Week 4 – Monday – Term 1

What a wonderful busy day of learning today.

Come read with me is a lovely way to start our day – I observe many children sharing their books with their friends, other find a quiet space to read and others read with me. Reading every day is such an important thing to do and having this time each morning enables me to spend quality time with each child during the week to focus upon strategies to support them as a reader.

It was a day of the children making connections and challenging their thinking.

After come read with me we moved into our focus letter for the day which was ‘Ii’. We enjoyed reading the shared text together, building words with the ‘Ii’ and formation. During this time the children enjoyed their brain food. It is great to see so much variety of fruit in their lunch boxes.

The children then moved into ‘Writer Workshop’. Together we constructed to sentence ‘It is a hot day’. This sentence starter is an options for the children to use in their writing. From this sentence starter we talked about where we might be and what we might be doing. The high frequency words we have introduced to the children are building upon their word bank as a writer. The children are encouraged to copy the words and we also help scribe the children’s ideas.

After recess we continue on with Writer’s workshop – but we first we reflected about this time and things that we do during this time.

Writer’s Workshop

Jordan – You have to write sentences.

Kalil – You have to write words.

Alexa – Writing words and doing your letters. You sound the words out.

Jordan – You can ask a friend.

Mya – Today I copied the words and drew a picture.

Jed – Writer’s workshop is about drawing and learning.

Adum – Writer’s workshop is about telling a story.

Elnathan – You can ask a teacher.

Ishpreet – You can see words on the sheet.

After Writer’s Workshop we went and enjoyed Music.

After Music we had a Mini Maths lesson around the song

’10 Fat Sausages’

Before we played the song we talked about how the children may have heard this rhyme at Kindy – but  now when they listen they need to use their clever thinking brains to work out the pattern and what else this rhyme is telling us about numbers. Then the children recorded their ideas in their mini math books.

The children’s recording reflected: Number formation, value, one-to-one correspondence, counting by 2’s (groups) and subtraction.

Please enjoy some photos of our day.

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