Week 5 – Thursday – Term 1

Thanks for a wonderful day of learning together.

What a wonderful day of learning – the children were challenged, they collaborated and solved problems. They made connections with their ideas and knowledge and had fun. I often to refer to the class as a team and what a wonderful supportive team we have in R1 MR.

Literacy Rotations

  • Formation and sound identification – Kk
  • Building words from lego letters
  • Roll the dice – writing high frequency word game.
  • Building sentences – reading, comprehension and building upon this idea.

Sports – Mrs Cooymans said she needed to make some extra challenging rotations for our talented R1 MR class.


The students moved through a variety of number tasks today –

  • Sorting and patterning
  • Number recognition and value (representing number with objects)
  • Number lines and recording skip counting
  • Introduced the children to the concept of before and after a number
  • Number formation and ordering

Shared reading text

The Three little Pigs

You may ask your child to retell the story at home – I hope they don’t make the wolf too scary!

STEM – Challenge

To make a house for a little pig to be safe.

Materials you can use:

  • Pop Sticks
  • Paper
  • Blocks
  • Duplo
  • Lego

Fantastic problem solving, collaboration, design and engineering was observed.

At the end of construction the children reflected upon why they thought their house was strong and going to keep the pig safe.

I will post some more pictures tomorrow as some children were still contracting and we ran out of time.


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