MUDLA & Fish Farm

Leo used the Ipad to document our visit to the Fish Farm and MUDLA room. We returned to the classroom and the students were eager to write their own blog descriptions!

Leo’s blog post:

This morning RAM and Miss McCarthy went to the Fish Farm. RAM feed the fish. RAM got out the Fish Farm and they go to the MUDLA. We were feeding all the animals. I saw hopping mouse, fish and the yabbies. It was funny when the fish splashed everyone.

Deeksha’s blog post:

I saw a turtle that was named Max and he was playing in the water and we feed him. We also feed the rainbow trout that jump and they splash you.

Lydia’s blog post:

RAM went to the Fish Farm and we feed the fish. I saw the yabbies. I fed he barramundi with the smelly kind of food. It was fun and they didn’t spash me that much. They only splashed me a little.

Awan’s blog post:

I see a turtle and lots of fish and they splash all me all the way. I love yabbies because I see the yabby.

Hudson’s blog post:

There was mouses. A hopping mouse. I liked the hopping mouses, they were hopping. After we went to Fish Farm and the fish were eating and then the splashed us.


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