Monday Week 7 Term 3

What a beautiful spring day to start our week .

Shared Reading

“Set in China, this story offers an opportunity to learn about Chinese customs through the accessible story of a young boy who has his heart set on buying a lantern for the festival. It includes informative notes about life in rural China and the Moon Festival, celebrated in October.”


Moon Festival Celebrations 

We discussed the Moon lantern festival as a class. We looked at how people celebrate this festival and one way is making lanterns. Students then decided which lantern they were going to make and planed their designs.


We continued our learning about shapes. Students brainstormed the different 2D shapes that they know. The students then used as many shapes as they could to create a picture/s or a scene.


The blurb reads:

“Ella lived in the red-dirt country where the earth was as dry as old bones and it hadn’t rained for years and years and years. One night, Ella dreamt of the ocean.”

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