Wednesday (Term 3| Week 9)

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday everyone.
We hope you enjoy your day.

Literacy – Letters and Sounds

This group of children brainstormed a list of words with the long or sound this morning.


The book shared with the children this morning was called…

This uplifting, relatable story focuses on themes of friendship, community and belonging. Set in the lift of an apartment building where the occupants have minimal, cursory interactions, everything changes when the lift breaks down. The occupants find themselves stuck with each other in the lift and they come together to contribute something to the makeshift celebrations to brighten Turtle’s special day. Whimsical illustrations use ink, pencil and collage to give life to the anthropomorphised, quirky characters and add unique details to clothing and appearance. Each character has distinctive clothing or accessories depicting their occupation, inviting participation and discussion by younger readers. The design of the book is wonderful; with an appealing front cover and endpapers that match the lift’s interior decor. The front cover illustration is bright, inviting and appealing to the target audience. The first pages cleverly portray familiar domestic scenes while introducing characters we later meet, one by one. Young children will relate to the sense of community and feelings of belonging in this well-written book where text and illustrations harmonise beautifully to tell a charming story.


Today the students explored our Australian silver and gold coins by rubbing the coins using a crayon, and as they did so the image was transferred to paper.

Play Investigations


In science, the students observed the changes of their Granny Grasshead.  The Granny Grasshead was planted one week a go and there have been a few changes since making it.  Each student recorded their observations by drawing their Grasshead and labelling it.

Virtual Reality 

Liam and LiOne had the opportunity to experience VR this afternoon with Mr Snell and Mr Hansen.  Mrs Papillo watched as each student had fun playing Fruit Ninja.

Take a look at the live VR action:

Afternoon Fitness

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