Tuesday Week 4 Term 3


Shared Reading

Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen

Literacy Investigations

Floating and Sinking activity reflection:

Emily: I used an egg, when it was empty the egg floated and when I filed it with water it sank.  It went to the bottom.

Dung: If its heavy it goes to the bottom and if its light it goes to the top.

Anoop: The orange and the lemon had gaps and they floated.

Come Read With Me


As a warm up the children remembered what they did yesterday when they went on a walk with the teachers around the school yard.  They also shared some words they used as they described where they went.

around, over it, through, left, right, under, straight, forwards, middle, backwards, past…

The Lost Dog

Challenge: Try to work out the quickest way to find Mrs Evans’ lost dog and use some words to help.

Then we shared with the whole class what we came up with…

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