Monday – Week 10 – Term 2

Welcome to Monday – Last week of Term 2

Adum was busy on the weekend drawing the class – Fantastic work Adum 🙂



What is happening on the calendar?

Adum – We are going to have one more week at school and then it is school holidays.

Jed – Tomorrow is Owen’s birthday.

Emily – It is Monday.

Jordan – After Owen’s birthday it is Felipe’s birthday.

Alexa – In 6 more days it is Mrs Rodgers birthday.

Ishpreet – It is laptop day.

Come Read with Me


Shared Text – Stick Man

A wonderful, fun story which combines beautiful illustrations, repetition and rhyme.

Writer’s Workshop

Before we started writing today we explored a different way of starting a story-

Focus – Story starters:  In a big tree there lived a….

(We are setting the scene and also introducing the characters)

We also talked about our stories having a beginning, middle and end.

Creating a Book Cover

Combining Literature and Art

The children were encouraged to use two different types of mediums to create a cover for their book.

  • Textas
  • Crayon
  • Paint
  • Collage
  • Pencils

We talked about including the title, the character and their name (as the author).


Laptop Games

Roll dice Addition

Shape Pictures

Learning through Collaboration

Other tasks included movie making.

While engaging in laptop tasks the children are building upon important learning dispositions essential for life long learning.

  • Communication – discussion, questioning, negotiation
  • Collaboration
  • Persistence
  • Creativity
  • Literacy skills – reading, comprehension, oral language
  • Problem Solving



We finished the day with one of our favourite songs.


Have a good night – see tomorrow

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