Student Reflections

“In investigations I played in the block corner. I did Mr Parrot. I made a house. Emily broke it but I still build it” – Ethan J

“In investigations I played with Kai” – Leo

“In investigations I was playing mummy and daddy. I used Mr Giraffe” – Guneet

“My speck of gold was building a city”- Gurshaan

“In investigations I make a space ship. I used Mr Parrot” – Ethan B

“In investigations I played with the lego. I used curiosity to make a plane” – Jackson

“In investigations I played outside. I used outside and Mr Parrot to play rock, paper, scissors, shoe” – Milania

“In investigations I played with my friends and played outside” – Deeksha

“In investigations I played with my friends” – Grace

“In investigations I was playing with the lego with Ethan B, Gurshaan and Jackson. We were making mobiles” – Krish

“In investigations I was painting the love heart with Awan. It was collaboration” – Ameer


Have a look at our learning during investigations.

MUDLA (Multi-Disciplinary Learning Area)

MUDLA encompasses an array of aquaria accommodating species from around the globe. The room also has a focus on mammals (so far already home to Spinifex Hopping Mice) and reptiles (already homing a blue tongue lizard).  The children went to visit the new MUDLA room and the exciting additions. We also had Marron from Kangaroo Island join the HFCS aqua-life during the school holidays.

We explored and reflected in our learning journals. We cannot wait for all the learning opportunities that will take place here!

Pets Morning

This morning the R-2 classes came together to celebrate St Francis Assisi. St Francis Assisi is the patron Saint of the animals. We were fortunate to have Father Sam conduct a blessing of the animals.

It was a great experience for the children to enjoy and express their love towards God’s animals.

My speck of gold was…

“My speck of gold was playing cricket” – Milania

“My speck of gold was doing sport” – Deeksha

“My speck of gold was cricket” – Ethan J

“My speck of gold was cleaning the rubbish outside” – Ethan B

“My speck of gold was cleaning” – James

“My speck of gold was going to cricket” – Anoop

“My speck of gold was going to the playground” – Alexander

“My speck of gold was packing away with Aleda” – Lydia

“My speck of gold was doing cooking” – Awan

“My speck of gold was going to the playground” – Reuben

“My speck of gold was playing with my friends. Kai, Daniel, Reuben and even Jamie and Jordan and James” – Leo



The new location of the sandpit was a highlight during investigative play. Sand play promotes physical development. Children also take on roles associated with their dramatic play- they learn important social skills such as empathy and perspective taking.

Benefits of sand play:

  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Eye & hand coordination
  • Promote creativity and imagination through role play
  • Sensory- Development of the sense of touch. Feeling and manipulating objects and moulding the sand.
  • Language development – playing with sand is a social activity requiring speaking and listening, also developing vocabulary.  Experimenting with language.

Numeracy Investigations

This morning we engaged in a range of numeracy investigations. We explored:

  • Measurement
  • Painting number formation
  • Counting and subsitising
  • Sorting and classifying
  • Problem solving and estimation
  • Shapes- 2D and 3D
  • Mapping- using directional language
  • Tangrams
  • Money

Student Reflections

“In numeracy Reuben and me and Leo and Alexander went over to the painting numbers” – Kai

“In numeracy I was measuring the monkey and then I was painting numbers with Kai” – Leo

“In numeracy I did the maps. I made a map of my house” – Ekman

“In numeracy I made a map about my house” – Grace

“My speck of Gold was doing the treasure map. I did Sav’s house to my house” – Milania

“In numeracy I roll the dice and then added the number and draw the numbers” – Ethan B

“In numeracy investigations I made a shape puzzle in the home corner” – Emily M

“In numeracy I roll the numbers” – Krish

“In numeracy I was doing the ladybirds. I had to do how many numbers ” – Deeksha

“My speck of Gold was doing the map about the school” – Alannah

“In numeracy investigations I did painting with the numbers” – Ameer

“In numeracy investigations I made a dinosaur with shapes” – Elnathan

“In numeracy I did painting numbers with Kai and Daniel” – Reuben

“In numeracy I build the blocks. I used four” – Elthan

“In numeracy investigations I did the money” – Hudson

“My speck of gold was doing the blocks” – Gurshan

My Speck of Gold…

My speck of Gold was playing in the play ground- Anoop

My speck of Gold was playing knights- Ethan B

My speck of Gold is looking at thr turtle and playing lego – Ethan N

My speck of Gold was playing with Anoop and Ethan B- Gushan

My speck of Gold was making with blocks. I made a house- Reuben

My speck of Gold was drawing- Jaimie

My speck of Gold was making a mobile out of lego- Jackson

My speck of Gold was playing on the playground- Emily M


Investigative Play

Play is the work of childhood.