Week 5 – Tuesday – Term 1


Wonderful community of supportive readers – The children have the opportunity to read independently or  read with others each day.

After reading we moved into ‘Rocket Writing’  – This is a time I am encouraging the children to write – to write a story, a list, words, letters, sentences. I want the children to believe in themselves as writers and be confident to have a go and along the way develop strategies to develop their writing – for example where do you find words to write? What do I do if I don’t know how to spell that word? How do I set out my writing? Where do I put a full stop?


After recess we shared a clip about ‘Pancake Day’ What it means? and Why it is celebrated?

After the discussion we talked about a making pancake procedure. This leads into our focus upon Lent and the Ash Wednesday Mass tomorrow.

The children were every excited to make and eat pancakes today.

(Additional item – Baking Powder – 2 tablespoons – if you are going to make some at home)

After we made the mixture the children recorded their procedure in their writing journal using pictures and words.

There was a lot of discussion and new terminology introduced -for example

  • What is a recipe? Why do we follow a recipe?
  • What is a procedure?
  • Liquids – what are they?
  • Reactions – can you see a reaction  – what happened to the dry ingredients?
  • Change caused by heat – how did we cook the pancakes?
  • Dry ingredients – what are they?
  • Combining ingredients
  • measuring – cups and tablespoons – why do we measure ingredients?
  • Observation/noticing changes

After Lunch we shared the Prayer –

Some of the children’s reflections:

Elnathan – So when you follow his words you will be better.

Keth – When they say the right word they listen to it.

Jed – It is being kind and sharing.

Ishpreet – I will listen to God.

This morning we explored the letter ‘Oo’ and then we made a list of words with an ‘Oo’ sound at the beginning, middle and end. The children explored formation before moving into Play Investigations.

Letter ‘Oo’

Have a nice night – see you tomorrow.

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