorrow!

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