Thursday (Term 3 | Week 9)

Welcome to Thursday’s learning!


Today is Agamjot’s sixth birthday! We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and gave him six big claps and one for luck. We hope he has a wonderful special day with family and friends.

Thank you to Vonn’s parents, who made a special red and white lantern for us to hang in our classroom to help celebrate the Moon Lantern Festival.


The children continued to develop their football skills with a relief teacher as Mrs Cooymans is on leave at present.


The children worked one of two activities. The first was to recognise the value of coins and colour them accordingly. The second was to count the amount of money in piggy banks and write the total. Some children then moved on to drawing coins in the piggy banks to represent a given total. This learning will be continued tomorrow.

Play Investigations

HASS: A Traditional Tale from Nigeria (Africa)

Last week, we explored a traditional tale from India and learned a few things about the country of India. This week we explored a story from Nigeria, in the West Africa.

The story was about a bat, so first we activated our prior knowledge of bats. What a lot we knew ….


We then watched an animation of the traditional tale: Why do bats sleep at night?

There were a range of provocations for the children to explore, including:

  • making a flying bat
  • painting a watercolour background to which the children will add the 3D bat silhouettes they cut out today (we have to wait for the paint to dry)
  • making bat stories/fact books on black paper using silver gel pens
  • making lego bats and mosaic tile bats (on the light table)
  • following visual instructions to draw bats
  • a small world table featuring many animals and birds featured int he story

We finished the day with a story about a bat called Bitsy.

Tomorrow Mr White, Mrs Nguyen and Mr Stramare will be visiting the classrooms to judge the moon lanterns made by the children. There are prizes for best class lanterns (R-1 and 3-6), as well as an overall individual prize for the Junior Primary and Middle-Primary and Upper-Primary categories.


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