Monday Week 7 Term 4


Shared Reading 


The students created a story map to reinforce the structure of the shared reading text, Rapunzel. They focussed on the characters and supporting characters. They also focussed on the events at the beginning, middle and end of the story, problems to be solved and solution to the problem. Some students used words from a word bank and words that we brainstormed to write simple sentences, to describe Rapunzel. This is still a work in progress where the students will continue.


To build on the students number understandings, they engaged in a number of different number based activities which included:

counting to 100 with a partial filled chart

100 number chart puzzle

subtilising match

domino addition


Design and Technology

We continued testing out the bridges we made to determine which design could hold the most weight. So far, the most weight a bridge could hold in our class was 2 kg. After we continued to test out the bridges we made, we watched the following to explore what shapes of strength and what makes bridges so strong.

We also discussed the concept of a chain reaction after watching some Rude Goldberg inspired creations.


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