Safe Hands

Today we read a book about being safe with our hands. We spoke about different ways we could use our hands safely. We spoke about high fives, shaking hands, and using our hands for our puppet friends.

Investigative Play

This morning we were creative learners in our play. We used our 100 languages to investigate and make meaning.

“I’m using my creativity making” – Kai

“I used my creativity with blocks” – R

Sara used her creativity to paint Mr Giraffe on paint using the laptop. She said “it was fun”

“My creativity is using fire fighters in the home corner” – Ethan B

“I was creative making a castle in the block corner with Grace” – Anabella

“I was creative building blocks for a little time” – Beau

Aleda used her creativity to make paper puppets of Mr Giraffe and Mr Parrot.

Lydia made a book using paint and crayons to make a story about Mr Parrot and Mr Giraffe.

what was your Speck of Gold today?

“I made a party with Miss McCarthy” – Ethan

“I played fish on the oval” – Grace

“I liked blocks. I made a tower” – Jackson

“Going to sport” – Annabella

“I liked painting a blob” – Emily

“Playing with Ethan B in tea party for Miss McCarthy” – Ethan J

“Going next door to play with my friends” – Poppie

“Playing with my friends. Playing fishing rod game” – Milania

“I played the blocks” – Jackson

“singing the songs about the letters” – Sav

Thukeri Inquiry: positive choices and making connections

Today we revisited the story of Thukeri. We reflected on the choices the men made in our story.

What did the man say to the stranger?

“He said you can’t have any fish” – Emily

“No” – Milania

What could the men have done?

“said you can have some” – Emily

We asked the students if the men made a positive choice or a sad choice. The children responded “sad!!”. Ethan said “sad cause they didn’t share”.


What are positive choices?

“Helping”– Grace

“Being nice” – Annabella

“Be nice to my dog” – Alannah

“Playing” – Anoop

“Helping someone with trash” – Emily

“Sharing” – Reuben

“Helping someone up” – Leo

“Yesterday I picked up rubbish” – Kai

playing with my friends” – Beau

We reflected on our learning.

Learning Powers; Creativity

Today we spoke about another one of our learning powers; Creativity. Creativity is our risk-taking, playfulness, and the use of our imagination and intuition in our learning. Mr Parrot is our learning friend that helps us with our creativity.

We spoke about how we use creativity in our learning…

Emily: I show my creativity through painting

Ameer: I show my creativity through painting

Deeksha: I show my creativity through painting

Guneet: I show my creativity through drawing

Ravleen: I show my creativity through blocks

Reuben: I show my creativity with playing outside

Grace: I show my creativity with the blocks

Lidia: I show my creativity when I’m friends with somebody

Anoop: I show my creativity when I’m playing with Ethan B in the sandpit

Annabella: I show my creativity through painting

Milania: I show my creativity through playing with play dough

James: I show my creativity through drawing

Ethan J: I show my creativity with the big blocks

Alannah: I show my creativity with blocks

Katrina: I show my creativity with my writing

We spoke about how we are super heroes of learning and how our Learning Powers are connected to us and help us in our learning adventure.

After lunch we used our creativity learning power to use our 100 languages to design a new shell for Max the turtle.


Numeracy Investigations

After recess we explored numbers, shapes, tangrams, patterns, weights and time during our Numeracy Investigations. We connected our learning to our learning powers of creativity and curiosity.

Friday Mindfulness

After a busy week of fun and learning, we like to finish our week with mindfulness! We worked on our mandalas and yoga practice.

Investigative Play

The students are excited and curious learners. Have a look at them exploring their learning through play today…