Wednesday – Week 3 Term 3

Good Morning and Welcome to our Wonderful Wednesday!

Come Read with Me

We started the day with come read with me and enjoyed finding a book from our black bag or book box to read with friends.


From the calendar today we noticed:

Jerry – Today is Wednesday.

Jed – Yesterday was bicycle day.

Eann – It’s almost sports day. We have sport on Thursday.

Ishpreet – 7 more days untill it is Laptop and Bicycle day again. It will be on Monday.

Abraham – 2 more days until Avelyn’s birthday.



Our Timetable

Shared Text – Elmer

Mass Song Practice

Today we went to the hall to practice the songs that we will be singing in mass tomorrow.

R1MR – Library

RHA – Numeracy

During numeracy, we practiced the formation of our numbers using elephant trunks and whiteboards, then started cutting and pasting while connecting each number with its quantity.

Rocket Writing

After numeracy, library and a visit to the year 5/6 learning showcase, we had some time for story writing.

Play Investigations

For play today we had some exciting activities like card making, painting, playdough and Elmer the Elephant drawing.


Thanks for another great day, see you in the morning.

Monday – Week 3 Term 3

Welcome to Monday and the start of week 3!


Come Read with Me

The Calendar – The start of August!

From the calendar this morning, we noticed:

Alexa – It’s August

Kunal – Today is Andreas’ birthday

Kalil – Yesterday it was Alexa’s birthday

Bibi – 4 days until Avelyn’s birthdayand Emily’s birthday is on the 21st.


Our Timetable

Shared Text – The Secret Birthday Message

Today we read the book “The Secret Birthday Message”, it has a secret code in it!

Writer’s Workshop / Phonics

Today in writer’s workshop, R1MR focused on planning their stories that they will finish writing.

RHA learned about the letter ‘i’ and had some time to write a story using the letter ‘i’ as much as we could!

Safety at School

Today after recess, we explored what it means to be safe or unsafe.

What does being safe mean? 

Alexa – it means that you need to watch out and if you see someone you don’t know don’t go to them

Hendrix – don’t loose your parents

Esrom – when you’re passing the road stay next to your parents.

Avelyn – do not push anyone when you are running so you don’t fall down, look where you are going
Abraham – to be safe you have to look after yourself.

Alice – make sure you don’t get lost.

Kunal – put your helmet on to ride your bicycle.

Owen – ask the owner before you pat their dog.

Ishpreet – put a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen on when you are in the sun.

Tesi – take care of the school’s toys and my house toys

Mason – I walk the dog with Mummy and when we get to the road we stop and look.

Arianna – when I cross the road with my nanna and Mummy, I have to hold on to their hands

Omelia – when my mum and me cross the road we stop and look for cars.

Eann – wear your seatbelt in the car

Elnathan – look for your parents and don’t loose them. Stay with your parents.

Who can help you when you are feeling unsafe?

Kunal – my brother

Avelyn – my Mum

Tina – the teacher

Emily – mum and dad

Adum – teacher

Abraham – someone in the office


What can you recognise that is safe or unsafe in these pictures?

How could this situation be made safe?

Journal – Who can help me when I’m feeling unsafe?


Spanish Visit

RHA had the chance today to listen to some Spanish stories written by one of the 5/6 classes, we loved them!


R1MR Numeracy

Today for numeracy, R1MR continued their work with bundling and writing, reading and recording large numbers.

Birthday Celebrations

We were lucky this afternoon to have 3 birthdays to celebrate! It was Alexa’s and Ellara’s birthday on Sunday and it is Andreas’ birthday today.

Thanks for another lovely day, see you in the morning 🙂

Friday – Week 2 Term 3

Welcome to our Fun-Filled Friday!

Our Calendar

From the calendar today, we noticed:

Elnathan – It is the last day of July.

We then sang the months of the year song and put our hands up when it was the month that our birthday is in.


Our Timetable


We reflected on what we saw:

Elnathan :They copied the book and they changed the words in the book.

Tyler: I was happy because I saw my sister.

Kunal: I like watching the book.

Laura: I happy that I saw my brother walking on the stage.

Mya: I liked seeing my brother on the assembly.

Gurleen: I liked to see the story.

Ishpreet: I like the part with the frog because it was my brother’s friend.

Avelyn: I saw my brother sitting on the floor and he said hello me.

Tesi: I liked the whole thing.

After assembly we shared the book which the assembly was based upon:

Do Not Open This Book by Andy Lee - Book | Kmart

Literacy – A time to write.

Play Investigations

A time for the children to lead their learning through collaboration, curiosity and creativity.





Dear God, I am grateful for:

Elnathan – my life, for everything you gave me and my friends and family.

Filipe – for the world.

Mya – the sky and the clouds.

Ishpreet – giving me my brothers and my Dad and my teachers.

Bibi – my school.

Avelyn – making world for us and all the things to do.

Senay – making my friends.

Kalil – my family.

Tyler – seeing my Dad.

Laura – making the animals to make our food.

Tesi – all the things you made for us to not be bored.

Eann – the food.

Kunal – making the school.

Have a wonderful weekend – enjoy the sunshine and we will see you on Monday.

Thursday – Week 2 Term 3

Welcome to another Tremendous Thursday!

Come read with me

Our Calendar

From the calendar today, we noticed:

Kunal – laptop day was yesterday

Jed – it’s sports day for R1MR

Emily – Today is Thursday

Anabelle – it’s week 2

Alexa – it’s past laptop day

Our Timetable

Literacy Rotations

Today for literacy rotations, R1MR focused again on rhyming words and labeling a seahorse. RHA learnt about the letter ‘P’, the sound that it makes and words we know that start with ‘p’.


HA – Numeracy

While R1MR were at PE, RHA worked on the formation of the numbers from 1-10.

We then went for a break out to Log Park and then moved into Investigations with a numeracy focus.

HASS – Our Family

After some mindfulness to relax after lunch, we talked about who is in our families.

What do you like to do with your family?

Laura – My parents are special because they love me.

Tesi – I like to go to western farm.

Alice – I like going to the beach with my dad.

Gurleen – I like to go with my mum to the park.

Kunal – I go to the beach with all my family.

Kalil – I like to help my family.

Anabelle – I like to help my mum going shopping.

Tyler – I like to go see Sav with my family.

Elnathan – Me and my family go to restaurants.

Harper – I play board games with my family.

Alice – I play board games with my family.

Eann – I go to the shops with my family.

Senay – I play basketball with my two sisters.

Adum – I play outside with my family.

Bebe – I like to play monopoly.

Gerry – I go with my mum to the shops.

Alexa – I like playing dance on Nintendo with my mum and dad and I like to play with my dad on Nintendo.

Ellara – I like to play on the playground with my sister.

Tina – I like to play uno with my family.

Mya – I like to wash my car with my family.

Abraham – I like to play with this magnetic marble run with my family.

Omelia – I like to play hide and seek with mummy.

Ishpreet – When i was sick my dad got me some ice cream to make me feel better. My family looks after me and make me feel better.

Avelyn – My family goes to the beach and see mermaids.

Owen – I go bowling and to museums with my family.

Hendrix – I watch TV with my family.

And then we drew our family inside a frame to put up on the wall – keep your eye out!


Thanks for another exciting day of learning, have a lovely night and we will see you in the morning ready for assembly!

Wednesday – Week 2 Term 3

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!

Our Calendar

From the calendar today, we noticed:

Tesi – It’s laptop day

Andreas – The tick is on the same day as the laptop sign so it’s laptop day

Elnathan – its the 29th July

Ishpreet – we are in Term 3

Kunal – Its laptop day because we have the laptops

Anabelle – today is Wednesday

Our Timetable

Come Read with Me

Literacy Rotations

Today, R1MR rotated through a range of literacy activities focussing on rhyme and labelling while RHA learned about the letter T name and sound.

RHA – Spanish

R1MR – Library

RHA – Numeracy Rotations

Today we did some more practice with forming our numbers.

Play Investigations

Today we were lucky to have the laptops and the new bikes during play investigations!


What do we mean by movement?

Jed – bottles move in the wind

Ishpreet – when you’re flying a kite

Adum – somethings that moves things in space is gravity

Harper – the earth moves around

Alexa – someone else might move something

Tyler – the moon comes at night and moves away during the day

Gurleen – rain moves down on the earth

Elnathan – animals move by their body like snakes and other animals

Abraham – your bones help you to move

How would you describe the way an ant moves?

Edward – the ant’s body helps it move
Harper – with their legs

Alice – they use their legs

Tesi – the ant was marching

Anabelle – walked

Abraham – crawled

How would you describe the way a ball moves when pushed?

Kevin – roll

Andreas – dropped

Eann – fell in the sink

Elnathan – rolling into the sink

Is that the only way a ball can move?

Draw/write about something you saw moving in the classroom.

Use movement-describing words from above (hop, bounce, crawl, walk, roll)

“The leaf is falling”


Tuesday – Week 2 Term 3

Welcome to another Tantalising Tuesday!! 

We started the day as usual with “come read with me” which gives the students time to quietly settle and get reading.

Our Calendar 


We discussed what we can notice from the calendar today, these included:

Andreas: It is laptop day tomorrow.

Jerry: Today is Tuesday

Gurleen: Today is the day we go to sports.

Annabelle: It is week 10.

Emily: It is term 3.

Tesi: I have Karate after school in the evening.


Our Timetable

Shared Text – Leo the Littlest Seahorse

Today, we again read the book “Leo the Littlest Seahorse” and discussed camouflage.

Rocket Writing

Rocket writing helps us to build stamina in our writing. During this time, R1MR focussed on finishing their stories with a ‘Sizzling Start” that we started yesterday.

RHA focused on the letter ‘a’ and the sound that it makes. We practiced the correct formation of this letter and words that we already know that have the ‘a’ sound in it.


Art – Camouflage Activity / Play Investigations

This week we have been exploring the idea of camouflage with the help of our shared text.


Elnathan – You blend in with some colour so you blend in to hide from predators

Alexa – it’s if someone is trying to find you and eat you they cant find you because you are blending in.

Adum – When you are next to something and you turn that colour.

Abraham – camouflage helps other animals to survive

There are all sorts of animals that use camouflage to keep safe.


What can you create with a paper plate?

Avelyn – I could create a snail

Jed – I could create a flower

Gurleen – I could make a butterfly

Tina – Maybe a bow

Alexa – a clock

Eann – Some train tracks

Omelia – I might make a butterfly

Tesi – It could be wheels for a bus

Mckayla – I could make a face

Keth – I want to make a mask

MR – Spanish


Today, RHA again had the opportunity to read a book in the library and swap out our readers so that we have new books to read for the next week. We all borrowed some readers and big picture books to read during ‘come read with me’ and at

Thanks for another wonderful day, have a lovely night and we will see you in the morning.

Term 3 – Thursday Week 1

Welcome to a Terrific Thursday! 

Come Read with Me


Our Calendar

From the calendar, we notice:

Abraham – it’s laptop day

Eann – it’s Thursday

Ishpreet – Yesterday was Gurleen’s birthday and its two more days Roman’s birthday

Gerry – R1MR has PE today because it’s Thursday

Ellara – I noticed we started our day with reading

Our Timetable


Literacy Rotations

We moved into literacy rotations and chose some different activities surrounding the alphabet.



During numeracy, RHA practiced our number formation for the numbers:

1.     2.     3.    4.    5.     6.     7.    8.    9.    and     10. 

using elephant trunks to draw them in the air.

Then we had lots of choices of activities to practice what we have learned. We used playdoh, unifix cubes, jems, cars and whiteboards to make our numbers.

After a brain break on the playground, we came back for some numeracy investigation based play.

R1MR practiced bundling groups of ten:

Religion – Rainbow Fish 

This is the story about a fish who thought he was the most beautiful fish in the ocean. He was also very selfish and lonely and couldn’t figure out why no one liked him.

After we shared the story we talked about the following questions:

What did the other fish want from the rainbow fish?

Tesi – A scale

Why wouldn’t he give them a beautiful scale?

Mikayla – because he was being mean

Alexis – because he didn’t want to share

Why did rainbow fish become lonely?

Elnathan – because he never shared his scales with the other fish. They wanted a scale but he didn’t give one away and they didn’t play with him.

Abraham – because when the blue fish came by him, he asked him for a scale. The rainbow fish didn’t give it to him and the blue fish felt scared and he told all his friends so none of his friends wanted to come to rainbow fish anymore.

Who did he go talk to about what he should do?

Esrom – the octopus and the starfish

How did he feel when he gave away a scale?

Harper – he felt happy and he kept on sharing

Owen – happy at the end

Ishpreet – when he gave the scale away he felt happy and now he has friends.


We all have special gifts given to us by God and God would like us to share these gifts. We might be able to draw, sing, or build things, but each of us has special gifts from God and like rainbow fish we will feel very happy if we share our gifts with others.

What is your gift? How can you share your gift?

Elnathan – teaching other people sports

Miya – playing with people nicely

Keth – helping people with reading


After our discussion we created our own Rainbow Fish art by using small pieces of coloured and metallic paper to create scales. On the back we recorded what is our gift.

We will be putting these on the wall on RHA’s side soon so keep your eye out!!


Have a lovely night and we will see you in the morning ready for assembly 🙂

Term 3 – Week 1 Tuesday

**We are having some technical issues uploading photos today – they will be uploaded tomorrow morning ASAP, thanks**

Today we started the day with our morning routine – come read with me. For the new receptions, this is a new routine but having the experienced and amazing R1MR students as an example helped these students with learning how school works!
The calendar:

Our learning today:
Writers Workshop
Together we discussed the different parts of a book.
What’s this part of the book called?
Avelyn – It’s the shiny fish
Esrom – it’s the front
Emily – it has the title
Eann – it’s the back cover
Arianna – I can see the rainbow fish
The pictures can tell us the story
Jordan – the pages have writing too
We use words to tell our stories too. Words and pictures can tell stories. 
First, we need to imagine and think about some ideas of what we could write a story about. 
We then moved into writing and drawing our stories, we created some amazing stories using words and pictures with different characters and actions.
Self Portraits
This video helped us learn about what a self portrait is:
Self portraits are a special type of drawing that is a drawing of our self.
Take a look at some of our self portraits!
While RHA went to PE and library, R1MR did some amazing numeracy work!
Have a lovely evening and we will see you in the morning 🙂