Monday – Week 9 – Term 3

Welcome to Monday – it is hard to believe it is Week 9. It is an exciting week as RHA prepare for their first ever assembly on the Holy Family stage on Friday.

Today we welcomed Mason to RHA – We hope you have a great first day of learning at Holy Family.

It is also our classes Mass on Thursday at 11:30 – Parents are welcome to join us in the centre.


Kallil – It is Monday today.

Jed – Today we have music.

Adum – 14 more days until Alexis’ birthday.

Andreas – It is laptop day on Thursday this week.

Mason H – Two months ago it was my birthday, on the 5/8 and I turned 5.

Eann – 5/6MS and RHA have their assembly on Friday.

Literacy is our focus for the morning.

We start our day with conversation, books, talking, reading and listening.

Then we move into writing with a focus upon sounds and book making.

Character Strengths Reflection

Reflection of self and our role within a learning community.

  • How do we feel at school? why
  • How do we help at school?
  • What acts of kindness do we do?


R1 MR – Music

Play Investigations

Children leading play through ideas, interests, strengths, collaboration and curiosity.


RHA – Music

R1MR – Numeracy

Pack up and Mass Preparation and Practise ready for Thursday.

Have a wonderful evening and we will see you tomorrow for another fun day of learning in R1MR & RHA


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