Monday (Term 3|Week 9)

Welcome to lovely Monday.

Book Making 

The children continued to create their books this morning.  


Money is our new topic for learning and discussion in numeracy this week.  Some children use money everyday at school and most would have experienced seeing it or using it with their parents.  In groups, the children were invited to explore the coins given to them and to discuss how they are different or similar.

Play Investigations

Students explored and played according to their interests during investigation time today.

Moon Lantern Designs

The children listened to a traditional story about how and why Chinese people worship the Moon and the reasons for celebrating each year.  Students viewed an array of beautiful moon lanterns from past festivals. Afterwards the children drew a picture of what they want their lantern to look like. 

Outdoor fitness in the sunshine

For the last 20 minutes of the school day our class used the oval space to play, explore, create and make friendships.

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