Thursday Week 1 Term 4

Welcome to Thursday everyone.  Thank you to all the parents who have supported the Spring Fair by donating a plant today, we really appreciate it!  Remember, tomorrow is a pupil free day because the staff and community will be setting up for the big day on Sunday.  Hope to see you all here on Sunday!

Shared Reading


Mrs Crisp read the next part of The Three Little Pigs (version 2) to the children this morning.

The children were asked what they noticed about the two different stories of The Three Little Pigs.

Emily: The Wolf was pretending not to be angry in the second story.

Ethan B: One book was longer than the other.

Rachel: The wolf had plans but the pig also had a plan.

Vincent: All the pigs built their houses.

Thao-Hien: There was a mum in both stories.

Anoop: The pigs got eaten in the book version.

Literacy Investigations

Literacy and investigation reflection

The children reflected on their play time today by writing.  The teachers are amazed at the progress all the children have made this year.  Well done boys and girls.

Maths Mini

This afternoon the children worked on their doubles knowledge.

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