Friday -Week 4 -Term 2

Welcome to Fun Friday


Come Read with Me – our favourite way to start the day 🙂

Not only do we get to focus upon our literacy knowledge and understandings, but we greet our friends and support each to learn through conversation.

The children enjoyed listening to the Text – Alexander’s Outing while we completed our organisation tasks and they ate brain food.

This text started out mapping discussion as we talked about where Alexander and his family went for a walk.


Today we explored mapping  – We discussed the questions below –

What is a map?

Abraham – A map tells you where to go.

Ishpreet – If you don’t know where to go you can use a map.

Mya – It like a treasure map when you are a pirate.

Emily – When. you go you know your way to go.

Jed- It helps you find a place.

Alexa- I map helps you where to go because if you know don’t know you use a map it helps where you need to go.

McKayla – A map is good for you.

Elnathan  If you don’t know where to go you use a map to go. Even if you never been there before, you can get lost and you can’t find your way back home. A map is very important because it helps you find somewhere you want to go to.

Adum – A map is important as if it is your first time going somewhere and if you don’t have a map you might get lost.

Kalil – It helps you get home.

Where have we seen a map?

Hendrix – I seen a map in a car.

Tina – I saw a map at a playground.

Owen – I saw a map at lego land.

Jordan – On the street it tells you what road it is.

Why do we use a map?

Keth – We use a map so we can go where we want to.

What is on a map?

Jordan -Pictures so they can tell you where to go.

Abraham – X marks the stgop

Emily – arrows

Elnathan – Streets

Alexa – There is a start and it tells you left or right or which way to go.

Keth – There is trails on maps so you know where you have to go.

Ishpreet –  When you need to go somewhere and you don’t know where to go you can always use a map.

Adum – You see pictures and arrows tell you where to go.

Mapping the school  – How do we get to you favourite place in the school?

We went for a walk around the school to look at how we would draw a map from our room to different places in the school.

In between we enjoyed some dancing and movement games. (as we couldn’t go out at recess.

After recess we watched the text below which explored maps. We focussed upon the directions words which included: past, across, along and through.

The children were encouraged to use signs, direction arrows and instructions to get to to places.



When I was young…..

Today we talked about how we have grown and changed.

What did we do when we were babies?

What did we do when we were toddlers?

What did we do when we were preschoolers?

What can we do now?

The children then created a timeline and recorded their understandings using words and pictures.

Mindful Colouring and Play Investigations

Afternoon Reflection- What do you want to learn about?

Mya – I want to learn a dance.

Elnathan – science – explosion, magnet science

Jordan – How things grow  – plants

Owen – Drawing stars – tricky shapes.

Hendrix – I want to learn about fish.

McKayla – About the sky  and why they have stars.

Ishpreet – mixing potion

Kalil – lego (Lego challenge cards)

Keth – Building a tower with blocks

Alexa – Science – volcano science

Have a lovely weekend – see you Monday.

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