Week 5 – Friday – Term 1


This morning we enjoyed an assembly presented by 5/6 ND and 5/6 NB. It was a fantastic presentation of learning, showcasing the many artistic talents of the students from dance to animation. The assembly centred around the theme of the bushfires and how from a tragedy new life grows and strength comes.

Assembly Reflection

Laura – I liked the frog walking.

Elnathan – I like the prayer and the last dance because it was peaceful. My sister was in the assembly.

Ishpreet – I liked the colours that they danced with because I like the dance and colours and I also saw my friend.

Keth – I liked the butterfly on the television because it was pretty.

Alexa – I like when they told us what to do when there is a fire.

Jordan – I liked the prayer because I liked it.

Jed – I liked the colours with the dancing.

Hendrix – I liked the Minecraft – they were building the fish farm.

Emily – I liked the dance, the prayer.

Adum – I liked the dance and songs.

Annabelle – I liked the mini craft building because they were making the same thing in real life.


Playing Games

Our buddies came over and we continued our conversations about games – The next questions we explored was –

What makes a good game?

Hendrix – They are fun.

Elnathan – A good game is when you listen to each other and make good things.

Annabelle – I good game is sharing ideas.

Abby – Teamwork makes a good game.

Thaison – Playing fair makes a good game/

Jaanpreet – A good detail.

Javeirva – What makes a good game is a fair game

Alexa – a good game being kind to your friends.

Calvin- A good game has to be fun.

Keth – When you do the right thing that is a good game.

Tyson- A good game is when there are no arguments.

Kaisha – A good game is playing fair by the rules.

What games do you want to do with your buddies?

Jayden – Magnet bottle flips

Mya – dress-up

Kalil – Playing with the marble run.

Jacob –  Playing Uno

Eann – Like games we have in the cupboard.

Olivia – Kitchen.

Our buddies are going to come back at 12 O’clock to play games with us.

Play Investigations

Before we moved into play investigations we talked about the Clara learning powers and how we use these during our play.

We will talk in more detail about each learning power over the next few weeks and introduce a Beanie Boo which represents that power.

After our play we drew a reflections of our learning and thoughts about what learning power we might be using.

Before lunch our buddies came back to play games with us.

Game time with Buddies

At the end of the day we talked as a class about ‘Safe Hands’. There has been a few incidents in the yard during recess and lunch, so I thought it was time to revisit this thinking about ‘safe hands’. As a general rule we have a No Touch policy at school. But we talked about asking our friends first before ‘safe touch’ which is things like – fist pump, high five or shaking hands.

We drew our hand on a big piece of paper and wrote our names. Then we talked about safe and unsafe hands. For the photo – it was hands in and ‘Go Team’.



Have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday.


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