Thursday – Week 8 – Term 3

Welcome to a fun Thursday of learning in R1MR and RHA. Today Miss Andersen was a Professional Development about Positive Education from Berry Street. This learning centres around our core values as a school and it is wonderful Miss Andersen has this opportunity to be involved. Teaching alongside Mrs Rodgers today was Miss M.

Come Read with Me

Today the children were encourage to find the following words in the books they were reading.

for, look, come, that, was, in

Children in R1Mr were also encouraged to revisit our learning from yesterday to see if they could discover any magic ‘e’ words.

for example – huge, kite, cute

Then we enjoyed a dance to baker boy song before we got our brain food.

Shared Text – Pete the cat and the new guy

What is the story about?

Tesi – Pete the cat can do all these things except the new guy

Adum – Pete can do something and the new guy can’t

Senay – Pete the cat and Gus  is the new guy

What might happen?

Harper – they are going to make friends

Annabelle – he is going to move there

Who are the characters?

Ellara – Pete the cat

Evalyn – turtle

Felipe – platapus – gus

Mya – toad

Omelia – crocodile

Alexis – octopus

Jordán – squirrel

Where is the setting?

Elnathan – on the street

Abraham – near the houses

Annabelle – backyard

What was the problem to solve?

Alexa – the platypus couldn’t do what Pete the cat could do

Abraham – Gus couldn’t do juggling and he couldn’t jump and they solved it by finding something he could do

Literacy learning –

RHA – Phonics – ‘w’

R1MR – Book making


RHA – Numeracy – Days of the week

Moon Lantern Festival

Shared Text

Lin Yi's Lantern: A Moon Festival Tale by Brenda Williams and Benjamin Lacombe | Chinese moon festival, Moon festival, Autumn moon festival

Yin Li’s Lantern is a heartwarming story about the rewards of putting others first. Includes info about life in rural China & the legend of the moon fairy

Chinese and Vietnamese families traditionally celebrated the new moon as part of the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the 8th month.

The Moon Lantern Festival celebrates the gathering of friends and family after the crops are harvested. The celebration is to give thanks for the harvest and pray for family and good fortune. Some cultures will celebrate with a lion dance, carry brightly coloured lanterns or eat mooncakes.

To get ready for our Moon Lantern Festival celebrations  we created moon lanterns using pop sticks, cellophane, plastic cups and paper.

The children were shown a range of pictures for inspiration

Their lanterns reflected the important learning dispositions of persistence, creativity and problem solving.

We will display with lanterns ready for judging next week.

Play Investigations

Some children finished off their lanterns – others played.

RHA – went to visit their buddies to get ready for their assembly.


Have a lovely evening and we will see you tomorrow – ready to enjoy assembly at 9am.


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