Friday – Week 8 – Term 3

Welcome to a fun Friday in R1 MR and RHA

Assembly – Fitness – Reflection

We enjoyed a wonderful assembly presented by R1JM and 5/6IB – focus was on the book “Embrace you body’. After the assembly we went around the oval for fitness.

Mason:  I saw my sister. My sister is Callie

Senay: Basketball

Elnathan: The basketball was about our special talents and our bodies.

McKayla: I saw Eva my friends.

Kunal: There were boys and girls dancing.

Tesi: I liked to see my ELC.

Eann:I saw girls v’s boys dancing.

Harper: I saw my old class on the stage.

Alexa: I saw my friend on the stage, some of the year 6 were helping them.

Edward: Basketball was bouncing it.

Tyler: I liked seeing my sister.

Arianna: I lke d the si=ing, the tiki’s Tok song.

Ishpreet: I saw my friend she was doing the dance battle.


Focus Today in RHA and R1MR – Acts of Kindness  – Filling peoples buckets – not bucket dippers

RHA – Buddies

R1MR – 100 Language of learning – shared Text – Pete the cat and the new guy

The children were encourage to retell the story using a range of mediums. This may include:

  • Laptops
  • Book making
  • Puppets
  • Story maps

Play Investigation –  Time to explore our thinking through collaboration, problem solving and creativity.


Today for Mindfulness we drew our own picture using lead pencil about an act of kindness and then we added colour.

We can all COlOUR our World with Kindness – please refer to the above video clip.

Playground and Laptops

Acts of Kindness

Jed:When Abraham wanted to go to the toilet I took him when no else did.

Bior: I helped Kevin fill up his drink bottle.

Felipe: I shared my fidget spinner.

McKayla: When Helena was crying I helped her feel better.

Tyler: When I was busting, Lucas took me to the toilet. My Buddy looked after me at recess.

Edward: When Mason fell down I was looking after him.

Kunal: I helped McKayla because she was crying with the paper.

Eann: I helped  McKayla fell better.

Jed: When Jordan pencil wasn’t working I gave him mine.

Annabelle: I helped Mrs Rodgers by listening today

Zara: I helped Mrs Rodgers by being kind.

ADum: I helped Mrs Riodgers by cleaning the room.

Owen: I shared with Hendrix today.

Elnathan: I look out for my brother.

We had time to sing one of our favourite songs before we went home.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you for a fun week of learning in RHA and R1MR.



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