Wednesday – Week 3

We started our day with ‘Come Read with me’ – this is wonderful way to begin our learning in R1 MR.

Then we moved into Literacy rotations which explored many areas of literacy including:

  • Oral Language
  • High Frequency words – writing and reading
  • Sentence building
  • Strategies to build/write unknown words
  • Letter and sounds identification
  • Letter formation

Library – New books have come home tonight for you to enjoy.


To begin our exploration we need to begin with the children – what do they know about patterns? So we started by asking the following questions –

What is a pattern?

Where do you see patterns?

Jed – It is on our shirts

Alexa – A pattern is like something you put a c0lour and then you put a different colour and then again.

Jordan – It is when one colour and another colour comes and they make a pattern.

Elnathan – It is something when you have numbers and you see numbers come and they keep going every time.

Ishpreet – A pattern is like you have blue and then red and then blue and then red.

Adum – when you put a colour and then a second colour and it keeps going.

Keth – When you see a number and you see more numbers it keeps going.

After our discussion we created a girl, boy, pattern with ourselves then we used different materials around the room the make a pattern. The children then recorded their ideas in their mini maths books.

Before lunch we shared the book about patterns which explored patterns in the nature and patterns that are made by man.

After lunch we reflected upon the question – What is a game? This is the beginning of a project that we will explore, extending our learning into cross curriculum areas.

What is a game?

Keth – A game is something that you play.

Emily – A game is playing with your friends.

Adum – A game is a kind of fun thing you play.

Jordan – A game is like when you play on your laptop.

Elnathan – A game is something you play with your friends and you make it up with your friends.

Jed – A game is like a iPad.

Felipe – A game is when you use your imagination.

Hendrix – A game is handball.

Laura -A game is like on the oval and at home or you can play inside.

Ishpreet – You can play on intend Switch.

Jed-  You ca play spot the difference.

Senay – You can play tennis.

Alexa – A game is basketball – it is game.

Bior – A game is soccer.

Mya – A game is making things.

Jerry – I play football.

Bibi – You can play with LOL’s

McKayla – You play with toys.

We had a quick reflection after Play Investigations about the games we were playing.

Key words include: Making and Building, Helping and Making it better – these are key elements to a ‘fun’ game.

Ishpreet – We were making – we were making dresses and things for a bed.

Alexa – I was helping.

Jed – We were next door neighbours.

Keth – I was making a paper plane.

Elnathan – Owen, Felipe and I were in a base and we made it better.

See you tomorrow – Don’t forget Sports Uniform 🙂



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