Investigative Play

The students are excited and curious learners. Have a look at them exploring their learning through play today…

Investigations through Savvy’s eyes

Savvy: “I take some photos with Miss Canala’s iPad. I got a red iPad at home and I know the password. I took photos of painting, the laptops, Miss McCarthy’s coffee and of Kai sitting on a chair and Poppie pulling a funny face and of Miss Canala and also Miss Canala and Sara dancing with the puppets. They were things that I liked that’s why I took photos of them.”

Kanyini (Belonging)

Today we spoke about “Kanyini”, which means “belonging” in Kaurna. We spoke about Thukeri’s place of kanyini, in the water. Together, we then discussed where we belong, our own place of kanyini.

Anoop: My place of kanyini is India

Reuben: My place of kanyini is Adelaide

Emily: My place of kanyini is Australia

Beau: My place of kanyini is Bungerbood

Adhip: My place of kanyini is India

Katrina: My place of kanyini is Australia

Ethan J: My place of kanyini is Australia

Milania: My place of kanyini is my house

Alannah: My place of kanyini is Adelaide

Ameer: My place of kanyini is at the school

Savvy: My place of kanyini is Mawson Lakes

Deeksha: My place of kanyini is Parafeild Gardens

Reuben: My place of kanyini is the basketball court in front of my house

Jackson: My place of kanyini is Australia

We then used our 100 languages to show our places of kanyini.

It is lovely to see that each child has a place where they feel safe and they feel that they belong.

Investigative Play

We were fortune to have our buddies float around our room during Investigative Play, Leo said “I like to play blocks with Francis, he is Mattios’ friend”. We enjoyed constructing with the blocks, marble set, train set and lego- Ethan B commented “Miss McCarthy I made a space ship. It’s fast!” . We engaged in pretend play using the home corner, doctor set, puppets, and fishing. Lakyn said “I  made a house for Mr Parrot”. We explored the laptops and had fun making our own ochra paint. The students who chose to go outside were busy planting and made mud pies. Gurneet commented “we used water and dirt” and Deeksha added “it was sooooooo icky”.

Investigations in the Fish Farm

We had a very fun and engaging morning and took our investigations outside to the Fish Farm!!

Last week we were able to design a new ‘Billabong’ for Max the turtle. We built on this and shared our ideas with Simon, so this morning we helped him put together the new pond. We were also able to utilize our learning power of curiosity to  answer some of our questions from Monday!

Provocations we explored:

  • Making fishing rods
  • Planting
  • Making ochra paint
  • Reading
  • Feeding the fish
  • Observing and drawing the yabbies
  • Painting Thukeri


“Making fishing rods and planting”- Milania

“I did fishing”- Ravleen

“Reading the books”- Jackson

“The fish”- Jaimie

“I liked seeing the gold fish”- Emily

“I liked making ochre paint”- Anoop

Making fishing rods- Reuben

“The yabbies” – Kai

“I helped Simon”- Beau

“I liked doing the books” – Hudson

“I draw a turtle”- Jaimie

“Helping Simon and fishing”- Ameer

Retelling Thukeri

We retold the story of Thukeri through dramatic play.

Specks of Gold

“I liked playing on the playground”- Lydia

“When everyone clapped” – Miss Canala

“Playing with the blocks”- Ravleen

“I liked playing catch the fish”- Ethan B

“I liked going to library”- Annabella

“I liked going to sport”- Katina

“I liked the book in library”- Grace

“I liked doing the egg and spoon race”- Poppie

“I liked playing with the blocks”- Anoop

“I liked doing the egg race”- Milania

“Playing with the blocks”- Gurshaan


Investigative Play

We like to end our Tuesdays by exploring our interests during Investigative Play. Take a look at our learning…

Thukeri: 100 languages

Today we begun our learning inquiry into Thukeri.

Thukeri is a Dreamtime story which tells the story about two men who set off in their bark canoe to go fishing on the lake. The men catch bony bream (Thukeri) but are not willing to share their fish…

“They were lying and they didn’t have fish but they’re lying”– Milania

“They said a lie”–  Emily

“It was in the sea”– Emily

“Fish in the water”– Jamie

“A boat. A canoe”- Kai

“Hide down the sands”– EthanB

“The men hide it (Thukeri) under the mat”– James

We then made meaning of Thukeri using our 100 languages!

How did you explore the story of Thukeri?

“I painted Thukeri” – Ameer

“I made  the story with blocks” – R

“I made the stranger with puppets”– Katrina

“I made Thukeri with clay” – Poppie

“I made with textas. I draw the canoe, and trying to get the fish” – Ethan B

“I made a boat and I made a person” – Anoop

“I drawed all the fishes” – James

“I made all the Thukeri fish” – Emily

“I used the puppets and loose parts” – Kai