Week 9 – Friday

Welcome to Friday

Hello All, you would have received an email early this week to say our next Dining Hall experience is next week – 31st of March – Please bring a plate and fork and a spoon next TUESDAY – Thank you (Sorry if there was some confusion but our date changed – but the email reminder is the correct information)

Home Learning – What information can you read from the calendar?

Shared Text:

This is a  time to read together and consolidate our  learning about sounds/letters and word building.

Home Learning – Read the text together – blending letters to build words. Use the strategy of finger spelling – where one finger – for each sound (or dot under the letter)

Then it was time to move our bodies and dance:

Dancing Time

Religious Education

Class prayer and then discussion about –

Who is Jesus? What do you know about Jesus? What stories do you know?

Elnathan – Jesus is the son of God. Jesus is loving to each other.

Bibi – Jesus is in the Bible. Jesus has long hair.

Keth – Jesus is in the sky and we talk to him. God is in the sy too.

Emily – Jesus loves everybody

Felipe – Jesus is a good helper

Senay – Jesus is kind

Adum – Jesus helps everyone

Bior – Jesus is kind

Jerry – Jesus is kind

Elnathan – story – The Passover Feast and Jesus feeds the five thousands

We shared the story Jesus loves Children – Matthew 19:13-16

What do you think Jesus told the children?

Elnathan – Jesus told the children to love each other and be kind to each other.


Because he is a loving person

Why is it important to be loving

Kaili – Because God is nice to us.

Keth – Jesus loves us.

The children drew a picture about Jesus.

Home Learning: Follow the same discussion above and children to draw their own picture of Jesus.


Cloud Dough

Making – Playing – Reflecting


Adum: It is the recipe – you need to follow the recipe to make it right.

It tells you what steps to do things

Fairy Dough Recipe

Predicting: These are your ideas before we do the experiment.

What is going to happen?

Keth – It is going to turn into a cake.

Adum – When we put it in all the ingredients, it is going to form into fairy dough.

Bibi – When you mix it it is going to mix together.

Kalil – It is going to feel soft.

Felipe – When we mix it will turn into fairy bread.

Kalil – It might be sticky

Emily – IT is cloudy.

Elnathan – It might be slimy – then we will mix it more, out more flour in it.

Elnathan: This feels nice. I am making a cake.

Adum – I am going to mould mine into  a shape. Mine is smooth now. The dough is very easy to mould.

Kalil – It feels soft. squish.

Jerry – It smells like marshmallow.

Felipe – It feels entertaining because it is smooth and smells good.

Owen – I am making a fidget spinner.

Bior – It feels soft. I am making a basketball.

Senay – It smells so good.

Keth – I can’t roll it. I am finding all the hearts to make a cake. I am making a pizza

Emily – I am making a cup. It is more falling off.

Bibi – It feels like marshmallows. Can’t I make a cake to

Owen – I am making Adelaide. It feels squishy.

Home Learning: click on the link and have fun making this at home.


Home Learning: Find a cosmic kids video  – enjoy!

Why do we do relaxation? How are you feeling now? What do you like doing?

Keth – We do relaxation so we can rest our bodies. I like watching rainbow breathes.

Adum- We do relaxation so when we have finished lunch we can calm down.

Felipe – WE do relaxation so when you are angry you can feel better if you do it.,

Bibi – It makes you calm down after lunch.

Emily – I feel warm after relaxation. I like to do yoga.

Elnanathan- Relaxations makes you not run around so much. I feel calm.

Bior – We do relaxation so we do run so much. I like to do rainbow breathes.

Senay – We have to rest.

Kalil – It makes you calm.

Jerry – you have to rest your body.

Buddy Time

This afternoon we spent time with our buddies from 3 HS and 5/6MS (We have a large buddy group which also includes the ELC) which means we can engage in various ways during this time, sharing our skills, knowledge and interests.

Have a wonderful weekend – keep safe.




Week 9 – Thursday

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning

We thought we would start our day with some dancing before Come read with me.

Come Read with me – such a wonderful and important way to start the day

Home Learning – You might like to find a book from Oxford reading

Check out the link below

 Oxford Home Learning – ebooks

You do have the register for this website – but it is free and they have lots of great books to read with your child and other  fantastic activities.

Literacy Learning

Shared Text

The children rotated through the 2 tasks

We made an ‘x’ with our fingers and arms and some children crossed their legs over to make ‘x’. Don’t forget to make sure the lines cross over in the middle.

Letter – Xx – letter formation

Make a treasure map – x – marks the spot

What can be on your treasure map:







Xx -words – The children recalled the words and we constructed a list.








Home Learning – Write the letter ‘X x’ and also some of the words you see in the clip below.

Then make a treasure map – don’t forget the ‘X’ marks the spot.


Numeracy Investigations

Number lines

Addition – with a dice

Flip tiles and 10 Frames

Ordering number to 10

Number Formation – white Boards

Home Learning – Write the number to 10, use the rhyme to ensure correct formation. Make your own number line to 10 or even try 20. If you have a dice at home  – roll the dice twice and add the numbers together. Find some objects around the house to use for counters (coins) to check your answer. Our goals is get to really fast when working with numbers between 1-10. 


Number formation Rhyme


Relaxation – We closed our eyes today and listened to some lovely piano music

Play Investigations

Before moving into play we shared the text –  Tiddalick the Frog

Comparing the Text

Today we read the story and compared it with the story we watched yesterday.

Keth – Tiddalick drank all the water – which is the same. And the snake made it laugh.

Elnathan – The eel tangled itself and that is the same.

Felipe – One frog was blue and the other one wasn’t it was green.

Emily – In the other story the frog got big.

Bibi – The one we watched the frog got swirls in his mouth and the eel made him laugh it got little swirls. Yesterday it was just all blue. (The different ways the water is shown coming out of his mouth)

The owl was still there.

At the end of this story it said Tiddalick was only going to drink what he needed.


The children then moved into play investigations. After play we talked about the learning powers we were using and recorded our play before we went home.

Have a lovely night – stay safe.





Week 9 – Home Learning

Good Evening All,
OUR LEARNING SA is a website that has been developed by curriculum management and expert teachers.It provides students and families with curriculum resources along with advice to support learning online at home.
The resource has great ideas for Reading at home and includes valuable year level specific activities.
Link to access the website is:
I will continue to share online learning sites and also include additional ideas on our daily blog.
Thank you all during this time,
Stay Safe

Week 9 – Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday

If your child is at  home I will add additional information to the blog post as ideas for learning.

I would like to encourage the children who are learning at home to find a soft toy to be their learning buddy. As I will include some task for them to do, teach, show their learning buddy.

Home Learning: What information can you read from the calendar? What day is it? What day will tomorrow be? What is the year?

Today we began our day with Come Read with me.

Learning from home: Find a quiet place and your learning buddy and your black bag. Spend 10 minuets reading to yourself, a family member or your learning buddy.

Extension – Draw a picture about your story. 

Literacy Learning

Reading our shared text which focuses upon – revisiting sounds, high frequency words, blending sounds/letter, formation.

The children flowed through 3 learning tasks today:

  • Letter formation and Initial sound recognition- Handwriting, writing High Frequency words – for example went, we, was
  • Adding a speech bubble to their writer’s workshop
  • Writing and painting High Frequency Words


Home Learning : Have you seen a speech bubble in a story before?  Speech bubble are used to show the voice or what your character is saying directly. Add a speech bubble to your picture about your story. What is the character going to say? How are they feeling? Examples: I like going to the park. It feels hot at the beach.

Before Lunch we watched a high frequency song – this is a fun way to learn and practise our words.

After lunch we watched the Dreaming Story about Tiddalick the frog.

Adum – In the story Tiddalick drank the water and all the other animals tried to make him laugh and when the snake was doing some dances the water fell all out of his mouth.

Keth – The snake tried to make Tiddalick laugh, then the water came out of his mouth.

Bibi – The snake made him laugh. Tiddalick drank all the water and the animals almost died.

Elnathan – So the animals tried their hardest to make him laugh and then the eel made him laugh.

Bibi – Tiddalick didn’t share

Hendrix – That the people and animals need water.

Felipe – They need to stay hydrated so they can survive.

Jed – They were trying to make the frog laugh.

We continue to share and talk about this story and it’s message during the week.

The children then drew a frog using different art materials.

Home Learning: Watch the story and draw a frog. What do you think the message is from the story?

Keeping Safe Curriculum: Keeping Safe

What does safe mean?

Elnathan – It means you are happy and hands off.

Kalil – So you don’t get hurt or bullied by other people.

Keth – It means you are happy.

Adum – Safe means that people can’t hurt you.

Where do you feel safe?

Elnathan – I feel safe at home and at school and with my  family. I feel safe because you can tell people and they can fix the problem.

Kalil – I feel safe at home and at school. When someone is being naughty you go to the teachers.

Jerry – I be safe to my sister.

Keth – I be safe at school and at home and when I get hurt I tell the teacher.

Adum – I feel safe when I am alone.

Senay – DOn’t hurt somebody.

Jed – I feel at school and with my family because so I don’t get hurt. I feel safe with my friends.

Felipe – I feel safe with my family at school because it protects and helps us.

Bior – They say no fighting. At school I feel safe.

Hendrix – I feel safe at home and with my friends and family.

Bibi – I feel safe when I am in class and with all the kids in the class.

Emily – I feel safe at home and school.

What makes you feel safe? What makes it safe?

Hendrix – In the classroom, no one can hurt because nothing can come in.

Adum – The class is safe. What makes it safe is there is a lot of room.

Elnathan – Because they protect you. They – The teachers and your family.

Keth – When you are with your friends can play with them.

Kalil -Stay with your friends, be nice.

Felipe – Look where you are stepping.

From our discussion we came to conclusion:

Everyone has the right to be safe. People and places make us feel safe. There are things we do (don’t run with scissors or yell at each other) and rules we have so we are safe. When we are safe we feel happy. We trust people to help us feel safe.

Home Learning: Talk to your child about how they are feeling at the moment. Where do they feel safe? Why do they feel safe there? What does it mean to feel safe?

Play Investigations

Play is the highest form of research.

This afternoon the children explored:

  • Drawing
  • Construction
  • Painting

Emily: I painted milk with Adum and Bibi.

Adum: Me Bibi and Emily were doing painting and we all gave them to you (Mrs Rodgers)

Elnathan – I was making a car for food and Kalil helped me and I fixed the problem with Kalil and you helped me and we found another way to solve the problem.

Senay – I made with Mobilo a robot.

Felipe – I made something for Jed.

Jerry – I drew a picture of me and Keth.

Jed – I was painting a frog with Kalil and Elnathan.

Kalil – Elnathan was helping me make together, so we fixed the problem.

Keth – I was drawing me.

Bibi – We were painting a fridge.

Bior – I was making a zoo for Jerry.

Home Learning: Reflect about your play today through drawing. Who did you play with? What materials did you use? What problems did you have to solve?

Week 9 – Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday

At the moment thing are uncertain and for many of us we are taking things day by day.

Please be reassured that your child’s well-being and education is my priority.

Blogs will continue to be used to communicate learning, to spark conversation and to make connections with home and school.

Remember there is learning in all that we do – from playing board games, drawing, cooking and reading together. Time together with family is so valuable. Enjoy!

I feel routine is important for the children at school – so we continue to begin our day with – Come read with me. This also gives myself valuable time to engage with children individually with their reading books.

Happy Birthday Kalil – we hope you had a super fun day celebrating with your friends – Enjoy your chocolate cake tonight 🙂

Come Read with Me – Thank you Kalil for taking photos.

Writer’s Workshop – Today we explored what is a character?

Our thinking before  watching the below clip.

Felipe – A dinosaur can be a character.

Hendrix – A dragon can be a character

JOrdan – An NBA player can be a character.

Keth – A soccer player can be a character

Elnathan – A netball player can be a character.

The children worked hard on the next page of their books. Today they focussed upon a sentence about the characters in their story. The children are encouraged to write down the sounds they hear when they say or stretch out the word. Then during conferencing with the individual children we talk about blending sounds, long and short vowel sounds and High Frequency Word recognition.

Numeracy – 10 Frames


Today we explored learning about number using the 10 frames.

The children explored:

  • Patterns
  • Counting
  • Different ways to represent number
  • Addition

We started with a number and the group needed to represent the number on their 10 frame with red/yellow flip tiles. From this simple task there were  many ways to represent the number. Foe example – the number 4. 4 Yellow, 1 yellow and 3 red. 2 yellow and 2 red, 1 yellow and 3 red and 4 red. Doing this task enables the children to see patterns in numbers and addition.

The children then got 10 flip tiles and tossed them in the air. After they landed they placed them on the 10 frame. The only rules was to keep the colours together. This allowed the children to quickly count how many of each colour there were. The children then said a verbal sentence about their frame. For example – I have 5 red and 5 yellow which makes 10 all together.

The children then moved into recording their discoveries using pictures or addition sums. The aim of these tasks is for the children to understanding and be confident with numbers, counting, recognition and solving problems with numbers to 10.

Investigation – Learning through play. Play is a time to collaborate, solve problems, test new ideas and be creative.

Some the experiences  the children enjoyed today included –  drawing pictures/ planned their learning, making necklaces and building with duplo.


Literacy – Mini Lesson – Letter’Vv’

Together we read our shared text and explored the formation of the letter ‘Vv’

Week 9 – Monday

Welcome to Week 9

Smile today at as many people you can and spread the kindness.

I have sent out an email this afternoon –  can you please check that you have received it and please reply. The blog and email are the best ways to communicate to you and your child about learning, their day and important events.

Routine is important –

– so we begun our day with come read with me.

Writer’s Workshop

Before writing we explored – What is a setting?

Adum – A setting is a cover for a book, so inside the book is a setting to what the book is telling.

Keth – the book is setting inside and it is telling the book what it says.

Jordan – A setting is a character in book.


After watching the you tube clip – Our Reflection

Adum – when the story happens and where

Adum – It is going to happen in the forrest

Elnathan – In the forrest I was walking. It was a sunny day.

The children then went on to write the second page of their book with the sentence starter – It was a ………

Mini Lesson – Letter Jj – Initial Sounds and Formation

Words we thought:

Elnathan – Jordan

Jordan -Jed, Jerry

Emily – Jelly beans

Kalil – Jelly

Keth – Jack

Hendrix – Jo

jet, jog, jam

Music – Today the children met Mr Collins who is the new music teacher.

Mini Math – 10 Frames – Whole group exploration

The children then explored filling the ten frame to represent a number.

Harmony Day Assembly

We revisited the Harmony Day Assembly as we didn’t have enough time to enjoy the whole thing on Friday. We enjoyed finding ourselves and friends and family in the clips and dances.

World Map – Where are we from?

The children enjoyed the discussion about their culture, where the countries are on the map and what flags represent each country this afternoon.

We will continue this exploration during investigations through out the week. Thank you for sharing the informations about your cultures and countries of origin

Have a lovely evening – see you tomorrow.


Week 8 – Friday – Harmony Day Celebrations

Happy Harmony Day

What a busy day celebrating ‘Harmony Day’ – we will continue on Monday as there were many things we still  would like to explore.

What is Harmony Day? Our thoughts this morning

Jordan – To celebrate our new year. When you celebrate your culture.

Adum – It is a time when you celebrate all the years that you have past.

Alexa – Harmony Day is about being kind to other people and wearing cultural dress or orange.

Keth –  When you celebrate the school

Elnathan – When you be kind and nice to each other.

Ishpreet – Harmony Day is about being kind.

Fish Farm

Mr McCarthy was at this Fish farm this morning so we took the opportunity of exploring some more habitats and utilise his knowledge.

Different habitats we discovered:

Aquarium for fish – inside they need rocks, clean water for clean air, plants, food

Dessert – Bearded dragon – needs a light, heater, water, food

Hopping Mice – places to hide as they like the dark, because they are nocturnal, food, water.

Eastern Long-necked turtle – place to climb out as they need to be able to come out of the water. So they need land and water. Clean water, food

We shared the Book – Longneck’s Billabong

The book talked about different animals and what is in their habitats – the environment, food, places to hide or be protected. The story talked about life cycles and predators within the Billabong.

What animals are in the story? As a group we recalled the animals




Murray Cod





Water rats

After recess we recorded our observations:


Harmony Day Provocations

We talked as a group about Harmony day being a day to celebrate the many different cultures that come together here in Australia and call Australia home. This day is also linked to ‘Bullying No Way’ day where our focus is upon kindness.

So our provocations involved making connections and doing things collaboratively and for others.

  • Making necklaces
  • Making friendship paper chains
  • Paper folding

Then we watched the text -This house

Image result for This house is for everyone picture book

This story is about excluding others from play and in the end the children decide everyone belongs.

This is the same as our school – we all belong. So we created a school from paper and drew everyone inside.

Our School Reflections

Laura – Is about sharing

Keth – Our school is about being kind

Elnathan – Our school is about being nice to people and not being mean and share.

Bibi – School is for caring

Jordan – School is sharing and caring

Alexa – Our school is about learning and welcoming other people in and never, ever hit someone.

McKayla – Someone can not come to their house.

Emily  – Sharing games.


We finished the day with Prayer

This is our school

Let peace dwell here

Let the room be filled with contentment.

Let love abide

Let there be among us care of all people, love for one another and love for life itself.

Let us remember that as many hands build a school so many hearts make a home.

God Bless Our School


Next week we will bring out the World Map and see where everyone is from. – Have a great weekend – Stay safe.

Week 8 – Thursday

Friday – Week 8 – Harmony Day (Tomorrow)

Children can wear the colour orange or cultural dress (Tomorrow is not a casual day)



Come Read with Me

Image result for reading every day

Reading every day is so important for all our children.

The more the children read the more words they explore – learn – identify – understand.

Shared Text – focused upon sounds, high frequency words and concepts of print. Below is a snap shot of some of the pages we shared.

Literacy Rotations

  • Rhyming hand – trace your hand and work as a team to think and write 5 rhyming words. The children began with ‘at’ words
  • Revisiting ‘Ss’ formation and initial sounds
  • Drawing a story
  • Writing a silly sentence – alliteration ‘Six silly snails sit in the sun.’

The children shared their stories and this sparked ideas for their writer’s workshop task – Create a book cover for a new story.


Shared Text – Frog on a log

Children identified rhyming words as we shared this fun story.


Children continued their learning about the concept of number in relation to more, less and the same. The children recorded their understanding in their numeracy books.

Mini Math – Subitizing Game to finish the day. The children used a cup to hide 1 to 10 unifix cubes, their partner needed to guess how many were under the cup.

Week 8 – Wednesday

Come Read with Me

What a wonderful way to start the day.

Image result for importance of reading every day

Thank you Elnathan for taking the photos today.

Literacy Rotations

Our literacy rotations today included:

  • Letter formation ‘Ll’ – sound recognition and word/picture/sound connection
  • Oral Langauge – Beanie Boos in mini log park
  • Draw a  troll and label the body (building upon vocabulary)
  • Roll – count -read game using previous introduced sounds.


We enjoyed sharing this fun text today in the library. Then the children borrows new books to take home and share. It was wonderful to observe the children supporting each other decode the new books they had just borrowed.

As a group we brainstormed words that have the ‘Ll’ sound at the beginning and also words that end in a double ‘ll’ sound

Letter – L l – ll

letter             ball

lollypop         bell

lion               all

look               will

leaf               tall

light              Nell

love               tell


Today we continued to explore the numeracy concept of – Same, More and Less

The children were given a numeral card and asked to count counters to represent the value and then create groups of more and less than the numeral. It was great to observe persistence as the children made connections with their knowledge of number, value and concepts of more, less and the same.


Play Investigation Challenge

Today the children were given the challenge to use ‘words’ in their play.

The children were asked ‘How they could do this?’

Bibi – You can talk to people

Adum – You can make up a story with the Beanie Boo. With the word blocks you can make a sentence while building them up.

Jed – You can read books

Felipe – Puppets shows and build words.

Keth – Talk to others people when we dress up.

Elnathan – If you want to make a book

Kalil – You can make paper laptops

Alexa – You can make words with play dough and signs

The children decided to explore:

  • Play dough – making letters and words
  • After building in the block area- writing a list of the things they built
  • Following instructions to create things from paper
  • Making signs for the zoo in mini log park


Today we shared ‘Grateful’ prayers to the class.

Bibi – Dear God I am grateful for dancing Amen

Jed- Dear God I am grateful for flowers because the smell good. Amen

Elnathan – Dear God I am grateful for the people that come to school to learn more things Amen

Keth – Dear God I am grateful for smell  of the soap Amen

Eann – Dear God I am grateful for my family Amen

Alexa – Dear God I am grateful for you making the world to our planet could be our home. Amen

Felipe – Dear God I am grateful the food you gave us Amen

Mrs Rodgeers – Dear God I am grateful for the wonderful group of children to get to learn alongside of every day. Amen

Have a lovely night and we will see you tomorrow.