Embracing the rain

A very excited Leo returned to the classroom from library and said “I love the rain because the rain make the plants grow“. Leo and Lakyn decided to spend the rest of their time during investigative play outside embracing the rain. Lakyn asked “can we get the rain?”. The boys initiated a spontaneous learning activity that saw many children from the class engaged. Students collected plastic cups and placed them outside in the rain to collect the rain so that they could then measure how much water filled their cup!

Firstly, the students had to collaborate and discover a way they would implement this activity without the wind blowing the cups away. This saw the children burying the cups in the garden beds.

The students hypothesized and predicted what was going to happen. Deeksha said “the cups will fill up”. Students used problem solving, prediction, comparative language. It was great to see the students make connections to their learning around the River Murray. Anoop said “if there becomes a lot of rain then there will be a big Murray River” .

The children watched the clouds and the weather closely all afternoon and when the sun disappeared  Leo  asked where it had gone. Ethan B said “the clouds are just blocking the sun for now” and Deeksha commented “its OK the sun is just in India”.

The afternoon saw the children comparing their cups and measuring how much they collected.


Tuesday Investigations

We encourage and foster our children’s curiosity. Their curiosity about the River Murray has lead our students to a interest of mapping! Today as provocations our children mapped the school, mapped the River Murray and created road maps with the cars!

The children also engaged in the following provocations: construction play with the blocks, dramatic play in the home corner, exploration of Aboriginal people using the dolls and Dreaming stories, planting seeds and using the play dough to make Ponde, Silver Perch, Murray Cod and more!!

Have a look 🙂

Specks of Gold

Guneet: My speck of gold was doing the yoga

Gurshaan: My speck of gold was playing with the blocks, we made a police station

Grace: My speck of gold was doing the yoga and also making the Ponde play

Ethan B: My speck of gold was making with Lego. I made a swat truck

Krish: My speck of gold was drawing with Michael

Ravleen: My speck of gold was drawing a rainbow for Miss Canala

Katrina: My speck of gold was drawing the Sailor Gardians

Michael: My speck of gold was giving Miss Canala the drawing I made her

Milania: My speck of gold was drawing with Poppie and Sav

Ekmann: My speck of gold was drawing


Ponde – The Murray Cod

Today aftre recess Mr McCarthy from the Kuyangani (Fish Farm) joined us in our class for some learning about The River Murray. He read us our Ngurunderi story and we spoke about how Ponde (The Murray Cod) widened the river. We looked at a map of the River Murray and identified the different places that Ponde and Ngurunderi went.

In the story, when Ngurunderi finally catches Ponde, he splits him into many pieces and throws them in the River Murray, where they turn into all different kinds of fish. The pieces turn into Thukeri (bony bream), Callop (Golden Perch), Silver Perch, Longtail Catfish, and even more Ponde. Some of these fish we can even see in the Kuyangani.

We reflected on the fish we would like to see next time we go to the fish farm.


Wednesday Investigations

During investigations we:

  • Used the laptops to research photos of the River Murray
  • Constructed with the blocks and mini world play
  • Investigated living things
  • Explored clean and dirty water
  • Went fishing
  • Problem solved using the marble run
  • Created Pondi (fish)
  • Puppet play with Three Little Pigs
  • Home corner play
  • Saved the animals from pollution
  • Designed our own castles

Tuesday Investigations

Poppie: In investigations I cleaned the pollution water

Ethan B: In investigations I made a machine to clean the rubbish out of the water

Jackson: In investigations I made a machine to take the rubbish out of the water

Krish: In investigations I made an ocean for the dinosaurs

Ngurunderi – How the River Murray was created, A Ngurrindjeri Dreamtime Story

We have been reading the dreamtime story of Ngurunderi. The story tells about how the Ngurrindjeri People believe the River Murray was created. We reflected on the story and mapped out where the story took place. We then used our 100 languages of learning to recreate the story.

Milania: Ngurunderi cut the fish up

Krish: The fish helped make the Murray River and Nurunderi was trying to trow a spear at the fish

Micheal: Ngurunderi was angry at his wives

Hudson: He was angry because he couldn’t find them


This afternoon we were learning about subitising – recognising the number of objects in a group without counting them. We then engaged in numeracy investigations that involved:

  • Saying, making and writing a number
  • Number lines
  • Tracing numbers
  • Rolling dice and copying the number
  • Painting numbers that we know

We also used our learning power of collaboration when we were working together to count from 1 to 100.

-Miss V


This morning we were active participants in our learning. We used our learning powers to explore the following provocations:

  • Making Ngurunderi fish
  • Water filtration experiment- clean and dirty water
  • Save the animals -cleaning station
  • Exploring living things
  • Can you make a house for the Three Little Pigs?
  • Three Little Pig puppet play
  • Ngurunderi pretend play
  • Post office
  • Can you use the lego to build a machine that will save our water from pollution


“I used Mr Koala to make a fish” – Poppie

“In investigations i used creativity to draw pictures for the mailbox” – Deeksha

“In investigation I used creativity to make a machine to clean up the water” – Ethan B

“In investigations I made the brick house. Creativity”- Emily

“In investigation I used collaboration to wash the animals” – michael

“I used mindful agency to make the fish”- Gurneet

“In investigations I used making the fish. collaboration” – Milania

“I used curiosity to wash the animals”- Ameer

“I made pollution. It really smelly” – Beau

Specks of Gold

Anoop: I liked playing with the lego

Katrina: My speck of gold is drawing the under water scene with Poppie

Guneet: My speck of gold was drawing a picture for Miss Canala

Michael: My speck of gold was playing with the marble run

Ethan B: My speck of gold was playing with the diggers

Ravleen: My speck of gold was drawing a picture for Miss Canala

Adhip: My speck of gold was playing with the diggers

Krish: My speck of gold was playing with the marble run