Thursday Week 7 Term 3

Welcome to Thursday everyone.  We hope you enjoy your day.

We wish Beau a fantastic day on his birthday.  Beau brought in a glorious platter of fruit to share with the class.  Thanks Beau!

Cricket clinic 

Two people from SACA visited today to teach the children some cricket skills. The children did 3 activities which involved bowling, bowling and hitting wickets and hitting balls with a cricket bat.

Come Read With Me

The children enjoyed reading their books this morning.  Then Mrs Crisp played a quick sentence game with the children before we got ready for numeracy.


The students continued with their tangram investigation.  They made lots of interesting animals and objects and then had a go at tracing it in their books.  This was very challenging for some but all the children persevered and succeeded in one way or another.


The children were introduced to acrostic poems this morning.  We read a few together and then we came up with our class acrostic poem about a dragon.  Tomorrow we will have a go at writing our own poems.

Social Skills – What’s the Buzz

Mrs Crisp continued the story that we have been reading over the past few weeks.  The children learnt how to ask someone if they could join in on their game or conversation and the importance of asking a person if they can use their toy.



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