RAM 6/7NB Grandparents Day

Today we gathered for a very special grandparents morning. It was an opportunity for the students to  showcase their learning and introduce their grandparents to various provocations. It was fantastic to see the children and grandparents engaged and enjoying the fun. Our grandparents were also able to visit the Fish Farm and enjoyed yabbie racing.

Thank you to the parents and grandparents that were able to make it today.

A special type of Investigations…

Today, RGC were lucky enough to have a surprise visit from our friends in year two! Together we explored a range of Investigations. We enjoyed learning from each other and using our Learning Powers to explore our provocations.


Today RGC and their buddies from 6/7MS got together to prepare for their assembly. We practiced a range of dances that are going to be shown at our assembly…

Directions Challenge

This afternoon Miss Canala challenged us to follow some directional language…

The Treasure Hunt

This morning we were lucky enough to watch a special Book Week Performance. The performance was called The Treasure Hunt and used some of this years nominated picture books of the year to tell a story that encouraged team work and collaboration. We all really enjoyed the show!

Learning through Play

Investigations allows us the opportunity to explore our understandings in an authentic and fun way. During investigations we have the opportunity to explore our literacy, numeracy, critical and creative thinking, and personal and social behaviours.

Sports RGC

The term we are learning a range of gymnastic skills during sport. Look as we practice our balance, rhythm and coordination…


It was great to receive these photos from Ms Roberts of the students enjoying their gymnastics!