Tuesday Week 7 Term 3

Welcome to Tuesday everyone!

Please note that this coming Thursday there will be a cricket clinic for the children and the children are invited to wear their sport uniform for the event.  If you have any queries please see your child’s teacher.

Also, a MITIOG note was given to your child last Friday regarding the Being Sexual component of the Made In the Image of God program.  We would appreciate it if you could return the signed note as soon as possible.  Thank you for your understanding.


Moon Lantern making 

Today we created our moon lanterns.  The children were busy gluing, painting, sticking, cutting and drawing to create wonderful lanterns.  After we packed away all our mess we talked about the character strengths we used as we were merry making this morning.  We came up with 10 character strengths altogether!!  Well done students.

HASS – Geography


This afternoon the children viewed some maps from a bird’s eye view perspective and then the children chose a car from the classroom to draw.  We will finish our drawings tomorrow, so stay posted.


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