Today we read the story of Ngurunderi. It is a story that tells the tale of how the River Murray was created. We made the connection to positive choices.

 What choices in our story were not positive?

“Cause he was being rude” – Annabella

“Hitting Spirit God” – James

“Threw his speer in the water”  – Sav


If Ngurunderi was angry/ sad what could he have done instead of fighting and throwing his spears?

“You can move away from someone” – Sav

“Tell the teacher” – Alannah

“Move away from somebody” – Anoop

“People can go play away” – Ameer


What does a positive choice look like?

“Sharing” – Grace

“Hugging” James

“Being kind” – Deeksha

“Being nice” – Ameer

“Giving hi-5” – Lydia

“Be friends” – Gurneet


what do positive choices sound like?

“Thank you very much” – Alannah

“laughing”- Miss McCarthy

“You can play here” – Grace

“or you can play here” – James


what does a positive choice feel like?

“Happy” -Emily

“Thumbs up” – Reuben


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