Week 4 – Friday – Term 1

Today was a fantastic Friday of learning and fun.

After assembly we went to Log Park for some fitness and to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Fitness – Log Park

Laura – You can make a base.

Keth – We were making a home, maybe.

Ishpreet – We were making a base.

Alexa – We were making a camp site with Annabelle, Laura and Adum and it a kitchen and it also looks big.

Owen – We were trying to make it bigger.

Kalil – We were making with the logs.

Mya – I was about to build a house with more logs.

Eann – We were making a Spiderman base.

Jordan – Me and Jed and I were taking the logs out of the big mountain where the big tree was.

Annabelle – Working together is team work.

Today we continued our project about writing and we explored the question –

Where do you see writing?

Kalil – I see writing on paper.

Jed – Coffee cup

Adum  – I see writing on books.

Felipe – I see writing on the classroom assistant (chart.

Bior – I can see writing on the whiteboard.

Jed – I can writing on a door.

Elnathan – I can see writing  on the wall.

Keth – I see writing on a box (label)

Annabelle – I see writing on a car.

Laura – I see writing on boxes.

As a group we talked about different places where we see  writing. What do we see at home and at the shops? What if we went to the mail box – what would we find?







The children explored these ideas about where they see writing. As a project we will take forward one idea to build upon next week.

Next week we will build upon the idea of performing. This idea came from the children’s engaging play on the stage. Children took upon different roles of performers, assistants, popcorn sellers and security.

If you were going to perform on stage what would you do?

Kalil – I would tell a joke.

Jordan – I would make a really joke.

Jed – I would dance.

Felipe – I would show all my tricks.

Adum – I would perform with the puppets.

Annabelle – I would do a show with people – I would use dresses.

Hendrix – I would do puppets.

Laura – We could make puppets.

Emily -I would dress up

Alexa – I would dance or sing or I would dress up.

Jerry – I would do a show with animals.

Ishpreet  – I would perform a puppet show.

Elnathan – A puppet show.

McKayla –  I would do a puppet show.

Bior – I would make a puppet show.

Senay – I would do a trick.

Eann – I would dance.

Keth – I would do dancing.

Mya – I would perform a dress up.

Have a fabulous weekend – see you Monday.




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