Thursday – Week 2 Term 3

Welcome to another Tremendous Thursday!

Come read with me

Our Calendar

From the calendar today, we noticed:

Kunal – laptop day was yesterday

Jed – it’s sports day for R1MR

Emily – Today is Thursday

Anabelle – it’s week 2

Alexa – it’s past laptop day

Our Timetable

Literacy Rotations

Today for literacy rotations, R1MR focused again on rhyming words and labeling a seahorse. RHA learnt about the letter ‘P’, the sound that it makes and words we know that start with ‘p’.


HA – Numeracy

While R1MR were at PE, RHA worked on the formation of the numbers from 1-10.

We then went for a break out to Log Park and then moved into Investigations with a numeracy focus.

HASS – Our Family

After some mindfulness to relax after lunch, we talked about who is in our families.

What do you like to do with your family?

Laura – My parents are special because they love me.

Tesi – I like to go to western farm.

Alice – I like going to the beach with my dad.

Gurleen – I like to go with my mum to the park.

Kunal – I go to the beach with all my family.

Kalil – I like to help my family.

Anabelle – I like to help my mum going shopping.

Tyler – I like to go see Sav with my family.

Elnathan – Me and my family go to restaurants.

Harper – I play board games with my family.

Alice – I play board games with my family.

Eann – I go to the shops with my family.

Senay – I play basketball with my two sisters.

Adum – I play outside with my family.

Bebe – I like to play monopoly.

Gerry – I go with my mum to the shops.

Alexa – I like playing dance on Nintendo with my mum and dad and I like to play with my dad on Nintendo.

Ellara – I like to play on the playground with my sister.

Tina – I like to play uno with my family.

Mya – I like to wash my car with my family.

Abraham – I like to play with this magnetic marble run with my family.

Omelia – I like to play hide and seek with mummy.

Ishpreet – When i was sick my dad got me some ice cream to make me feel better. My family looks after me and make me feel better.

Avelyn – My family goes to the beach and see mermaids.

Owen – I go bowling and to museums with my family.

Hendrix – I watch TV with my family.

And then we drew our family inside a frame to put up on the wall – keep your eye out!


Thanks for another exciting day of learning, have a lovely night and we will see you in the morning ready for assembly!

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