Inquiry: Longneck’s Billabong

We have had so much fun this week having Max the turtle in our classroom and all the learning we have done around him. Today we learnt about where turtles like to live! We read the story Longneck’s Billabong and spoke about what animals live in the Billabong and then designed our very own Billabong.

What is a Billabong?

“It is where yabbies’ live”- Milania

“Animals live there”- Jackson

“A home”- Katrina

What animals live in the Billabong?

“A turtle lives there”Ethan. B

“Fish. Big and little”Reuben

“A snake was in the Billabong”–  James



“A fox ate the turtle eggs”James

“Birds were in the Billabong”Milania

We then ventured to the Fish Farm and designed a Billabong for Max the turtle. We were very lucky to help Mr McCarthy with this design. We also got to feed the fish in the Fish Farm.

What did you include in your Billabong for Max?


“I put grass and some water and frogs can go in there”Milania

“I puts plants for Max”Ameer

“Everything in my Billabong”James

“Rocks and water”Ethan B

“A TV for Max”Reuben

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