Friday (Term 3 | Week 8)

It’s Friday … already!
And this is what we were up to on a beautifully sunny spring day …


Today’s assembly was presented by R/1KJ and 5/6IB. It was a fun assembly with lots of movement, based on the theme of ‘Embrace Your Body’ inspired by the book of the same name by author Taryn Brumfitt and illustrator Sinead Hanley.


Maths Mini

With a focus on. number, students were exploring how to read, write, model and write number sentences for a given number.

Positive Education

We finalised our growth mindset brains – adding final ‘growth mindset’ statements and then adding elastic so we can wear our brains when we need to push away those negative thoughts or fixed mindset ideas.



Play Investigations


Mindful Bookmaking

A quiet time to reflect on the books we are authoring and illustrating, adding more written detail and/or completing illustrations ready for publication.

Outdoor Fitness

A sunny afternoon provided a perfect ending for the week with the children playing outdoors, exercising and enjoying the fresh air.

Enjoy the weekend!

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