Wednesday – Week 9 – Term 3 (Literacy Focus)

Welcome to a wonderful warm Wednesday.

Today RHA will be busy practising for their assembly(on Friday)  and then we all will also be having a Mass practise in the afternoon (in readiness for our Mass  on Thursday)

A friendly Reminder

Thursday – Mass in the centre 11:30 – All Welcome

Friday – RHA Assembly – 9am – All Welcome

Literacy Learning today

  • Reading (In the classroom  in a small group, guided reading, with  a friend or independently, also during Mass and assembly practise and also in the library)

Reading with a peer provides a time to exchange understandings and ideas. Words are recognised and sentences are read together as a sentence is decoded and a story unfolds. Pictures and previous knowledge is used a strategy to tell a story. Conversations supports the reader or may add to the story through shared experiences.

  • Writing (For different purposes throughout the day)

Writing letters, words and then sentences. All the children are on the writing continuum which begins with marks on the paper to express an idea to words and then sentences. One strategy the children have been exploring during their writing time is THINK, Say and WRITE. During writing time the children focus upon formation and they make the connection between what they write on paper expresses meaning.

  • Phonics and sounds

This is a time to listen and make connections with letters/sounds and words. Phonics learning supports the children to read and write independently. Today in R1MR we explored long and short ‘a’ sounds.

While R1MR engage in play Investigations Mrs Rodgers listened to children read and conducted running records to measure reading progress this term.

  • Communication of ideas, thoughts and understanding during play and come read with me.

During play investigation the children explore learning opportunities through conversations. The children create play opportunities by negotiation, sharing ideas, plan their roles and solve problems through discussion. Oral language is the important literacy foundation as the children move into reading writing.

So many opportunities to build upon our literacy learning in RHA and R1MR today.


Enjoy your evening and we will see you tomorrow for a fun Thursday.



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