Wednesday Investigations

During investigations we:

  • Used the laptops to research photos of the River Murray
  • Constructed with the blocks and mini world play
  • Investigated living things
  • Explored clean and dirty water
  • Went fishing
  • Problem solved using the marble run
  • Created Pondi (fish)
  • Puppet play with Three Little Pigs
  • Home corner play
  • Saved the animals from pollution
  • Designed our own castles


This morning we were active participants in our learning. We used our learning powers to explore the following provocations:

  • Making Ngurunderi fish
  • Water filtration experiment- clean and dirty water
  • Save the animals -cleaning station
  • Exploring living things
  • Can you make a house for the Three Little Pigs?
  • Three Little Pig puppet play
  • Ngurunderi pretend play
  • Post office
  • Can you use the lego to build a machine that will save our water from pollution


“I used Mr Koala to make a fish” – Poppie

“In investigations i used creativity to draw pictures for the mailbox” – Deeksha

“In investigation I used creativity to make a machine to clean up the water” – Ethan B

“In investigations I made the brick house. Creativity”- Emily

“In investigation I used collaboration to wash the animals” – michael

“I used mindful agency to make the fish”- Gurneet

“In investigations I used making the fish. collaboration” – Milania

“I used curiosity to wash the animals”- Ameer

“I made pollution. It really smelly” – Beau

Log Park

Today we visited log park. When we play at log park we:

  • arrange
  • balance
  • calculate
  • create
  • think
  • communicate
  • invent
  • connect
  • observe
  • collaborate
  • explore cause and effect
  • feel calm
  • listen
  • laugh
  • move


Today we read the story of Ngurunderi. It is a story that tells the tale of how the River Murray was created. We made the connection to positive choices.

 What choices in our story were not positive?

“Cause he was being rude” – Annabella

“Hitting Spirit God” – James

“Threw his speer in the water”  – Sav


If Ngurunderi was angry/ sad what could he have done instead of fighting and throwing his spears?

“You can move away from someone” – Sav

“Tell the teacher” – Alannah

“Move away from somebody” – Anoop

“People can go play away” – Ameer


What does a positive choice look like?

“Sharing” – Grace

“Hugging” James

“Being kind” – Deeksha

“Being nice” – Ameer

“Giving hi-5” – Lydia

“Be friends” – Gurneet


what do positive choices sound like?

“Thank you very much” – Alannah

“laughing”- Miss McCarthy

“You can play here” – Grace

“or you can play here” – James


what does a positive choice feel like?

“Happy” -Emily

“Thumbs up” – Reuben


Investigative Play

Have a look at what we got up to during investigative play!

“I used curiosity with Kai building something” – Reuben

“I used creativity with shapes” – Ethan B

“I did collaboration with Poppie” – Milania

“My learning power was collaboration with lego” – Anoop

“I helped the animals” – Aleda

Water is the driving force of all nature – Leonardo da Vinci

Today RAM, RGC, 6/7 NB and 6/7 SM visited the Fish Farm.

In the Fish Farm Mr McCarthy spoke to us about how the aquaponics system works. We observed the pipes to see where and how water enters and used our learning journals to reflect on our learning.

We also conducted an experiment and compared clean water to dirty water. We spoke about the environment and the effects rubbish and pollution can make on our under water creatures.

Ethan B said “if the animals get oil on them they get sick” .  Gurneet commented “the rubbish makes animals sick and rubbish makes animals wrap up”. Jamie shared “rubbish will make people and animals sick” and Beau said “if we leave rubbish we will get sick and animals will get sick. oil makes water black!” .

We also made our very own ocean wave bottles using oil and coloured water. To begin the experiment students hypothesized what might happen when the oil meets the water and made the connection of what pollution does to the ocean.

Mass: Mary and Mothers

This morning we came together in the center to celebrate our Mary and Mothers mass. Thank you to our buddies for helping us and for joining us during this special time.


Today during investigations we posted letters, rescued our animals from pollution, went fishing, made space ships using lego, explored/manipulated the motherboards, acted Goldilocks and the Three Bears,  cleaned our yard, conducted a colour experiment and construction play. WOW!

Daniel manipulated the motherboard and said “holy moley, this is awesome”

Ethan took part in the colour experiment and said “what’s happening to the colour? I made a pattern.  Oh my goodness its making like yellow” .

Poppie posted a letter and said “this is a letter to Mum”

Alannah asked “Can you write ‘you need to be happy’ “

Kai investigated the motherboard and commented “I wish dad was here to see this”

Ethan J and Lakyn constructed in the block area and Ethan said “I’m building houses for the dinosaurs”

Lydia scrubbed the animals and said “i’m helping the animals with soap”

Ravleen shared “I made a envelope for my Mum cause its Mothers Day”

Gurneet observed the colour experiment very carefully and said “Miss McCarthy look at my colour”

Poppie moved from the post box to the home corner and said “here is some medicine in case you’re sick”

Paper Flowers

Yesterday afternoon during investigations we were very fortunate to have Xhana visit our room and create beautiful paper flowers! The students loved this provocation and the opportunity to get creative. The flowers are going to look beautiful on our wall 🙂

Monday Investigations

Today our children explored, engaged and made sense of their world through various provocations.

“In my investigations I used creativity to make a card for my mum” – Reuben

“I used my creativity to make a letter for my dad”- Ethan J

“In my investigations I used Mr Parrot to play construction vehicles” – Ethan B

“I used made a mothers day card and used Mr Parrot’s creativity” – Ekmann

“I made a mothers day card and used Mr Parrot”- Grace

“In investigation I used my collaboration” – Milania

“I used creativity to make a mothers day  card”- Emily

“My collaboration was playing with the blocks with Lakyn” – Leo

“I used creativity to make a car” – Jaimie

“I played with Ethan B. Collaboration”- Anoop