Friday – Week 10 – Term 2

Welcome to Fun Friday – Last Day of Term 2

Today we were lucky to have the laptops – we teamed this learning with reflections, play,  games, mindfulness and cleaning our lockers.

Come Read with Me – An fun and important way to start our day

Reflection upon the term and what are our goals for next term.

What a wonderful, busy term we have had. I hope you all enjoyed sharing your children’s accomplishments via the reports that were sent home at the beginning of the week.

I am so proud of R1 MR – I have watched children take risks, step up to a challenge, demonstrate many acts of kindness as well as lead and support others. I am very proud of our learning community and our learning journey so far this year.

Next term we are excited the welcome the new reception children and Miss Anderson into room 5. R1 MR will then take upon addition leadership roles as our community expands.

Have a wonderful holiday break, stay safe and I look forward to seeing your energetic, enthusiastic, smiling faces next term.

In Kindness

Mrs Rodgers

Thursday – Week 10 – Term 2

Welcome to Thursday


Shared Text – ‘ure’

Together we shared the below text and then we followed the procedure to make a pirate hat.

Then we went on a treasure hunt around the room to find High Frequency Words to write on our hats.

Numeracy Investigations

  • Harper – Draw shapes
  • Elnathan – Maths Uno
  • Abraham – Make 3D shapes
  • Mya – Making shapes with paper
  • Ishpreet – Pop stick numbers
  • Owen – Write numbers
  • Eann – Play the game with the cup and unifix

Other ideas to explore

  • A shop
  • Patterns
  • Make a number line
  • Dice wars

Play Investigations – some of our ideas..

  • Elnathan – stick raft
  • Jerry – lego
  • Laura – Play with girl lego
  • Mya – drawing
  • Abraham – popstick house
  • Jed – making a paper boat
  • Bior – a house from lego

See you tomorrow for Fun Friday! – Last day of Term 2

Wednesday – Week 10 – Term 2

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday

Sorry there are no photos today – they don’t seem to want to load.

Happy Birthday Felipe – we hope you have a super fun day celebrating with your friends.

Come Read with Me and Journal

Literacy  – ‘air’

Literacy Rotations

  • ‘air’ words and constructing a sentence






  • s-a-p – formation and words on big paper


Fitness – walk and collect sticks

STEM  – What can a stick be?

This is not just a stick.

It is a ……….

The children used their learning power of creativity to transform their sticks into a range of objects using boxes, paint and paper.

Abraham – A stick Insect, broom

Eann – Stick Man

Kalil – A crocodile

Laura – A caterpillar, a tree

Elnathan – A alligator, pick axe

Mya – A butterfly

McKayla – A person

Jed – A snake, a sword, a rocket

Alexa – A fairy, a camp fire

Ishpreet – A wand

Plan  – Create. – Reflect

Jordan – A spider


Have a good night – see you tomorrow


Tuesday – Week 10 – Term 2

Welcome to Tuesday

Today it is Owen’s birthday – we hope you had a super, fun day celebrating with your friends.

As always, we began our day with a song, a book and a reflection about the weather and feelings.

Rocket Writing

Focus: Using the joining words to build a sentence.

  • so
  • then
  • because
  • and

Children were set the challenge – How many sentences can you write?

Some of the children worked independently, others worked collaboratively with me on the mat to create sentences to copy.

Fitness – stick collections for tasks later in the week.


Today we revisited money investigations. The tasks we explored were:

Setting up a shop

Making amounts

Ordering in value

Counting by 5’s and 10’s



Play Investigations

  • Painting
  • Collage
  • Paper Folding
  • Lego Challenge
  • Shops
  • Box Construction
  • Mixing Colours
  • Blocks
  • Lego
  • Small World play

Learning through play  is only limited by your imagination.

Have a good night – See you tomorrow


Monday – Week 10 – Term 2

Welcome to Monday – Last week of Term 2

Adum was busy on the weekend drawing the class – Fantastic work Adum 🙂



What is happening on the calendar?

Adum – We are going to have one more week at school and then it is school holidays.

Jed – Tomorrow is Owen’s birthday.

Emily – It is Monday.

Jordan – After Owen’s birthday it is Felipe’s birthday.

Alexa – In 6 more days it is Mrs Rodgers birthday.

Ishpreet – It is laptop day.

Come Read with Me


Shared Text – Stick Man

A wonderful, fun story which combines beautiful illustrations, repetition and rhyme.

Writer’s Workshop

Before we started writing today we explored a different way of starting a story-

Focus – Story starters:  In a big tree there lived a….

(We are setting the scene and also introducing the characters)

We also talked about our stories having a beginning, middle and end.

Creating a Book Cover

Combining Literature and Art

The children were encouraged to use two different types of mediums to create a cover for their book.

  • Textas
  • Crayon
  • Paint
  • Collage
  • Pencils

We talked about including the title, the character and their name (as the author).


Laptop Games

Roll dice Addition

Shape Pictures

Learning through Collaboration

Other tasks included movie making.

While engaging in laptop tasks the children are building upon important learning dispositions essential for life long learning.

  • Communication – discussion, questioning, negotiation
  • Collaboration
  • Persistence
  • Creativity
  • Literacy skills – reading, comprehension, oral language
  • Problem Solving



We finished the day with one of our favourite songs.


Have a good night – see tomorrow

Friday – Week 9 – Term 2

Catholic Identity Day

We begin our day with a story from the Bible and a song or. two.

Lessons From Zacchaeus in the Bible

The story of Zacchaeus in the Bible. The truth that if you want God to change your life, He can, and will. Zacchaeus knew what he was. He knew what people thought about him. But he wanted Jesus. He wanted to change.

Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, no matter what it took. He put aside his pride to climb the tree to catch a peek. Zacchaeus was excited to see Jesus and he wanted to change.

Imagine how Zacchaeus felt when Jesus called to him.

  • Jesus sees value in every person. While the crowds were grumbling, Jesus was welcoming. Jesus knew Zacchaeus mattered. Jesus knew Zacchaeus. And when Zacchaeus saw the Jesus that knew him, he changed.
  • Jesus wanted to be part of Zacchaeus’s life just like he wants to be part of your life.


We shared Father Shibu’s welcome to Catholic Identity Day.

Part of his message included  – Education of heart is at the heart of education and the importance of celebrating and recognising difference. This links to our discussion after this mornings story and heart drawings about ‘Opening our heart’ to others and celebrating diversity.

Buddy Rotations – Exploring Catholic Identity

  • We are all a part of the same team – Collaboration Games – Mr Stamare
  • Mudla – All creatures great and small – Mrs Stam
  • Cross Book marks – Symbol of Hope – Mrs Rodgers

End of the day reflections:

Harper – I enjoyed playing and helping people if they fall over.

Annabelle – I love the team work.

Elnathan – Jesus did team work with his disciples to spread the word of God. I liked everything, it was a fun day for me.

Eann – I love colouring the Cross because it is fun.

Bibi – I liked making the crosses

Laura – I liked going to the Fish Farm and I touches the turtle.

Jed – I liked doing the Cross.

Kalil – I liked colouring the Crosses.

At the end of the day we also watched a video about the learning across the school in relation to Catholic Identity and Father Shibu’s farewell message.

Reflection upon the day:

Education of heart is the heart of education.   Father Shibu

We celebrate difference and accepting everyone for who they are.

We open our hearts to everyone and be kind and helpful as Jesus did.

We are grateful for all  – our friends and family and all the creatures on earth.

Have a wonderful weekend – see you on Monday.


Thursday – Week 9 – Term 2

A busy, but fun Thursday in R1 MR

Journal and Come Read with me

Our day starts with a song and conversation.

The children are doing a great job setting up their journal and recording their reflection about the weather and feelings.

Shared Text – ‘or’ digraph

Literacy Rotations

  • ‘or’ words – List words – To understand the meaning of the word the children were then asked to write a sentence using the word.
  • Design your own monster and then describe it


Practise – Lock Down Drill

Today we had a practise Lock Down Drill – the children were in PE/Sports during this time.

We talked this morning about the practise. We have a lockdown if there is something outside that is dangerous and the safest place for us is inside. When talked about the importance if the siren sounds we need to listen to the teacher to find out what we need to do and where we need to go.

Mrs Cooymans said everyone was amazing at listening and were very caring during the drill.

Numeracy Investigations

  • Coin rubbings – Investigating the pictures and numbers on the coins
  • Sorting coins in order of value – recognising and identifying
  • Making amounts – How many ways can we make different amounts?
  • Counting amounts – How much money in the piggy bank?
  • Going shopping – Exchanging money and exploring value

Our Rights and Responsibilities – Discussion


Everyone has the right to be safe, go to school and to be health.


Elnathan – To take care of people

Adum – A responsibilities it when you look after something because it is your so it is your responsibility.

Jordan – Is when you be kind to someone and they be kind to you back.

Harper – Responsibility means you have look after your sister or brother if your parents need to go out and do somethings.

Annabelle – Is like when you listen to your parents and look after them.

Tina – Listening to the teacher.

Jordan – Your responsibility in your class is when you look after everyone.

Felipe – To take care of the things in the class

In our class it is our responsibilities to keep ourselves and others safe, happy so we can be fun and learn

When we play soccer on the oval – who has the right to play.

Everyone has the right to play.

Who is responsible for people playing soccer – to be safe and have fun?

It is everyone responsibility when we play, to play safely and to help each other have fun.

We will continue to use these words ‘rights’ and ‘responsibilities’  in our classroom during the day to reinforce expectations.

Have a wonderful night – see you tomorrow.


Wednesday – Week 9 – Term 2

Wonderful Wednesday

Come Read with Me

Finding ‘oo’ words in the books

Shared Text – Short ‘oo’ sound

Literacy Rotations

  • Speech Bubbles – What did the gruffalo say to the mouse?

Introduction to speech bubbles – the children thought about what the two characters could say to each other.

  • Mini Books – Look in my book

The children explored making a book. The children were encouraged to make an information book about animals.



Play Investigations


What is the message from the story?

Abraham – You should help one another.

Alexa – You should someone if they are hurt, doesn’t walk past them.

Mya – If you walk past them you have to be kind.

Tina – When someone get hurts you help them.

Jordan – The man (Good Samaritan)  helped the other man.

Elnathan – So if someone gets hurt you don’t just go and do what you want,  you can’t just leave them hurt, you have to hurt them.

What does the Bible say about our neighbours –

“The Lord Our God, The Lord is One; Thou shalt love thyLord, thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”, before also referring to a second commandment, “And the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbour as thy self.”

The children were encouraged to retell the story using words and pictures.


Tuesday – Week 9 – Term 2

Welcome to a terrific Tuesday full of learning.

Today we shared books with our friends during come read with me. The children are encouraged to be leaders during this time and support the younger children in our class to build their confidence as readers.

Time for a little brain break – sight word rap before sharing our text.

Shared Text – The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo Big Book by Julia Donaldson | 9780333901762 | 2004 ...

Before moving into rocket writing we talked about words that help us build a sentence.

We picked some words from the middle of the circle and helped each other build a sentence.

Abraham: We went to the shop and after that we went home.

Adum: I went to the pool so I could swim

Jerry: It was a hot day and we relaxed at the beach.

Elnathan: One day my friend and I went to the beach but my friend wanted to go to the park.

Alexa: I was last in the race.

Kalil: Finally it was my turn on the slide.

Annabelle: Then I was on the aeroplane.

The children were encouraged to use this words during their rocket writing. We will continue this learning next week during rocket writing.

100 Languages of learning

Below  are some of the ideas to challenge and inspire the children’s thinking about exploring the text using 100 languages.

The children’s creativity lead to this learning:

What is Numeracy on the laptop?

Adum –  I am going on to the game when you share out the cookies on to the same number.

Elnathan – Draw maths questions – addition or subtraction

Ishpreet – I would play the game when you put the number in the same order.

Bibi – I would go on the game.

Alexa – Draw somethings (you could use shapes)

The children were encouraged to explore the different tools and resources on the Laptop before engaging with the numeracy games.

Have a wonderful evening – see you tomorrow



Monday – Week 9 – Term 2

Welcome to Marvellous Monday

Come Read with Me

This is always a wonderful way to start the day. During this time some children have been asked to support the younger children – here I observe kindness, leadership and collaboration.

Shared Text – This book was requested for this week. I fun story, full of repetition and rhyme.

Writer’s Workshop – Soooo many photos because everyone is writing so much!! I am so proud of everyone.

Dining Hall

What a delicious lunch we had – Fish, chips, garlic bread, cake and custard. Thank you to the canteen ladies for the delicious lunch we really enjoyed it.

Play investigations

While the children engaged in play investigations, Mrs Rodgers listened to reading.

Play Investigations – building upon our learning dispositions of leadership, collaboration, creativity and sense making while engaging in the following tasks.

  • Role PLay
  • Blocks
  • Lego
  • Bey Blades
  • Hama Beads
  • Beading
  • Games

Have a good night see you tomorrow.