Thursday Week 9 Term 3

Welcome to Thursday everyone!


Literacy Investigations

Come Read With Me


Today the children worked in groups to develop and practise their number skills of counting and adding.

What’s the Buzz?

What did we learn today?

Aleeza: Archie was kind and he found someone who did not have any friends.

Anoop: To stay calm Oliver had to take 3 deep breaths.

Keeping Safe

This afternoon the children mimed some different feelings.

Tuesday Week 9 Term 3

Shared Reading 

Today the children looked at some of the adjectives that Pamela Allen uses to describe nouns.

‘Beautiful, brand new bicycle.’

Hudson: Hot and tired describe how Daisy the dog is feeling.

Tri: Heavy describes how big Daisy has become.

Aleda: Exhausted describes that Stanley is tired.

Matilda: Daisy’s kisses are sticky.

Anoop: A small brown paper bag.


Fitness with Go Noodle

Literacy Investigations

The children all worked hard on their investigations this morning.  Some of the activities focused on sentence making and using a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a full stop at the end.

Numeracy Investigations and three dimensional shapes.

Today we investigated how to describe 3D shapes and the children learnt some fancy words to help them describe them.

Maths Mini

This afternoon R1MP worked on subtraction sums and number lines.

Katrina: Minus means take-away.

Dung: Subtraction means take-away.

Friday Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to Friday and our celebration of the Moon Lantern festival.


Play Investigations



Moon Lantern Assembly and Shared lunch

Thank you for all the wonderful food we shared today.



Thursday Week 8 Term 3

Hello everyone, welcome to a terrific Thursday and a day of great learning in our wonderful classroom.


Happy 5th birthday to Jeikei today.  We hope you have a lovely day.  Best wishes from all of us in R1MP and NS.

Shared Reading  The Big Fish by Pamela Allen

This morning the children had a think about the problem in the story of The Big Fish.  Every story has a problem and the  children responded:

Rachel: They all fell in the river.

Beau:  The dog was the only one who could help out.

The children shared some of their stories of when they went on a fishing trip.

Literacy Investigations 

Come Read With Me


The children chose a 3D shape to construct today.  It was great to see all the children using their persistence as they made their shapes.

Art – Claude Monet

The children made lily pads just like those of Claude Monet’s.

Maths Mini

R1MP worked with a partner on subitising and addition this afternoon.  Well done everyone, what great mathematicians you are!

Keeping Safe

Following on from our learning about feelings, we continued to discuss the feelings we have and that we all experience different feelings at times, it’s only natural!

Tuesday Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to Tuesday everyone.


Dear Parents/Caregivers,


The Moon Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.


At Holy Family we will be celebrating the Moon Lantern Festival on:


Friday 13 September

Students are invited to wear traditional or cultural clothing.


The 3JM and 2RG assembly will take place after recess at 11.00am and it will highlight cultural aspects of Moon Lantern Festival. Activities will include a lion dance, singing and sharing of cultural information. The winners of the Lantern Making Competition will also be announced at the assembly.


After assembly, students and families are invited back to their classrooms for a shared lunch. Students are encouraged to bring a plate of food that represents their culture.

Shared Reading 

Today we read The Big Fish by Pamela Allen.  Why are we reading it again? Well, there are many reasons for us reading the same book each day over the period of a week.  The teachers model directionality, punctuation (both visual and with the intonation of our voices as we read the text to the children), starting a book at the beginning and finishing it at the last page etc.  Our focus is on adjectives this week and they are words that describe nouns.  There are many adjectives in the text and they help make the story interesting and the characters come to life.

What did you like about the story? Why?

What didn’t you like about the story? Why?

Literacy Investigations

Numeracy – 3D shapes around us

Today we focused on cylinders, cubes, spheres and cuboids.  The children looked for examples of these shapes in our classroom.

HASS – Geography

The children drew the country of the young boy depicted in the story we shared this afternoon.

Friday Week 7 Term 3

Welcome to Friday and the end of week 7, already!!

Science and the search for mini- beasts

After assembly the class went to Log Park and searched for mini-beasts.  What are mini-beasts?

Play Investigations


What are mini-beasts?  We talked about the big word invertebrates this afternoon and then drew the mini beasts we discovered in log park.

Thursday Week 7 Term 3

Welcome to Thursday everyone.  We hope you enjoy your day.

We wish Beau a fantastic day on his birthday.  Beau brought in a glorious platter of fruit to share with the class.  Thanks Beau!

Cricket clinic 

Two people from SACA visited today to teach the children some cricket skills. The children did 3 activities which involved bowling, bowling and hitting wickets and hitting balls with a cricket bat.

Come Read With Me

The children enjoyed reading their books this morning.  Then Mrs Crisp played a quick sentence game with the children before we got ready for numeracy.


The students continued with their tangram investigation.  They made lots of interesting animals and objects and then had a go at tracing it in their books.  This was very challenging for some but all the children persevered and succeeded in one way or another.


The children were introduced to acrostic poems this morning.  We read a few together and then we came up with our class acrostic poem about a dragon.  Tomorrow we will have a go at writing our own poems.

Social Skills – What’s the Buzz

Mrs Crisp continued the story that we have been reading over the past few weeks.  The children learnt how to ask someone if they could join in on their game or conversation and the importance of asking a person if they can use their toy.



Tuesday Week 7 Term 3

Welcome to Tuesday everyone!

Please note that this coming Thursday there will be a cricket clinic for the children and the children are invited to wear their sport uniform for the event.  If you have any queries please see your child’s teacher.

Also, a MITIOG note was given to your child last Friday regarding the Being Sexual component of the Made In the Image of God program.  We would appreciate it if you could return the signed note as soon as possible.  Thank you for your understanding.


Moon Lantern making 

Today we created our moon lanterns.  The children were busy gluing, painting, sticking, cutting and drawing to create wonderful lanterns.  After we packed away all our mess we talked about the character strengths we used as we were merry making this morning.  We came up with 10 character strengths altogether!!  Well done students.

HASS – Geography


This afternoon the children viewed some maps from a bird’s eye view perspective and then the children chose a car from the classroom to draw.  We will finish our drawings tomorrow, so stay posted.


Friday Week 6 Term 3

Shared Reading 

Mrs Crisp read a lovely story to the children this morning about dads.

Writer’s Workshop

The children finished their books this morning.

Play Investigations 

Maths Mini

Today the children worked on subitising and addition sums using dice.

Thursday Week 6 Term 3

Tomorrow is Casual Day for a Spring Fair donation. You are invited to bring a book in good condition or a DVD that can be used to sell at our Spring Fair.  If this is not possible then a gold coin donation would be wonderful too!


R1MP Liturgy

This morning the children celebrated a liturgy and friendship was the theme of it.  We know that Jesus was a good friend and he teaches us how to be good friends with everyone.

Here are some photos of the children singing at our  liturgy:

Come Read With Me

The children continue to make great progress with their reading.  The teachers are now taking reading (running) records of their abilities and so far we have seen wonderful progress with the children.  Please be patient parents with this process as it takes time and careful analysis of each child’s reading which informs the reading level of your child.  In the meantime, keep reading with you children and enjoy the magic of sharing a book together!

Crows Visit 

Claude Crow and friends visited us today.

Crows clinic

The children had so much fun this afternoon.  The sun helped out with the happiness and belonging. Well done boys and girls.