Week 5 – Wednesday – Term 1


Our morning routine of a song to welcome everyone into the room and then moving into come read with me is a lovely way to start the day. It enables the children to flow into the room organise their belongings and settle into reading.

After Come read with me the children get their brain break food and sit on the mat ready for the roll, organisation and a new letter is introduced. This is introduced with a story and we also revisit the previous letters and engage in some word building.

Then we move into literacy rotations. Today our rotations were –

  • Formations and initial sounds – ‘Cc’
  • Building CVC words with magnets and picture prompts. – hearing and identifying sounds in words. e.g. h-a-t.   n-e-t
  • Covering the caterpillars with play dough – fine motor and oral language
  • High frequency word cup game. – Building upon identification of key words for reading and writing.

The children enjoy rotating through these activities for about 10mins on each task before we had recess.


Library and Ash Wednesday Mass

After recess we had a super quick borrowing session at the library before we moved into the hall for Ash Wednesday Mass.

The children were amazing during Mass – attentive and respectful. The songs were always popular giving the children an opportunity to move around, sings and follow the actions.

The children received their symbol of a cross of ash on their foreheads back in the classroom after lunch.

After Mass we continued our discussion about Lent and Ash Wednesday and we also talked about reflecting upon the choices we make (change our thinking or actions to be positive).

Our focus for Lent is helping and being kind to others.

Today we changed our cloth in our prayer area to purple.



Planning my play

Why would we have a plan?

Keth – So we can think what we are playing.

Annabelle – We are planning to play new stuff we make.

Jed – So you can play different things

Ishpreet – Someone plans to make a car.

What is a plan?

Elnathan – A plan is something when you don’t know what to do and someone tells you what you do.

Alexa – A plan is like you are planning a holiday. So if you are planning a holiday you need to check what you need. You need a passport and your luggage and if you are bringing any phones and ipad you need to bring your charger because that is the most important thing.

Jordan – Or else you forget something

Today we explored the idea of planning our play investigations. The children shared their ideas about what they thought s plan was and why we might need to plan.

I talked to children about a plan is a way for you to organised your thinking before you play.

You need to think about what you might want to do – Who you are going to play with – And what you might need. The children then used words or pictures to plan their play. It was great to hear the discussion amongst the children about what they were going to do before they started planning.


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