Thursday – Week 4 – Term 2

Welcome to Thursday

We began our day with ‘Come Read with Me’ and Journal recording.

Recording in our journal each day also reinforces the concept of the Day of the week, in addition to our reflection upon the weather and feelings. The children then moved into reading, independently or with a friend.

Literacy Rotations

Today we shared the below text and explored the digraph ‘oa’ as in ‘boat!

The children created mini books by constructing a sentence using the word ‘boat’.

For example

The cat is in the boat.

Extension was for the children to revisit learning from last week and then including an ‘ing’ word.

For example




The cat is in the boat and he is looking at the dog.

I was so proud of the all of the children today – their stamina and independence when writing is fantastic!


The Creation Story – Religious Eduction

After Sports we explored ‘The Creation Story’ – after sharing the story the children recording their understandings using picture and words.


Have a wonderful evening and I will see you tomorrow.


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