RAM 6/7NB Grandparents Day

Today we gathered for a very special grandparents morning. It was an opportunity for the students to  showcase their learning and introduce their grandparents to various provocations. It was fantastic to see the children and grandparents engaged and enjoying the fun. Our grandparents were also able to visit the Fish Farm and enjoyed yabbie racing.

Thank you to the parents and grandparents that were able to make it today.


It was great to receive these photos from Ms Roberts of the students enjoying their gymnastics!

what is your speck of gold?

My speck of gold was doing relaxation – Anabella

My speck of gold was making a house with Annabella- Alannah

My speck of gold was driving the van outside- Jaimie

My speck of gold was playing police- Reuben

My speck of gold was doing relaxation – Katrina

My speck of gold was playing with Grace with the babies- Leo

My speck of gold was playing with Annabella- Grace

My speck of gold was playing with marble run- Jasper

My speck of gold was investigations- Jackson

My speck of gold was playing on the oval with Lauren- Emily M

My speck of gold was playing with Gurneet – Ekmann

My speck of gold has been coming to school to see the beautiful – Miss Canala

My my speck of gold was receiving flowers from Beau and Hudson, Jaimie and Jordan – Miss McCarthy

I will understand when I am big because I play outside while I am little.

Through spending time in nature, children not only engage all of their senses, but learn to better regulate emotions, collaborate, socialise, gain self-confidence and build their resilience – a quality that will follow them into adulthood.

Have a look at the Village Blog to view our photos from Grevillia Reserve.


Literacy Investigations

Today during literacy investigations we explored the oa sound. We engaged in the following provocations:

  • can you make a boat?
  • floating vs sinking
  • Joseph and the technicolour dreamcoat
  • writing oa words with loose parts
  • writing oa words on the laptop
  • alphabet puzzle
  • writing on the whiteboards
  • soap station


Writer’s Workshop

This term we have begun Writer’s Workshop. During this time the children are authors and create their own books. The students have the freedom to create stories based on their interests. Writer’s Workshop fosters their creativity and encourages the children to take risks. It was great to see the children apply a growth mindset and share their ideas and stories with each other.


“In writer’s workshop mine was about police and jail and a bad guy” – Jordan

“My story was about the beach” – Guneet

“My story was about the kitties on the hill” – Grace

“My story was about a policeman” – James

“About dogs”- Siddha

“In writer’s workshop mine was about lightening McQueen” – Ethan B

“I was doing the greatest showman in writer’s workshop” – Jaimie

“Mine was about flowers”- Ravleen

play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning

This morning we explored the following provocations:

  • collage making
  • construction sensory play
  • ozobots- mapping and coding
  • shop pretend play (exploring money)
  • families and caring for the babies
  • digital camera exploration
  • making boats
  • dancing (gross motor)
  • laptop drawing tutorials

Engaging in play enables us to make sense of our world. We were enthusiastic and active participants in our learning. Have a look 🙂

Specks of Gold

We often reflect on our day with our specks of gold.

Talking about the children’s ‘speck of gold‘ moments from their day encourages positivity and is an opportunity for the children to share their positive stories with each other and express gratitude.

“My speck of gold was making a plane in investigations and it flying”- Jaimie

“My speck of gold was the Ozobot”- Jordan

“My speck of gold was the home corner”- Emily

“My speck of was going to the Fish Farm” – Aleda

“My speck of gold was playing with Hudson” – Leo

“My speck of gold was going to the Fish Farm” – Gurneet

“My speck gold was playing” – Anoop

“My speck of gold was laptop” – Ebony

“My speck of gold was with Leo in investigations”- James

“My speck of gold was playing with Ebony and camping” – Grace