Week 9 – Thursday

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning

We thought we would start our day with some dancing before Come read with me.

Come Read with me – such a wonderful and important way to start the day

Home Learning – You might like to find a book from Oxford reading

Check out the link below

 Oxford Home Learning – ebooks

You do have the register for this website – but it is free and they have lots of great books to read with your child and other  fantastic activities.

Literacy Learning

Shared Text

The children rotated through the 2 tasks

We made an ‘x’ with our fingers and arms and some children crossed their legs over to make ‘x’. Don’t forget to make sure the lines cross over in the middle.

Letter – Xx – letter formation

Make a treasure map – x – marks the spot

What can be on your treasure map:







Xx -words – The children recalled the words and we constructed a list.








Home Learning – Write the letter ‘X x’ and also some of the words you see in the clip below.

Then make a treasure map – don’t forget the ‘X’ marks the spot.


Numeracy Investigations

Number lines

Addition – with a dice

Flip tiles and 10 Frames

Ordering number to 10

Number Formation – white Boards

Home Learning – Write the number to 10, use the rhyme to ensure correct formation. Make your own number line to 10 or even try 20. If you have a dice at home  – roll the dice twice and add the numbers together. Find some objects around the house to use for counters (coins) to check your answer. Our goals is get to really fast when working with numbers between 1-10. 


Number formation Rhyme


Relaxation – We closed our eyes today and listened to some lovely piano music

Play Investigations

Before moving into play we shared the text –  Tiddalick the Frog

Comparing the Text

Today we read the story and compared it with the story we watched yesterday.

Keth – Tiddalick drank all the water – which is the same. And the snake made it laugh.

Elnathan – The eel tangled itself and that is the same.

Felipe – One frog was blue and the other one wasn’t it was green.

Emily – In the other story the frog got big.

Bibi – The one we watched the frog got swirls in his mouth and the eel made him laugh it got little swirls. Yesterday it was just all blue. (The different ways the water is shown coming out of his mouth)

The owl was still there.

At the end of this story it said Tiddalick was only going to drink what he needed.


The children then moved into play investigations. After play we talked about the learning powers we were using and recorded our play before we went home.

Have a lovely night – stay safe.





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