Monday Week 4 Term 3

Shared Reading 

Our shared reading book for the week is Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Allen.

A funny story which prompts the students to think about who out of the characters is likely to sink the boat.

School Photos 

Our photos were nice and early in the day. The students were all looking extra dashing today. We can’t wait to see them in a few weeks.

Literacy Investigations 

There was a change in timetable with school photos so we postponed our literacy investigations until tomorrow. But here is a look into what the students will be engaged in tomorrow.

The activities included the students to:

  • Choose an object and use their imaginations to have a go at writing a creative piece of writing
  • Read a reader within a group with assistance to develop reading and comprehension skills/strategies and to engage with a reading response based on the text
  • Use animal toys to retell and role play ‘Who sank the boat.’ This activity helps to develop comprehension of the story and oral skills
  • Use the shared reading text as a provocation into objects that float and sink. Students will engage in a mini experiment, make predications and observe, record and reflect on the results


Our letter blend focus this week is the long and short ‘oo’ sound.

Assembly Practise

RI NS’ buddy assembly is THIS FRIDAY, 16th August, 9am in the hall.

We have an animal theme focus for our assembly. The students have made masks to wear on the day. They are welcome to wear their sports uniform or all black or brown on this day.

Today we got to practise on stage and did an initial run through of our assembly.


We continued discussing signs and symbols used to communicate a message or a place. We revisited different Aboriginal symbols that we have seen in artworks and in caves and rocks.

The learning then progressed on to using map coordinates to locate particular places on a map.


Whole school singing practise 

The whole school gathered together to practise the songs ready for the Assumption Mass this THURSDAY, 11:30 in the Hall.

You are all welcome to come and join in our mass.

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