This morning we met Mr Koala’s learning power- collaboration.

We had our 6/7 leaders help define collaboration. Deng explained “it’s working with your friends”.

Brodie: “I use my collaboration in the classroom”

Kiara: “I use collaboration in sport lessons”

Georgia: “I use my collaboration at sport carnivals”

Keerat: “When you’re a captain you work with other captains”


This prompted the receptions to reflect and recall times they have used their collaboration!

Milania: “I use my collaboration when I play with people and pack up”

Katrina: “Collaboration when I’m helping people”

Grace: “I use my collaboration to do sharing”

Reuben: “I use my collaboration outside”

Annabella: “I use my collaboration by helping Grace with her learning”

Gurneet: “I use my collaboration playing”


We took our new learning power friend Mr Koala with us to log park.  The students reflected:

“My collaboration to make a police station with Anoop, Gurshan, and Leo” – Ethan B

“I used collaboration with Gurshan and Anoop and Li One to make a tower”Jackson

“My collaboration with Emily to make”Lydia

“I use my collaboration with Lydia to make a boat”Emily

“I use my collaboration to build a castle with Grace and Aleda”Katrina

“I worked with Alannah to make a house”Annabella

“Gurneet and Deeksha to make a castle”Ameer

“with Matilda and making a circle and Miss Canala sat on the chair”Sara

“I use my collaboration to make a police station with Ethan B, Jackson and Reuben”Anoop

“My collaboration was i build a police station with Anoop, Ethan”Reuben

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