Friday – Week 5 – Term 2

Welcome to Fantastic Friday

Our Learning Today

Come Read with Me

Today we completed another 1600 steps for reconciliation week – Well done Team R1 MR

HASS- Today we had a fun discussion about household items from the past. Please continue this conversation with your child about objects you or their Grandparents might have and how they have changed. The phone was an interesting thing for the children to comprehend, that in the past you had to stand by where the phone was plugged in to talk. There was no walking around or taking photos on these phones. 🙂

Alexa – We have new phones and you can lie on your bed.

Hendrix – People want to go out somewhere they might need to bring.

Abraham – They phones are heavy.

Elnathan – They are really old and they are from the past.

Ishpreet- We have new phones now.

There is new inventions  technology they have made new phones.

Adum – Mobile phones look like Ipads

Felipe – You can text

Jordan – You can factime

Hendrix – You can watch things

Ishpreet – you can play games

Babi – you can do Facebook

Alexa – You can watch

Elnathan – You can take photos

Eann – You can take videos.

We can see photos straight away.

Kalil – On your TV – have Netflix.

Emily – Listen to music on your phone or Ipad

Abraham – You can listen to music in your car and you can listen through you phone.

Elnathan – You can use ear pods and iPods and head phones


Things we write with –

Ishpreet – Lead pencil

Hendrix – We write with crayons and textas

Elnathan – Typing on phones

Owen – Typing on laptops


Things change because of inventions and new ideas to make things faster and easier.

The children then completed a sorting task with a friend:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Collaboration with peers
  • Fine motor skills
  • Following a sequence of directions
  • Identifying objects from the present and past
  • Problem solving
  • Articulating understandings or asking questions


Reconciliation Focus

Dreaming Story – The Blue Wren

Adum – All the birds were fighting over who has the strongest legs.

Elnathan – The first bird said look at my wings they are so colourful and the other bird  said who cares about your wings look at my legs. They were fighting over things who had the best legs and wings. The wise old owl said keep it down and then they started arguing and then they had a competition and the wise old owl what can you all do. The owl said you can fly.

Elnathan – It teaches you not to fight.

Mya – The owl flapped it’s wings.

Abraham – It teaches you not to cheat because then you won’t be able to do the things anymore.

Keth – The story teaches about reading.

Jordan – You shouldn’t fight because you might hurt someone.

The Blue Wren is a dreamtime story with a message about individuality. We are all unique and we need to celebrate this.

The children then explore 3 different experiences:

  • Dot painting
  • Constructing a bird
  • Aboriginal symbols to tell a story.

Have a wonderful weekend – See you on Monday.

Thursday – Week 5 – Term 2

Welcome to fun Thursday

Wednesday marked the day for the start of Reconciliation Week.

2020’s theme for Reconciliation Week is ‘In This Together.’  

2020 National Reconciliation Week Theme Announced – In this ...

In the year 2000, there were 2 important events held in celebration of Reconciliation Week, and this time was known as Corroboree 2000. The first event was the meeting of high-profile Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders at the Sydney Opera House on 27th May 2000. This meeting was described as ‘a ceremonial gathering of Australians to exchange commitments in the lead up to the centenary of Federation in 2001’.

The second event of Corroboree 2000, was the Walk for Reconciliation across the Sydney Harbour Bridge; which took place the following day on 28th May, 2000. The walk was known as ‘Walking Together.’ Each member participating started at the North End of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and walked towards Darling Harbour together.

To mark the 20th Anniversary of the ‘Walking Together’ movement, Reconciliation SA have set the provocation; each day over the course of Reconciliation Week, the target is to walk 1600 steps together, to recognise the celebration of this anniversary and showcase our support of being in this together. The steps are calculated from the distance of the Sydney Harbour Bridge; 1.14km, which equates to about 1,600 steps a day.

Team R1 MR are walking 1,600 steps each day over the course of Reconciliation Week to raise awareness, celebrate and recognise Reconciliation Week 2020.

We started yesterday and 1,600 steps is about 4 laps of the oval – the children did a fantastic job completing this goal.

The calendar


Our Learning


Shared Text

The Sunflower Sword

Recall – revisiting learning through sharing a text over the week.

Literacy Rotations

Building a sentence – What next…..

Focus upon spacing of words, Capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end.

When writing a sentence the children are drawing upon many skills and understandings. They first need to hold the sentence they are planning to write in their head while constructing it word by word on the page – bringing together letter formation, sound knowledge, recognition of high frequency words and application of punctuation.

Today we scaffolded this learning as the children constructed a sentence independently.


Keeping Safe Curriculum

What does a safe activity?

  • Sound Like
  • Feel like
  • Look like

Abraham – Feels like nothing bad is going to happen.

Elnathan – Feels like you are not scared or nothing dark next to you and you are not going to be scared anything. You will see a smile on your face.

Laura -When you are not scared you have to be not be scared.

Adum – When you are safe you are protected.

Mya – If you are playing at the playground and that is fun and your Mum and Dad are watching.

Bibi – It is safe to be at your home. It feels safe.

Kalil – Safe feels happy.

Alexa – When you feel safe, like somewhere safe like a house, it like nothing can get you.

Ishpreet – It feels like you are safe.

Safe is when you feel happy and you will hear laughter and kind words.

What is a risk?

Risk Taking is doing something that has potential danger

Positive – you learn something new, increased confidence

Negative – you could get hurt, be embarrassed or decrease your confidence.

What could be an everyday risk situation?

  • Climbing up high for the first time
  • Using scissors
  • Running on the pavers
  • First time you rode your bike

We talked about the above activities can be a positive or negative risk.

Then we shared the text – Jack and the Bean Stalk

What were the risks?

  • Jordan – Climbing something really tall.
  • Elanthan – Taking something that is not yours
  • Ishpreet – Taking the chicken
  • Abraham – Being a chased by a stranger that you don’t know.
  • Adum – Going into a stranger’s house.
  • Alexa – Going into a shop where no one is.
  • Hendrix – Don’t talk to strangers

Looking for clues about risks for the following activities:

Coming to see a new puppy?

  • Bior – Going in a strangers house
  • Owen – A puppy might bite you.
  • Jordan – If you don’t know a puppy don’t walk up to it.
  • Abraham – If you know the owner it is ok

Cooking noodles

  • Felipe – You might get burnt

What could we do if we are in an unsafe risk situation?

  • Emily – Tell the person
  • Jerry – Talk to the teacher
  • Kalil – You go to your Mum or a teacher.

We talked about warning signs and how our body feels and the importance of listening to these.

The children then recorded using pictures and words in their books – Safe and Unsafe risks.



Observing reaction

Articulating theories

Recording using picture and words

Today we were scientist – it was a fun experiment which will lead into making potions during play investigations.

I wanted the children to observe, predict and articulate their theories about changes that were happening.


Wednesday – Week 5 – Term 2

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday

Reading information from the calendar

Happy Birthday Elnathan – we hope you have a wonderful day celebrating turning 7.

Ishpreet – Today is Elnathan’s birthday

Laura – We have past Sorry day.

Emily – It is Wednesday

Eann – Tomorrow is Thursday

Jordan – The whole week is Reconciliation week

Alexa – 4 more days until it is winter

Our learning today


Shared Text –

Literacy Rotations

Blue Group – ‘igh’ words on a castle

Following a sequence of instructions. Recognising, reading and writing ‘igh’ words. Collaborating with peers.

High Frequency Words – Roll and Read  – consolidating high frequency word recognition.

Red Group – CVC words

Consolidating our sounds – blending sounds together to form words. Completing a task in sequence. Collaborating with peers



National Simultaneous Story time

Whitney and Brittney Chicken Diva

Whitney and Britney: Chicken Divas National Simultaneous Storytime ...

What is a Diva?

Elnathan – A diva is some kind of chicken.

Ishpreet – A diva is famous

Laura – A diva is beautiful – they hatch out of eggs.

Abraham – They are some sort of chicken

Keth – Diva’s are chickens that lay eggs.

Emily – Divas go on stage.

Jed – They are some kind of different colours


Numeracy – Fractions

The children explored half and quarter today through discussion, folding, colouring, drawing. The children recorded their understanding in their numeracy books.

The focus was upon the words – half, quarters, the same, equal, sharing and understanding their meaning.

Planning Our Play

Why do we plan?

Adum – We do planning so we get things done and get to do things, so we have more time.

Abraham – We plan so we don’t forget what we are doing.

Jordan – So then you know what to do so you can do something with your friends.

Laura – We plan so when your friends don’t know what to play you can ask them.

Emily – Plan so then you are not bored.

Ishpreet – You plan you don’t forget what you want to do.

What are some of the  problems we have?

Abraham -I can’t find the piece I want.

Adum – I don’t know what to play.

Emily – people fight

How do we solve a problem?

Jed – By doing stuff you don’t know.

Owen – Keep trying and start again

Play Investigations

Have a wonderful night – see you tomorrow.


Tuesday – Week 5 – Term 2

Welcome to Terrific Tuesday

Come Read with Me

Information we could read from the calendar –

Elnathan – It is national Sorry Day and one more sleep until my birthday.

Ishpreet – It is Sorry day.

Laura – Tomorrow it is Elnathan’s birthday

Abraham – Tomorrow is Wednesday

Owen – Today is Tuesday

Emily – Yesterday was Monday

Alexa – 5 more days until it is winter.



Our learning Today


Shared Text – The SunFlower sword

Rocket Writing – a time to write!

Children were encouraged to use words they know and the punctuation functions they are understand.

Keys words were given to the children to start their writing, as I modelled a constructing a text.

Below are the writing and picture prompts the children were able to use if they wanted too.


100 languages to explore the shared text: The Sunflower Sword

  • Paper sword – paper folding
  • Sunflower painting
  • Dragon – drawing
  • Puppets
  • Laptops – active inspire, photo booth



National Sorry Day

What is this about?

Elnathan – It is about saying Sorry to the Kaurna land and saying sorry about taking their country.

Adum – It is when you say sorry to the Kaurna to the people for taking their land.

Emily – It when you be nice and sorry.

Keth – National sorry day is when you say sorry.

Alexa – National  sorry day is about saying sorry to the Kaurna people because he did something not good to them. Because we were violent when we came.

Laura – We need the world to live so we can survive.

Mya – National sorry day is when you say sorry to people and you have to be kind.

Abraham – National sorry day is when we say sorry to all the Kaurna people.

After watching the powerpoint we talked about the word Sorry-

Elnathan – it is a kind word

Jordan – It is forgiving each other.

Keth – Sorry is a kind word to apologise

Jerry – It is a kind word to say to your friends.

We continued our discussion – highlighting the importance of this day and how we need to recognise and apologise for the unkind choices that were made. As in all situations we learn from these things when we reflect. We then talked about the importance of kindness and how we can be a friend to others.

Friendship Paper chain

We can be friends by……

Abraham – by saying sorry

Elnathan – by helping and being nice to them

Emily – You can make friend by sharing

Mya – You can be friends by playing together.

Laura – be nice to the Kaurna people

Senay – by helping

Bior – by sharing

Ishpreet – helping

This afternoon we made friendship bands.


Have a lovely evening – see you tomorrow.




Monday – Week 5 – Term 2

Welcome to Monday

Each morning when we look at the calendar I ask the question  – What information can you tell me from looking at the calendar?

This morning the children shared this information –

Alexa – There are 6 days until winter.

Adum – There are 2 sleeps until Elnathan’s birthday

Laura – There is a picture on tomorrow, what is that?



Come Read with Me

Shared Text

Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy

Sharing a text does spark the children’s imagination (Today this led to many stories being written about the moon, stars and a picnic during writer’s workshop.)


Writer’s Workshop – Today the children focussed upon their stamina as writers and illustrators when creating their books.,

The children were asked to explore – When, Where, Who, What.

Time was given for the children to ensure they included an ending and detailed illustrations.


Some of the children’s ideas included the –


Enchanted forest








Under the sea


I am so proud of the children and their development as independent writers.

After recess we watch the High Frequency Word Clip first to refocus upon writing. Then we went on with our writer’s Workshop.


Exploring half and quarters – First I asked the question – What is half? Have anyone heard of this word?

Abraham – half is 1 over 2 –  1/2

Kalil – Sharing the same half.

Elnathan – Cut the food the half so you and your friend can have some.

Mya – I share my toys with my sister.

Alexa – So if you have a sister at home and  she wants half of your lunch, you cut your sandwich in half and then you put it on a plate and then you give it to someone like your little sister.

Then we watch the text below which explores ‘half’ – we will continue our exploration of fractions later in the week.


Exploring our Feelings – Anger


It is Ok to feel anger – but it what we do when this feeling comes is what is important?

What do we do when “The Red Beast” comes?

Adum – I sometimes count down from ten and then I feel calm again.

Jordan – When the red beast comes my friends calm me down.

Owen – When I get really anger my friends help me or I go to a quiet spot.

Bior – When I get angry I play with my friends.

Laura – I tell the teacher.

Jerry – My friends help me feel happy.

Eann – I go to the playground.

Alexa – When I am at home and I get angry sometimes my Mum comes and  goes on my bed and I do craft.

Ishpreet – My Mum and Dad talks to me or the teacher talks to me.

Jed- When I am anger I take 20 dwwp breathe.

Felipe – When I feel angry I go for a walk.

Abraham – When I feel angry I go to sleep and then when I wake up I forget about it.

Keth – When the red beast comes I tell the teacher.

Elnathan – I do my favourite thing – like play with my friends.

Mya – My family cuddles me.

Kalil – My friends help me.

Have a lovely night – see you tomorrow for Terrific Tuesday!




Friday -Week 4 -Term 2

Welcome to Fun Friday


Come Read with Me – our favourite way to start the day 🙂

Not only do we get to focus upon our literacy knowledge and understandings, but we greet our friends and support each to learn through conversation.

The children enjoyed listening to the Text – Alexander’s Outing while we completed our organisation tasks and they ate brain food.

This text started out mapping discussion as we talked about where Alexander and his family went for a walk.


Today we explored mapping  – We discussed the questions below –

What is a map?

Abraham – A map tells you where to go.

Ishpreet – If you don’t know where to go you can use a map.

Mya – It like a treasure map when you are a pirate.

Emily – When. you go you know your way to go.

Jed- It helps you find a place.

Alexa- I map helps you where to go because if you know don’t know you use a map it helps where you need to go.

McKayla – A map is good for you.

Elnathan  If you don’t know where to go you use a map to go. Even if you never been there before, you can get lost and you can’t find your way back home. A map is very important because it helps you find somewhere you want to go to.

Adum – A map is important as if it is your first time going somewhere and if you don’t have a map you might get lost.

Kalil – It helps you get home.

Where have we seen a map?

Hendrix – I seen a map in a car.

Tina – I saw a map at a playground.

Owen – I saw a map at lego land.

Jordan – On the street it tells you what road it is.

Why do we use a map?

Keth – We use a map so we can go where we want to.

What is on a map?

Jordan -Pictures so they can tell you where to go.

Abraham – X marks the stgop

Emily – arrows

Elnathan – Streets

Alexa – There is a start and it tells you left or right or which way to go.

Keth – There is trails on maps so you know where you have to go.

Ishpreet –  When you need to go somewhere and you don’t know where to go you can always use a map.

Adum – You see pictures and arrows tell you where to go.

Mapping the school  – How do we get to you favourite place in the school?

We went for a walk around the school to look at how we would draw a map from our room to different places in the school.

In between we enjoyed some dancing and movement games. (as we couldn’t go out at recess.

After recess we watched the text below which explored maps. We focussed upon the directions words which included: past, across, along and through.

The children were encouraged to use signs, direction arrows and instructions to get to to places.



When I was young…..

Today we talked about how we have grown and changed.

What did we do when we were babies?

What did we do when we were toddlers?

What did we do when we were preschoolers?

What can we do now?

The children then created a timeline and recorded their understandings using words and pictures.

Mindful Colouring and Play Investigations

Afternoon Reflection- What do you want to learn about?

Mya – I want to learn a dance.

Elnathan – science – explosion, magnet science

Jordan – How things grow  – plants

Owen – Drawing stars – tricky shapes.

Hendrix – I want to learn about fish.

McKayla – About the sky  and why they have stars.

Ishpreet – mixing potion

Kalil – lego (Lego challenge cards)

Keth – Building a tower with blocks

Alexa – Science – volcano science

Have a lovely weekend – see you Monday.

Thursday – Week 4 – Term 2

Welcome to Thursday

We began our day with ‘Come Read with Me’ and Journal recording.

Recording in our journal each day also reinforces the concept of the Day of the week, in addition to our reflection upon the weather and feelings. The children then moved into reading, independently or with a friend.

Literacy Rotations

Today we shared the below text and explored the digraph ‘oa’ as in ‘boat!

The children created mini books by constructing a sentence using the word ‘boat’.

For example

The cat is in the boat.

Extension was for the children to revisit learning from last week and then including an ‘ing’ word.

For example




The cat is in the boat and he is looking at the dog.

I was so proud of the all of the children today – their stamina and independence when writing is fantastic!


The Creation Story – Religious Eduction

After Sports we explored ‘The Creation Story’ – after sharing the story the children recording their understandings using picture and words.


Have a wonderful evening and I will see you tomorrow.


Wednesday – Week 4 – Term 2

Welcome to a wild, windy and wet Wednesday

Come Read with Me

I talked to the children today about the importance of reading and also the importance of reading every day. This simple picture demonstrates the benefits of reading 20 mins each day

Books Are Magic on Twitter: "RT @MrSchuReads: If a child reads 5 ...

Literacy Rotation

Reception children had a turn today using the laptops during our literacy rotations. Today they signed into Teach your monster to read and collaborated with their peers to work through the tasks. This task enabled the reception children to have the opportunity to learn how to log on and open programs on the dock. The other element of their learning was the collaboration and sharing their understandings as they work through tasks.

Year 1 – Story Map of the text -Who Sank the boat?

The children explored the 3 parts of a story. What happened in the beginning? What was the complication or problem that had to be solved? and What happened at the end? The children used pictures and words to record their responses. The task was chosen as I am encouraging the children to expand upon the structure of their story writing.


We hope you enjoy the new books the children bring home to share tonight.


100 languages representing the text – Who sank the boat?

  • Paper
  • puppets
  • activinspire
  • Small world figures
  • Lego
  • drawing
  • painting
  • Photo Booth – retell

This task explores oral retell, sequencing, representation, collaboration, organisation and creativity. Each week when we do these tasks I marvel at the children’s learning.


Data collection

First we collected the data about our classes favourite colours in our mini math books using tally marks.

Then the children represented the data on the laptop using active inspire.

The children demonstrated great collaboration and problem solving skills as they explore new skills also on the laptop.

Next week we will continue to collect data and explore representing  information in different forms.

Have a lovely evening – stay safe and warm.


Tuesday – Week 4 – Term 2

Welcome to terrific Tuesday!

Today we are feeling… and the weather is…

We reflected upon these questions in our journal and today  I encouraged the children to add a descriptive word next to their drawing. Our list included:

Come Read with me

As we transitioned to the mat for brain break we watched the clip – Sight Word Rap – different children were asked to put the sight word into a sentence.





Rocket Writing – It’s our writing time when the children are encouraged to write and it is a time for building stamina during writing. The children are encouraged to explore independent strategies if they are unsure of a word ( for example – look at word wall, sound it out). At the end of the session I asked the children to look at the first few pages of their book see how much they wrote at the beginning of the year. It is wonderful to see the growth in their children’s writing confidence, ability and understanding at this stage of term 2.

Before we started Rocket writing we shared the text –

Who sank the boat?

Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen - Penguin Books Australia

We talked about some  – Picture Prompt – that we could use in our story today.




Numeracy – Exploring 3 D Shapes

Before started our exploration we talked about the different 3 Dimensional shape we knew and their properties. Then we had a go at drawing some 3D shapes as we watched the below video before moving into the construction phase with different materials.

Constructing a 3D shapes with

  • Paper
  • toothpicks and plasticine
  • Creating a shape pictures using 2D shapes


This was a fantastic  activity full of collaboration and problem solving – well done them R1 MR – it was tricky but you didn’t give up you kept trying.

Keeping Safe Curriculum-  we will explore this learning next week.

After lunch we finished off reflection about being ‘helpful’ and the importance of this before we moved into play.

Play Investigations

Have a lovely night – see you tomorrow.


Monday – Week 4 – Term 2

Welcome to a busy marvellous Monday.

We begun our day with Journal recording – reflecting upon the weather and our feelings. This also gives time for our community to come together to have a chat and make connections about the days of the week.

While the children enjoyed some brain food I read the story

Sunflower Sword:

The Sunflower Sword by Mark Sperring

This is a wonderful story: In a land filled with fire and smoke and endless fighting, where knights fight dragons, there lives a little knight who wants to be big like the others, and fight like the others, and have a sword like the others. But his mother won’t let him. Instead of a sword, she gives him a sunflower, which, as it turns out, can be mightier than a sword.

After the story we explored – When – Where – Who – What

This discussion lead into writer’s workshop. I am very proud of how independent the children have become in their writing and also their increased stamina.

After recess we continued writer’s workshop for 20mins to allow the children to complete or add to their story and illsutrations.

Before we moved off to music at 11:20 – we did a quick revision of letter sounds and formation in their literacy books. I have also added to the children’s home learning book words to focus upon. I would like the children to also review the letters and sounds in their book for last Term. Our focus for this term will be not only be increasing the ‘High Frequency Words’ the  children can read but also can write/spell. Thank you for your support to include some learning at home. Remember to keep it fun and a few words each night.

After Music we continued to explore 2D and 3D shapes.

The children completed a task which explored identification of various shapes and also their names.

After lunch the children finished their shape activities and then reflected upon the “act of helping”

Who do we help at home?

Who do we help at school?

Why do we help others?

The children recorded their ideas using pictures and words.

Sorry there are no photos on the blog tonight, they don’t want to load (for some reason) – I will check with IT tomorrow what seems to be the problem.

Have a wonderful evening and I will see you tomorrow.