Monday Week 2 Term 4

Welcome to beautiful sunny Monday. We all hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the Spring Fair.

Shared Reading 

After reading the story of the 3 Little pigs last week, we decided to listen to a song version of the story. The students really enjoyed this version and it helped to reinforce the story.

Writer’s Workshop

Using our reading of the 3 Little pigs, the students used that as a stimulus to re write and/or recreate their own story. We are excited to show you the progress of the stories throughout the week.


We began to look at the language of chance. We used the bureau of meteorology to discuss terms such as impossible, likely, possible etc. We then continue to explore the terms, might happen, will happen and won’t happen with different scenarios presented, such as: you will have pizza tonight, Mrs. Papillo will ride a horse at lunch, you will breathe today. The students then had the opportunity to write and draw about events that are certain, impossible or have a 50/50 chance.

Design and Technology  

To begin our unit with a focus on Christmas, students reflected on things that they know about Christmas or what it means to them.


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