Thursday Week 8 Term 3

Hello everyone, welcome to a terrific Thursday and a day of great learning in our wonderful classroom.


Happy 5th birthday to Jeikei today.  We hope you have a lovely day.  Best wishes from all of us in R1MP and NS.

Shared Reading  The Big Fish by Pamela Allen

This morning the children had a think about the problem in the story of The Big Fish.  Every story has a problem and the  children responded:

Rachel: They all fell in the river.

Beau:  The dog was the only one who could help out.

The children shared some of their stories of when they went on a fishing trip.

Literacy Investigations 

Come Read With Me


The children chose a 3D shape to construct today.  It was great to see all the children using their persistence as they made their shapes.

Art – Claude Monet

The children made lily pads just like those of Claude Monet’s.

Maths Mini

R1MP worked with a partner on subitising and addition this afternoon.  Well done everyone, what great mathematicians you are!

Keeping Safe

Following on from our learning about feelings, we continued to discuss the feelings we have and that we all experience different feelings at times, it’s only natural!

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