Wednesday Week 9 Term 3

Welcome to the mid of week 9.

Literacy Investigations 

Come Read with me 

Play Investigations 

Monday Week 9 Term 3

The term is passing us by fast, welcome to Monday of Week 9.

Here is a look at our day.

Shared Reading 

Daisy was an ordinary dog who lived an ordinary life until one day, Bella gives Daisy liquorice all sorts….

A fun story about an ordinary dog who become and extraordinary dancing dog.

Literacy Investigations 

  1. Guided reading with teachers
  2. Use the cards to create funny, silly rhyming sentences
  3. Construct an acrostic Poem associated with the season of Spring
  4. Unjumble the sentence which has been taken from the shared reading story



The students continued to make and create another 3D shape from a net. Some students made triangular prisms, cubes or cylinders.

L:itle Athletics

Danielle Hurnack from the Little Athletics Clinic came out today to engage the students in some team races which included running, hurdles and bean bag throwing. The students really enjoyed this time and working in a team.


The blurb reads:

“On her way to the waterhole, Dumazi finds a big yellow lion caught in a trap. Please save my life and set me free, he begs.But Dumazi knows that lions roaming free was little Zulu girls like her…”

Wednesday Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to a beautiful sunny Spring day.

Shared Reading 

Our character strength focus for today was honesty, so in light of that we thought the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf was very appropriate to reinforce why telling the truth is the best policy.

Literacy Investigations 


Play Investigations 

Alphabet Revision 




Monday Week 8 Term 3

Shared Reading 

A fun story about a family who spend the day down by the river, where the dad would like to catch a big fish…

As we read the story we noticed the repetitive adjectives which made the story quite catchy.

Literacy Investigations 

The activities the students will engage with this include:

  • Guided reading with the teacher where students will complete a book review of the text read
  • Developing students vocabulary of describing words by writing adjectives to describe a variety of images they choose
  • Students will complete a book review about our shared text: The Big Fish
  • Students will choose a story stone as a stimulus to then independently write a story


Today the students explored 3D shapes. We sorted and looked at the different features of the shapes.


Students recorded what their special space/place is. They thought about what they see, hear, smell and feel in that special place.

Discussion were shown images of different places around our community and world, reservoirs, farms, gardens, electrical stations, quarries, cotton farms etc. We discussed what these places were and why they may be important. Students then came to the conclusion that they are important because they provide for our needs, clothing, water, food, shelter, learning, entertainment etc.  We continued to discuss who is responsible for looking after these special places and the part we can take in looking after our special places and the shared special places.  


The blurb reads:

“After an accidental tumble through the alphabet, Alpaca must find her way back home to her friends, Ape, Alligator, Albatross, Anteater and Aardvark. But the longer Alpaca is away from home, the better she feels — her spots disappear, her nose stops running and she has a clear head for the first time ever. Perhaps the start of the alphabet, with all its apples, isn’t the best place for an alpaca after all.”



Dear Parents/Caregivers,


The Moon Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.


At Holy Family we will be celebrating the Moon Lantern Festival on:


Friday 13 September

Students are invited to wear traditional or cultural clothing.


The 3JM and 2RG assembly will take place after recess at 11.00am and it will highlight cultural aspects of Moon Lantern Festival. Activities will include a lion dance, singing and sharing of cultural information. The winners of the Lantern Making Competition will also be announced at the assembly.


After assembly, students and families are invited back to their classrooms for a shared lunch. Students are encouraged to bring a plate of food that represents their culture.

Wednesday Week 7 Term 3

Welcome to a Wednesday. Have a look at some of our learning for today.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Ethan, we hope you had a special day.

Living with Pets

We had a special presentation today from Living with pets. Deb our presenter showed us different ways to interact with a dog: if it was scared, happy or angry. We all had a go at practising the different steps to ensure we were safe around dogs. She brought a special visitor with her, a dog named Lola. Some of us got to practise approaching Lola safely. It was a very informative presentation.

Come Read 

Students had the opportunity to read independently exploring their books.

Play Investigations



We continued exploring shapes with a tangram. We explored the puzzle and the different shapes that this puzzle has. Students had the opportunity to use a tangram to manipulate and use their creativity to form different images.


All students in R1MP are able to wear their sports clothes tomorrow, Thursday 4th September as they will be part taking in a Cricket Clinic.

Please remember to return the permission slip for the MITIOG programme.



Monday Week 7 Term 3

What a beautiful spring day to start our week .

Shared Reading

“Set in China, this story offers an opportunity to learn about Chinese customs through the accessible story of a young boy who has his heart set on buying a lantern for the festival. It includes informative notes about life in rural China and the Moon Festival, celebrated in October.”


Moon Festival Celebrations 

We discussed the Moon lantern festival as a class. We looked at how people celebrate this festival and one way is making lanterns. Students then decided which lantern they were going to make and planed their designs.


We continued our learning about shapes. Students brainstormed the different 2D shapes that they know. The students then used as many shapes as they could to create a picture/s or a scene.


The blurb reads:

“Ella lived in the red-dirt country where the earth was as dry as old bones and it hadn’t rained for years and years and years. One night, Ella dreamt of the ocean.”

Wednesday Week 6 Term 3

Writer’s Workshop 

Today the students focussed on the characters strengths that their superhero has. They were excited to write the third page in their book.


To reinforce the students understanding about 2D shapes. We looked at the properties of each one. The students then used the shapes to be creative and make any pictures they could with the shapes.



Monday Week 6 Term 3

Welcome to our Monday.

Shared Reading 

Lazy bird is on the quest to find the perfect next. On her adventures she experiments with various things, a teapot, a dust bin until she spots Mr. McGee’s umbrella… Another funny story by Pamela Allen using rhyme and comical illustrations.

Writer’s Workshop 

Today the students started the first page of their new Writer’s workbook. The theme was superheroes and the first page focuses on their normal everyday life before becoming a superhero.



Today the students showed great creativity and perseverance when drawing portraits of their dads/grandpas/step dads or loved ones. They were taught a new cartoon drawing technique of Kirsty Shadiac and were all impressed with what they could do.


We began geography with a bit of a brain break activity exploring different positional language. Students used a block and reinforced their understanding of the words by following the instructions.

Continuing on with our study of maps, students explored the concept of a birds eye view. We explored the google satellite vision and were amazed by all the we could see. The students then had a go at drawing a car from a birds eye view. They were really impressed with what they achieved.



“Arthur is a dog with a secret. More than anything in the world he loves to play his violin, but he’s too scared to do it in public because, well, what if he’s bad? What if people laugh? What if he makes a fool of himself?! WHAT IF?

But the song in his head and the dream in his heart just won’t stay quiet. So, when he’s invited to take part in a jam session, he creates the ultimate disguise – a post box costume! And when it falls apart, Arthur doesn’t.”(

Wednesday Week 5 Term 3

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday.

Literacy Investigations 

Come read with me 


We have discussed with the students about being present, centred and grounded and mindfulness is a  great time to remind ourselves to slow down and be in the moment and practise those elements. Today the students used their art journal to engage in mindful drawing whilst listening to calming music.


The students watched the above and revisited different shapes that they could observe in the clip.

Students then engaged in various activities from being a shape detective. Tallying different amounts of shape and practising the drawing of 2D shapes.

Moon Lantern Festival