Wednesday – Week 2 Term 3

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!

Our Calendar

From the calendar today, we noticed:

Tesi – It’s laptop day

Andreas – The tick is on the same day as the laptop sign so it’s laptop day

Elnathan – its the 29th July

Ishpreet – we are in Term 3

Kunal – Its laptop day because we have the laptops

Anabelle – today is Wednesday

Our Timetable

Come Read with Me

Literacy Rotations

Today, R1MR rotated through a range of literacy activities focussing on rhyme and labelling while RHA learned about the letter T name and sound.

RHA – Spanish

R1MR – Library

RHA – Numeracy Rotations

Today we did some more practice with forming our numbers.

Play Investigations

Today we were lucky to have the laptops and the new bikes during play investigations!


What do we mean by movement?

Jed – bottles move in the wind

Ishpreet – when you’re flying a kite

Adum – somethings that moves things in space is gravity

Harper – the earth moves around

Alexa – someone else might move something

Tyler – the moon comes at night and moves away during the day

Gurleen – rain moves down on the earth

Elnathan – animals move by their body like snakes and other animals

Abraham – your bones help you to move

How would you describe the way an ant moves?

Edward – the ant’s body helps it move
Harper – with their legs

Alice – they use their legs

Tesi – the ant was marching

Anabelle – walked

Abraham – crawled

How would you describe the way a ball moves when pushed?

Kevin – roll

Andreas – dropped

Eann – fell in the sink

Elnathan – rolling into the sink

Is that the only way a ball can move?

Draw/write about something you saw moving in the classroom.

Use movement-describing words from above (hop, bounce, crawl, walk, roll)

“The leaf is falling”


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