Friday Week 4 Term 3

Welcome to Friday and assembly day for R1NS and their buddy class.

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Father’s day Flyer

R1NS and 5/6NP Buddy Assembly

The students have been rehearsing most of the week for their assembly today.  Here are some of the highlights:

Literacy Investigations

Play Investigations 


Thursday Week 4 Term 3

Welcome to a beautiful and sunny Thursday.  Today is the Feast of the Assumption when Mary, body and soul, was taken into heaven to live with Jesus.

Shared Reading – Who Sank the Boat

Today the children were asked to look for full stops and capital letters in the text.

Hudson: Pamela Allen wrote the book, she is the author.


Victoria looked for a full stop and located it on the page.


Literacy Investigations

Come Read With Me

The teachers and children enjoy this time of the day because we get to hear other people read to us.  It is also great to see the children trying so hard with their reading strategies.

Mass celebrating the Feast of the Assumption


The students were learning more about maps this afternoon as they recalled the story We’re Going on A Bear Hunt.

Then we had a game of Bingo…


Wednesday Week 4 Term 3

Good morning, hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday.

Have a look at our day.

Literacy Investigations 

Play Investigations 

The students thoroughly enjoy investigations to get to know each other, socialise, develop friendships, inquire into areas of interest/curiosity and to display and use their character strengths. It was also a beautiful day where some students made the most of the outside area to play and be creative.

Assembly Practise 

The students are feeling confident with our assembly on Friday. Our year 5/6 buddies have been amazing at working with our R/1 students to include them and to film, interview and put together the iMovies ready for our assembly. Additionally, choreographing and teaching our students a dance. Thank you buddies.


Tuesday Week 4 Term 3


Shared Reading

Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen

Literacy Investigations

Floating and Sinking activity reflection:

Emily: I used an egg, when it was empty the egg floated and when I filed it with water it sank.  It went to the bottom.

Dung: If its heavy it goes to the bottom and if its light it goes to the top.

Anoop: The orange and the lemon had gaps and they floated.

Come Read With Me


As a warm up the children remembered what they did yesterday when they went on a walk with the teachers around the school yard.  They also shared some words they used as they described where they went.

around, over it, through, left, right, under, straight, forwards, middle, backwards, past…

The Lost Dog

Challenge: Try to work out the quickest way to find Mrs Evans’ lost dog and use some words to help.

Then we shared with the whole class what we came up with…

Monday Week 4 Term 3

Shared Reading 

Our shared reading book for the week is Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Allen.

A funny story which prompts the students to think about who out of the characters is likely to sink the boat.

School Photos 

Our photos were nice and early in the day. The students were all looking extra dashing today. We can’t wait to see them in a few weeks.

Literacy Investigations 

There was a change in timetable with school photos so we postponed our literacy investigations until tomorrow. But here is a look into what the students will be engaged in tomorrow.

The activities included the students to:

  • Choose an object and use their imaginations to have a go at writing a creative piece of writing
  • Read a reader within a group with assistance to develop reading and comprehension skills/strategies and to engage with a reading response based on the text
  • Use animal toys to retell and role play ‘Who sank the boat.’ This activity helps to develop comprehension of the story and oral skills
  • Use the shared reading text as a provocation into objects that float and sink. Students will engage in a mini experiment, make predications and observe, record and reflect on the results


Our letter blend focus this week is the long and short ‘oo’ sound.

Assembly Practise

RI NS’ buddy assembly is THIS FRIDAY, 16th August, 9am in the hall.

We have an animal theme focus for our assembly. The students have made masks to wear on the day. They are welcome to wear their sports uniform or all black or brown on this day.

Today we got to practise on stage and did an initial run through of our assembly.


We continued discussing signs and symbols used to communicate a message or a place. We revisited different Aboriginal symbols that we have seen in artworks and in caves and rocks.

The learning then progressed on to using map coordinates to locate particular places on a map.


Whole school singing practise 

The whole school gathered together to practise the songs ready for the Assumption Mass this THURSDAY, 11:30 in the Hall.

You are all welcome to come and join in our mass.

Friday Week 3 Term 3

Welcome to Friday and R1MP and 5/6NDs Buddy Assembly.

Reminder: All students in R1Mp need to wear their full winter uniform this Monday, 12th August for Photo Day.  Thank you. 


Today we performed in front of the school and presented our wonderful learning of R1MP and 5/6ND.

Come Read With Me

Play Investigations

Maths Mini

We had fun with numbers this afternoon and played Snakes and Ladders and Bingo.


Mrs Crisp and the children talked about our plants growth and then we discussed changes.  There was raw spaghetti and cooked spaghetti to observe, feel and describe.

Thursday Week 3 Term 3

Welcome to Mary MacKillop’s feast day.  Today we will celebrate the day by participating in a range of activities throughout the day.

MacKillop House activités with 2PN

Some children made imovies, painted portraits of Mary MacKillop or helped to create a mosaic of Mary MacKillop.

Come Read With Me

Mary MacKillop Mass with the school, celebrated by Father Sam.

Shared Dining for lunch with Mary MacKillop House

We enjoyed a yummy lunch today consisting of wraps or vegetarian pasties and a dessert choice of lamingtons or cookies.

Wednesday Week 3 Term 3

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday.

Shared Reading 

The students enjoyed listening to Michael Rosen read the story. He was very passionate and animated which the students loved. We watched the video twice. The first time the students were able to enjoy the story telling and the second time, we focussed on the beginning, middle and end of the story.

The video has been linked on Tuesdays Blog post.


Literacy Investigations 

Assembly Preparation 

R/1NS met with our buddies to practise our dance and to practise the script. Students who have reading parts will be bringing home their part by the end of this week. Please assist them in learning their part.

Mrs. Papillo’s class have been practising on stage ready for their big assembly this Friday. We are all excited to see their presentation.


The students were involved with two different activities. Bingo to reinforce number identification and the second was snakes and ladders to strengthen counting skills along with number awareness.

R1MP:School Photos this Monday 12th August

Dear Parents,

This coming Monday is school photo day and your child will be required to wear their winter school uniform, not Sport uniform as we usually do on a Monday.  Therefore, girls will be required to come dressed in their pinafore, shirt, tie, jumper and boys dressed in their long winter pants, shirt, tie and jumper.

If you need another order form there are spares in the front office.  Family photo order forms an also be sourced from the front office.  Family photos will be taken at 8:30am on Monday morning.

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any queries please ask the teachers or the lovely ladies in the office.



Tuesday Week 3 Term 3

Welcome to another busy Tuesday.  R1MP continue to prepare for the up coming assembly and we kindly ask you to bring in an old toy or two for the assembly props on Friday.

Shared Reading  We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This morning Miss Lucinda read the story to the children.  The children were invited to join in with the repetitive parts of the story.

“We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we’ve got to go through it!”

Literacy Investigations

Guided Reading

We love reading together and here we are having a great time reading and learning about books.

Rhyming Game 

This group had fun playing a rhyming game by matching their cards.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Reflection

All stories have a beginning, middle and end.  The students talked about the story in their group and then reflected on the three important parts of the story.

Rocket Writing

The children chose an object from the box to describe, label or write a story about.

Assembly Rehearsal R1MP

Here we are on stage with our buddies doing an awesome job at rehearsal today.