worm farm

While RGC went to sport RAM visited the Fish Farm. We were fortunate to help Mr McCarthy construct the Worm Farm. We were so excited to be involved in this process. We learnt about the different foods that worms eat and discussed certain foods they cannot eat. After we finished putting together the worm farm we fed the Rainbow Trout. The Rainbow Trout were very funny- they splashed us! Leo commented “when I dropped the food they wet my hands, three of them”  James shared “they sprayed me water and two drops in my eye” and Jaimie commented  “the water splashed me and in my nose I laughed so much”.


“worms eat compost and bananas “- Lydia

“they eat apples”- Milania

“they needed the wet blanket” – Ameer

“they eat bananas”- James

“coffee” – Lydia

“tea bags” – James

“no lemons”- Aleda

“apples” – Ethan B

“watermelons”- Poppie

“pear” – Lenni

“banana” – Deeksha

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