Thursday Investigative Play

What did you enjoy about Investigative Play?

“I liked making a crown for Max” – Milania

“Playing with the mini world” – Gurshaan

“I played with the mini world and in the kitchen” – Poppie

I liked playing lego,  I made a aeroplane”- Ethan B

“I liked playing outside”- Gurneet

“I liked playing with lego”- Anoop

“Playing with the blocks”- Ameer

“I made a treasure map” – Beau

“Playing outside and I found something like treasure. I liked having Francis” – Leandro

“I liked playing with the blocks” – Hudson

Ash Wednesday

Today we celebrated Ash Wednesday with a whole school Mass in the hall and distribution of the ashes. Father spoke to us about fasting, giving and praying. Here the children of RAM and RGC are receiving their ashes 🙂

Inquiry: Longneck’s Billabong

We have had so much fun this week having Max the turtle in our classroom and all the learning we have done around him. Today we learnt about where turtles like to live! We read the story Longneck’s Billabong and spoke about what animals live in the Billabong and then designed our very own Billabong.

What is a Billabong?

“It is where yabbies’ live”- Milania

“Animals live there”- Jackson

“A home”- Katrina

What animals live in the Billabong?

“A turtle lives there”Ethan. B

“Fish. Big and little”Reuben

“A snake was in the Billabong”–  James



“A fox ate the turtle eggs”James

“Birds were in the Billabong”Milania

We then ventured to the Fish Farm and designed a Billabong for Max the turtle. We were very lucky to help Mr McCarthy with this design. We also got to feed the fish in the Fish Farm.

What did you include in your Billabong for Max?


“I put grass and some water and frogs can go in there”Milania

“I puts plants for Max”Ameer

“Everything in my Billabong”James

“Rocks and water”Ethan B

“A TV for Max”Reuben

Monday Investigative Play

Wow what a busy morning we have had!!

We listened to the Dreamtime Story “How Turtle Got His Shell” and visited the Fish Farm to collect Max the turtle so that we could bring him back to our classroom for Investigative Play. The children created Max using clay and engaged in dialogue about his features and enjoyed observing him as well as feeling his shell.

We also used our creativity and problem solving skills to engage in mapping and created treasure maps! Additionally, we used our small world play to make cities and roads for the cars. The children used collaboration and team work during their play.

We participated in dramatic play with the puppets and play in the home corner, we made rainbow snakes, did dot paintings, constructed with the lego, made number lines with the loose parts and participated in memory games with the letter cards and stamps.

What did you enjoy about Investigative Play?

“I liked playing with the clay”– Poppie

Turtle he goes under his shell”– Anoop

“I liked playing with Grace and Annabel. We played Cinderella”– Emily

I liked making a rainbow snake and making a tortoise”– Milania

“I liked playing with the turtle. Max!”- James

“Playing with roads”– Jackson

“Making a treasure map” – Alannah

“Roads to the tunnel” – Ethan B

“Playing with trains”– Reuben

“I like to make blocks”- Ravleen

Specks of Gold

“My speck of Gold was playing with my sisters nicely”- Ethan B

“Playing with my buddies”- Katrina

“Playing with my buddy when we was drawing”- Milania

“I liked playing with my buddy in the home corner”- Emily

“Playing with my sister”- James

“Seeing my brother” – Ameer

“I draw my buddy” – Lakyn

“Playing with the puppet”- Savannah

“Drawing with my buddy” – Poppie

“Playing with my buddy” – Alannah

“Playing with my sister”- Jamie

“The sandpit” – Kai

Meditation with Mandalas

This afternoon as part of our meditation practice we relaxed with mandalas. We spoke about how mandalas are circle shape and how we don’t rush our mandalas and that we colour them as slowly as possible. We played relaxing music in the background and the children enjoyed their time.

“I liked it cause I didn’t finish it” – Ethan B

“I liked the mandalas cause we was doing colouring” -Ameer

“A watch is round like a mandala”- Lenni

“The bin is round like a mandala”- Sav”

“My drink bottle is round” – Ethan J

“The logs are round like a mandala” – Beau


Connecting Children with Nature

We are so lucky to have Grevillia Reserve next to our school. Here the children have the opportunity to explore and engage hands on with nature- Allowing a love of nature to grow. To climb a tree and reflect upon the world, to discover the world’s biggest centipede under a rock, to collect the ants, hear the birds, and build houses with sticks, and take risks are natures experiences that the children carry for the rest of their life. Developing a love for God’s Good Creation.

Literacy Investigations

This morning we participated in literacy investigations. We went on a letter hunt and recorded what we found, we painted, engaged in questioning, participated in play to enhance our oral language, sequencing/ ordering the alphabet, puzzles, used the whiteboards, engaged in reading and used our loose parts to practice our letter formation. Have a look 🙂