Literacy Investigations

Today during literacy investigations we explored the ‘ai’ sound. The students engaged in the following provocations:

  • can you make the rain?
  • paper chain
  • painting the rainbow
  • typing on the laptop
  • word hunting for ai words
  • doctors- puppets in pain
  • whiteboards
  • trains

Student reflections:

“In literacy I played with the trains”- Ethan B

“In literacy using the laptops for writing ai words” – Deeksha

“In literacy rain and the chain” – James

“In literacy I made a rainbow”- Alexander

“Played with the rain” – Leo

“Made a chain” – Ameer

“I was playing with the rain” – Jaimie

“In literacy doing the chain and words”- Aleda

“Rain” – Ethan N

“Helped the puppets in pain” – Poppie

“I rained the rainbow” – Jasper

“In literacy I helped the puppets in pain”- Lydia

“I played the trains” -Anoop

“I played trains”- Jordan

“I do some laptop” – Awan

“In literacy I writing with the laptops”- Beau

“I helped the doctors who weer in pain” – Ethan J

” In literacy Investigations I was painting the rain” – Gurneet

“In literacy investigations I was doing the laptops, I was writing the words with ai” – Ravleen

“In literacy investigations I made the train tracks”- Krish

“In literacy investigations I was finding letters and spelling words on the computer” – Ebony

“In literacy Investigations I made a chain with ai words”- Sara

“In literacy I was painting the rainbow” – Ekmaan

“In literacy investigations I painted a rainbow” – Alannah

The Good Samaritan

This afternoon we read the story about the Good Samaritan. We reflected on how being like the good Samaritan and being like Jesus was similar to our philosophy of being a Bucket Filler. We reflected on the ways that we could be like the Good Samaritan;

Katrina: I’m a good Samaritan when I’m helping people

Grace: I’m a good Samaritan when I help someone when they fall over

Deeksha: I’m a good Samaritan when I’m being nice and saying nice words

Ebony: I’m a good Samaritan when I’m saying “I like my teacher” or “I like my class”

Krish: I’m a good Samaritan when I’m helping people to make friends

James: I’m a good Samaritan when I’m sharing

Ekmann: I’m a good Samaritan when I’m listening to other people


We began our morning with Come Read with Me, a time where we are able to share books and stories with our friends and teachers. It was fantastic to see so many confident readers! We then engaged in a range of literacy-based provocations. We wrote words and letters we know, matched sounds and letters, used our oral language, and told stories with puppets. Take a look at our learning;

We learn something by doing it there is no other way

Today during investigative play the children engaged in the follow provocations:

  • Small world play
  • Construction
  • Ozobots
  • Puppet play to retell fairy tales
  • Mask making
  • Play dough
  • Mapping
  • Pretend play in the homecorner
  • Doctors

Today we as a provocation we were introduced to the ozobot! What’s an ozobot?

“A ozobot moves around” – Ethan J

“It moves when I made a line. My just moved. It was fun” – Ethan B

“Ozobot is good. It is a robot. It was small” – James

“A robot” – Beau

The ozobot provided children with the opportunity to engage in coding! Students were able to break down problems-Β  empowering them to create something of their own design from scratch. It was also fun watching the ozobots move around and change colours. The students were able to choose the direction in which the ozobot moved, spin the ozobot, race the ozobot and so much more! Have a look πŸ™‚

Jesus was born

Today we read the story of Jesus’ birth. We reflected on what happened in the story;

Katrina: Jesus was born

Hudson: I like that story, I like Jesus

Grace: An angel appeared and said “you will have a baby” to Mary

Annabella: All of the angels sang “Glory to God in the highest”

Deeksha: They sang it because Jesus was born

Guneet: The inn keeper helped make a place for Jesus to be born

Ameer: The angel came

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

We explored Investigations using our learning powers and our character strengths. Some of us spoke about the importance of learning from each other. We all have different strengths and it’s when we collaborate and learn from each other that we do our best learning!