Week 10 – Friday

Good Morning Everyone

Good Morning from Mrs Rodgers

Today is the last day for Term 1 –

The children start 3 weeks of school holidays from next week. Next week there are 4 pupil free days and Friday is a public holiday.

Over the holidays please remember  – there is learning in all that we do and that play is the highest form of research.

Enjoy the time to relax, be together  and play.

Here is a great clip to watch which explains the virus and how we can keep safe.

We hope Keth and Bior have a wonderful time celebrating their birthdays during the holidays.


We will begin our numeracy time by exploring word problems.

It is important for children to understand that symbols and words is information needed to solve numeracy problems.

As we read the word problem we talked about the important information we need to use to solve the problem.

For example – The number 10 and the number 3 are important and the word altogether means addition.

10 + 3 = 13

Then we explored subtraction problems and talked about the different words used.

We then had a turn at telling our own word problems around the circle, while Mrs Rodgers wrote them down.

For example: I am feeling very hungry so I ate 3 donuts at recess time and then 5 donuts at lunch. How many donuts did I eat all together?

We will talk about key words – ‘all together’ which tell us it is an addition problem. It tells us we are bringing things together.


At school I had 10 donuts and I ate 5 at recess. How many donuts do I have left?  The word ‘ate’ tells us that we are taking something away.

Numeracy Investigations

The children were encourage to explore addition and subtraction using counters, dice and number cards.

The children recorded their understanding in their books. This is also a time to challenge ourselves and see if we can use numbers to 20.


Easter Story

My Easter egg Hunt

I had a go at filming myself reading the book today.

I tried to send it through but the file is a bit big so I will try and sort it out today.

Easter egg hunts are fun – but so are scavanger hunts – so I attached one for you to do.


Easter Craft

Bunny – Paper Folding

Easter Card – Make card for a friend, neighbour or someone in your family

Tissue Paper Cross

Standing Bunny Card

Easter egg – pattern painting

At home you might like to explore the above activities or google Easter craft activities to find something creative to make.

Gratitude: Make something for someone to say Thank you or that you are thinking about them.


Yoga – Cosmic Kids

Shared Text

Game Time

The children played a range of games where they used their learning dispositions of

  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Negotiation

Games included:

  • Marble Run
  • Uno
  • Lunch box game
  • drawing


At the end of the day we drew rainbows.

In this time of uncertainty I wanted to finish our day with the children drawing a rainbow on which I wrote – ‘Everything will be OK’ and a prayer.

Wishing you all a safe and special time together over the holidays.

#stayhome and #staysafe

Photos from our day at school

  • Dancing
  • Numeracy
  • Craft
  • Card making
  • Rainbow drawing with Buddies

Dancing in the morning Dancing in the Morning Dancing in the morning


Fun Activities for the Holidays

  • Building cubby houses
  • Reading book and signs
  • Cooking
  • Drawing pictures
  • Making maps
  • Board games
  • playing outside with balls, hop scotch
  • Cosmic kids yoga
  • Building a zoo
  • Making a shop
  • Set up a restaurant
  • Write a letter or card
  • Pyjama day
  • Movie day

Don’t forget the learning from home blog – with links to websites.

Happy Easter from Mrs Rodgers

Week 10 – Thursday

Welcome to Thursday

Good Morning – I hope everyone has a fun day and this photo makes you smile.

Come Read with Me

Jordan sent Mrs Rodgers a photo on him reading on the trampoline – Where are you reading at home during ‘Come read with me’?

Shared Text

Perfect timing today as we explore the digraph ‘ch’ as after PE we are going to read a book called “Chickens aren’t the only ones” and  the word chicken starts with a ‘ch’ sound.

‘Ch’ is a digraph In a consonant digraph, two consonants stand together to represent a single sound.

Let’s share the text

After reading the story the children looked at the pictures below as possible characters for their story during rocket writing.

Chicken and chick clipart clipartfestBunny free to use cliparts 2Baby chick clipartEaster Bunny Easter egg Clip art - eggs png download - 1025*1311 - Free Transparent Easter Bunny png Download.

These pictures are just ideas – you can write your story about any character you like 🙂

Or at home you might like to choose a favourite toy or find your own pictures online.

Before you start your story remember to begin with

Where and when (One day at the park – this sets the scene)

Then the next sentence is  – Who (The little bunny went to play – this is about the character)

Then what happened

And then……..

Off you go    –      Now it is rocket writing time:

Remember this is a time to write  – don’t worry too much about spelling words correctly. Just write down the sounds and letters that you know and leave a line to show that you are not sure if it is correct and then on to the next word. This is a time to build stamina in your writing. You all know lots of letters and sounds and words so now is the time to use them.

Remember use your high frequency word list and an alphabet chart to help. Happy Writing.

Today lets try and write 5 sentences.

After 30 mins of writing, you can draw a picture.

At the end of the writing time it is time to talk about the words they were unsure about.

I am looking forward to reading your stories.


Home Learning: Do you have a ball at home to play with?

Ideas for home:

Throwing and catching a ball

Bouncing and catching a ball

Kicking the ball into a goal or towards a marker

Bunny hopping on one leg

Now try it on the other leg

Can you hop and bounce or throw a ball?

Shared Reading

Chicken’s Aren’t the only ones

What is inside these eggs – time to have a guess! What will hatch from these eggs?

Our thinking –

Emily – a dragon, kangaroo

Kalil – dragonfly, a wolf, a butterfly, parrots

Felipe – A baby bird, horse

Senay – a fox

Owen – a birds

Bibi – birds – kookaburra

Elnathan -meerkat  and a lizard and a bunny, a goat

Please watch the story below (I did take photos of the book and uploaded but the text is not clear – they the picture can just be used as a reference when drawing the pictures for the lift the flap task)


Now what was in the egg – I will up load the photos when the children open the eggs in class.

Now it is time to make your own lift the flap book.

Title: What is inside the egg?

Hone Learning: You will need pencils, white paper and coloured paper. Fold a piece of A4 paper in quarter so we make a mini book. Cut out different coloured eggs and sticky tape one side down so it make a flap. Then draw an animal under the egg.

Read your book to your learning buddy or someone in your family.


After lunch go for a walk and collect some sticks (At school we went to the edge of the oval). These sticks will be used to make a cross for one of our Easter provocations.

Easter Provocations

  • Stick cross – use wool or string to wrap around to hold sticks together.
  • Little Wooden Cross from Sticks | Grateful Prayer | Thankful Heart
  • Hand print palm leaves  – trace hand on green paper
  • Handprint Palm Branches for Palm Sunday | Sunday school crafts ...
  • Paper folding rabbit
  • How to Make a Paper Bunny | Easy Easter Crafts for Kids - YouTube ...
  • How to make a Paper Folding Rabbit




Week 10 – Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday

Good Morning from Mrs Rodgers


What is the new month?

Talk about the different months of the year – when are the birthdays in your family?

Come Read with me

Literacy Rotations

Letter Q q

What words did we learn from the you tube clip?

Words we discovered:

Jerry – Queen

Elnathan – quit

Kalil -quick

Bibi – Miss Quigley


Emily – quilt

Felipe – quiet

Handwriting – Q q

Mini Books –

I am a………..

I have some……….

Look at the……….

(For example –

I am a frog.

I have some bugs.

Look at the log.

Look at me hop.

Then children move onto the next page. Don’t forget capital letters and full stops.

This task is to focus upon high frequency words the children can write  independently – to build upon and consolidate their knowledge and understanding.

(Challenge: Can you add some descriptive words about size and colour to your sentence.)

We also watched this clip and talked about how the letter ‘q’ always has his friend ‘u’ with him.



What plants can you see inside or outside your house/classroom?

What is above the ground?

Elnathan – leaves

Emily – petals





But do you know what is happening below the ground?

Elnathan – the roots

We talked about the roots from a tree would need to be big to hold it up.

Talk about questions and then watch the clip.

Draw a plant – include and label  – stem, leaves, roots, bud, flower, petal, flower, seed

What does a plant need to grow?


Elnathan – The plants gets water by the sky when it rain. Or when people water it.




Owen – They need space because they will be tight. They grass makes it full.

Elnathan- And it will die


Kalil – Because they grow.

Emily – So it can not not fall down.

Felipe – So they can stay stable to the ground.

The soil gives the plants it’s food.

Talk about question first and then watch clip.

What Plants Need video

Plant bean seed to take home and watch grow

You might have some seeds at home to plant in a pot or your garden.

At school we will use a plastic cup, bean seed and paper towel.

We will plant the seed in a clear cup so the children can see the different parts as it germinates. When it grow big enough it can be plants in your garden.

Lunch – Time to play and eat


Shared Text and Art

10 Scared Fish – This story links the curriculum areas of numeracy, Aboriginal Culture  Studies, literacy and Art

Ten Scared Fish - Ros Moriarty, illustrated by Balarinji ...

The story starts with

‘One turtle by the waterhole’, you can follow the river to the sea, counting animals along the way – until ten little fish meet a big scary shark.

Ten Scared Fish celebrates animals, numbers and the joy of art from Balarinji design studio.


Art inspired from the book.

Home Learning: Look at the images closely, notice the use of colour, lines and dots to create the art work.

At school we will create a background using oil pastels and water wash. Then the children will create another animal using cotton tips to make dots and lines with paint.

Create your own background and animal using art materials you have at home.

I was very proud of the children’s persistence, creativity and collaboration during this task.

We finished off the day with some fitness.

Prayer – Maundy Thursday

Read story – discuss questions

Additional tasks:

Draw a special picture for a friend or neighbour as an act of kindness

Do you have chalk at home – draw a hop scotch game outside to play.

Maybe add your high frequency words to the squares:  for example – Next to the number 1 write the word ‘the’








Make up a dance to perform to your family.

icon0.com Free images for personal , commercial and noncommercial use. Attribution is not required. and Royalty-Free Images , Photos, Picture, Illustration ,Vectors - Hop Scotch

Week 10 – Tuesday

Welcome to Learning on Tuesday at School or at Home.

Good Morning from Mrs Rodgers


What is today called?

What day is it tomorrow?

What was yesterday?


Come Read with me

Home Learning: Please find a book to read with your learning Buddy,  a sibling or by yourself for 15mins.

After reading tell someone what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Did you like the story? Why did you like it ?

Don’t forget you can go to Oxford Owl home reading and find some new ebooks to read.

The books are free to read but you will need to sign up.

Oxford Owl – ebooks

Shared Reading and Book Making

Our letter today is the letter ‘Zz’ and as the children often build a zoo in the log area I thought we would read the book ‘Dear Zoo’ as our shared text.

The children then moved into book making.

3 pages are given to the children to start. (A5 size)

1st Page – Title Page

The Zoo

2nd Page – Setting the scene. Tell me when and where.

It was a hot day at the Zoo.

3rd page – The character. What animal did you see?

I saw a big, yellow  lion.

4th page – What was the animal doing?

5th page – How is the story going to end?

Don’t forget to start your sentence with a capital and end it with a full stop.

Then illustrate your book.

Come Read with Me and Book Making Photos

Recess – A time to eat and play

Or maybe move and freeze


Addition – Facts to 10

Revisit Rainbow Facts – Draw a big rainbow together – write the numbers below each colour.

I call out a number and children respond.

I say – 3 and

Children respond – 7

I say – makes

Children respond – 10

Randomly pick numbers between 1-10.

Aim – Is for the children to be able to quick make the connection with the numbers and facts to 10.

Home Learning – Do you have playing cards or a dice at home. Or a cup and 10 coins

Children rotate through 3 tasks

Create number facts using playing cards

Roll a dice and create number facts to 10.

Cup and object game. Hide some of the 10 objects under the cup – How many are left?



Please go to the Spanish Blog for learning Tasks

Spanish Blog

Dining Hall Experience with 5/6 MS

It was a lovely day to enjoy lunch outside.

Home Learning – Set the table for lunch or dinner.

Shared Text

Word Building

Letter – Z z – Handwriting formation and word building.










Zigzag Word Fun Adult Guidance

Home Play: Build a Zoo and then make a map about your zoo. Don’t forget to add signs to your zoo.

Play Investigations -Planning our play

I am planning to play:


I think I will use:


My design drawing:



Have a good day – Keep Safe

Bonus Activities:

Cooking – Help prepare a meal or plan to cook something with your family.

Design a menu for your dinner tonight.

Art work  – explore something new to draw

Palm Sunday Story – Make Palm leaves from tracing hand prints on green paper or colour them green.


Week 10 – Monday

Welcome to Monday

I will start posting the blog at the beginning of the day so our friends can continue their learning at home (along with us at school). Please email me with any questions you have about your child’s learning.

(Then I will update with photos during the day)

This is also a new thing for me, so I thank you for your patience as I send things through.

Please remember the timetable is flexible and often changes through out the day. The timetable doesn’t reflection discussions, questions or conversation that occur about learning about each task. Often tasks will be completed quicker at home than at school for this reason.


(Please note – Rocket Writing and Letter ‘Yy’ tasks have swapped)

What information can soured from the calendar? – What day is it today? How many days are left in March? What is the next month called?

Come Read with Me – Reading quietly or to your learning buddy or a friend for 15 mins.

Can you find the words below in your text?







What happened in the story?

Who are the characters in the book?

Where was the story set?

At home you might like to draw a picture about your story.

Shared Text

Look at formation of the letter ‘y’

Finger spelling words


Reading Shared Text

Children eat Brain Food – while engaging in text.

As a group list word beginning with ‘Yy’ or have the letter ‘y’ in it.

Yy words










Handwriting – focus upon formation

Write upper case Y and lower y  (children can use blue – making connections book)

Come Read with me and Handwriting Photos

Recess – Time for a break and a play

Rocket Writing


Choose one of the picture or a toy from home to write a story about.

Rocket writing time is a time to just write. The children focus upon the sounds/letters they know, familiar words and their individual knowledge of text structure. Children are encourage to write and not worry about correct spelling. Rocket writing is a time to build stamina for writing.  If your child is unsure about a word, encourage them to write the sounds they hear and then leave a line _____ (the child knows there are more letters but are unsure what they are).

After 15 – 20mins of writing draw a picture about your story.

At school we wrote a story together first

Max the Dog

The  dog was at his h_____.

He was e_ting  a  bon_.

(We put a line when we were not sure of the letters).

When the children have finished writing we talk about the words they were unsure about.


Time to put on some music at home and have a dance.


Rainbow Maths

Draw a rainbow and the numbers below as shown in the above video.

Write down the facts for example (activity sheet is attached)

Record addition sums – use counters to check your answers.

0+10 = 10

10 +0=10











Lunch – A time to eat and play

Sharing the Easter story

Reflections before the story

What happened at Easter?

Elnathan – Jesus has Palm Sunday and lots of people had palms and waved them at him. And put clothes on the floor.

Does anyone know any symbols for Easter?

Elnathan – Cross, heart dove.

Jed – Hot cross buns

Why is the cross a symbol at Easter?

Elnathan – Because Jesus had a Passover feast and then died on the cross.

He wanted to forgive our sins.

The Easter Story

  • Read the story – The Easter Story (provided in email)
  • Write and draw (copy the sentences for the children to copy on paper to put in their writer’s workshop) read the words together so they understand
  • Title- Easter Story
  • Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.
  • The donkey walked over the palm leaves.
  • Jesus died on the cross.
  • God sent an angel to talk to Mary.
  • Focus – on the correct spelling of the words Jesus, God, angel, Easter, cross, palm, donkey, Jerusalem

Book examples:

One page for each sentence – the children then draw a picture. This book will be 5 pages.

The children then moved into Play Investigations after they finished their story.

We will use the story in the powerpoint below during this week  – when we revisit the Easter Story

Holy-Week-Powerpoint_ver_3 2

We finished off our day with some dancing to Baker Boy song ‘In Control’.

Have great night and keep safe.

Week 9 – Friday

Welcome to Friday

Hello All, you would have received an email early this week to say our next Dining Hall experience is next week – 31st of March – Please bring a plate and fork and a spoon next TUESDAY – Thank you (Sorry if there was some confusion but our date changed – but the email reminder is the correct information)

Home Learning – What information can you read from the calendar?

Shared Text:

This is a  time to read together and consolidate our  learning about sounds/letters and word building.

Home Learning – Read the text together – blending letters to build words. Use the strategy of finger spelling – where one finger – for each sound (or dot under the letter)

Then it was time to move our bodies and dance:

Dancing Time

Religious Education

Class prayer and then discussion about –

Who is Jesus? What do you know about Jesus? What stories do you know?

Elnathan – Jesus is the son of God. Jesus is loving to each other.

Bibi – Jesus is in the Bible. Jesus has long hair.

Keth – Jesus is in the sky and we talk to him. God is in the sy too.

Emily – Jesus loves everybody

Felipe – Jesus is a good helper

Senay – Jesus is kind

Adum – Jesus helps everyone

Bior – Jesus is kind

Jerry – Jesus is kind

Elnathan – story – The Passover Feast and Jesus feeds the five thousands

We shared the story Jesus loves Children – Matthew 19:13-16

What do you think Jesus told the children?

Elnathan – Jesus told the children to love each other and be kind to each other.


Because he is a loving person

Why is it important to be loving

Kaili – Because God is nice to us.

Keth – Jesus loves us.

The children drew a picture about Jesus.

Home Learning: Follow the same discussion above and children to draw their own picture of Jesus.


Cloud Dough

Making – Playing – Reflecting


Adum: It is the recipe – you need to follow the recipe to make it right.

It tells you what steps to do things

Fairy Dough Recipe

Predicting: These are your ideas before we do the experiment.

What is going to happen?

Keth – It is going to turn into a cake.

Adum – When we put it in all the ingredients, it is going to form into fairy dough.

Bibi – When you mix it it is going to mix together.

Kalil – It is going to feel soft.

Felipe – When we mix it will turn into fairy bread.

Kalil – It might be sticky

Emily – IT is cloudy.

Elnathan – It might be slimy – then we will mix it more, out more flour in it.

Elnathan: This feels nice. I am making a cake.

Adum – I am going to mould mine into  a shape. Mine is smooth now. The dough is very easy to mould.

Kalil – It feels soft. squish.

Jerry – It smells like marshmallow.

Felipe – It feels entertaining because it is smooth and smells good.

Owen – I am making a fidget spinner.

Bior – It feels soft. I am making a basketball.

Senay – It smells so good.

Keth – I can’t roll it. I am finding all the hearts to make a cake. I am making a pizza

Emily – I am making a cup. It is more falling off.

Bibi – It feels like marshmallows. Can’t I make a cake to

Owen – I am making Adelaide. It feels squishy.

Home Learning: click on the link and have fun making this at home.


Home Learning: Find a cosmic kids video  – enjoy!

Why do we do relaxation? How are you feeling now? What do you like doing?

Keth – We do relaxation so we can rest our bodies. I like watching rainbow breathes.

Adum- We do relaxation so when we have finished lunch we can calm down.

Felipe – WE do relaxation so when you are angry you can feel better if you do it.,

Bibi – It makes you calm down after lunch.

Emily – I feel warm after relaxation. I like to do yoga.

Elnanathan- Relaxations makes you not run around so much. I feel calm.

Bior – We do relaxation so we do run so much. I like to do rainbow breathes.

Senay – We have to rest.

Kalil – It makes you calm.

Jerry – you have to rest your body.

Buddy Time

This afternoon we spent time with our buddies from 3 HS and 5/6MS (We have a large buddy group which also includes the ELC) which means we can engage in various ways during this time, sharing our skills, knowledge and interests.

Have a wonderful weekend – keep safe.




Week 9 – Thursday

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning

We thought we would start our day with some dancing before Come read with me.

Come Read with me – such a wonderful and important way to start the day

Home Learning – You might like to find a book from Oxford reading

Check out the link below

 Oxford Home Learning – ebooks

You do have the register for this website – but it is free and they have lots of great books to read with your child and other  fantastic activities.

Literacy Learning

Shared Text

The children rotated through the 2 tasks

We made an ‘x’ with our fingers and arms and some children crossed their legs over to make ‘x’. Don’t forget to make sure the lines cross over in the middle.

Letter – Xx – letter formation

Make a treasure map – x – marks the spot

What can be on your treasure map:







Xx -words – The children recalled the words and we constructed a list.








Home Learning – Write the letter ‘X x’ and also some of the words you see in the clip below.

Then make a treasure map – don’t forget the ‘X’ marks the spot.


Numeracy Investigations

Number lines

Addition – with a dice

Flip tiles and 10 Frames

Ordering number to 10

Number Formation – white Boards

Home Learning – Write the number to 10, use the rhyme to ensure correct formation. Make your own number line to 10 or even try 20. If you have a dice at home  – roll the dice twice and add the numbers together. Find some objects around the house to use for counters (coins) to check your answer. Our goals is get to really fast when working with numbers between 1-10. 


Number formation Rhyme


Relaxation – We closed our eyes today and listened to some lovely piano music

Play Investigations

Before moving into play we shared the text –  Tiddalick the Frog

Comparing the Text

Today we read the story and compared it with the story we watched yesterday.

Keth – Tiddalick drank all the water – which is the same. And the snake made it laugh.

Elnathan – The eel tangled itself and that is the same.

Felipe – One frog was blue and the other one wasn’t it was green.

Emily – In the other story the frog got big.

Bibi – The one we watched the frog got swirls in his mouth and the eel made him laugh it got little swirls. Yesterday it was just all blue. (The different ways the water is shown coming out of his mouth)

The owl was still there.

At the end of this story it said Tiddalick was only going to drink what he needed.


The children then moved into play investigations. After play we talked about the learning powers we were using and recorded our play before we went home.

Have a lovely night – stay safe.