Investigative Play

After a yummy shared lunch (go to “The Village” Blog to see us enjoying our shared lunch), we enjoyed learning and exploring during Investigative Play.

Specks of Gold

What were your Specks of Gold for today?

Katrina: Playing on the play ground

Deeksha: I like playing on the playground too

Matilda: I liked the fish farm

Reuben: I liked going to the fish farm

Ethan B: I liked playing with the marble run

Emily: I liked playing in the home corner

Alannah: Playing in the home corner

It’s okay to feel angry

Today we spoke about another one of our emotions, anger.

We decided that it’s okay to be angry, but it is the way that we express our anger that we need to be aware of. We spoke about safe ways to show that we are angry, or to work through our anger.

Shrove Tuesday Celebration

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday we shared pancakes with our friends. We put our own jam, honey or butter on the pancakes. Yum!

“Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which one to surf” – Jonathan Martensson

We have been speaking a lot about our emotions in RGC and RAM. Miss Canala has been undertaking a series of professional learning days that help us track our wellbeing. As a part of this we are experimenting by reflecting on our feelings as we come into school each day. Each morning when we wnter the classroom we will put a gem on our name, the colour of the gem will correspond to the way we are feeling. This will give us an opportunity to identify our emotions. It is important for us to feel a range of emotions, good or bad, and it is the way that we respond to those emotions that we are becoming more aware of. As we become more familiar with this we will add more emotions to our feelings check-in station.

Further, today we focused on the emotion; happiness. We explored how happiness makes us feel, what we might look like when are happy, and what things we do that make us happy.


After our practice of the Mass songs with the rest of the school in the hall, we spoke about Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent. We discussed ideas of how we could show Jesus we love him during Lent.

Milania: You could collect money

Guneet: Help people

Grace: Give everything to God

Katrina: Giving them smiles

Reuben: Give kisses

Alannah: Being nice to friends

Leo: Making people laugh

Emily: Tickle people

Poppie: Giving people hugs

Savvy: Sharing pictures

These are the things that we are going to try to do over the lentern season in the lead up to Easter. We reflected on Lent using our learning journals…

Specks of Gold

Hudson: Playing with Jackson. We played in the sandpit

Ethan B: Playing in the blocks

Gurshaan: Playing with the roads

Ethan J: Going outside

Milania: Seeing the tortise

Katrina: Singing songs in the hall

Annabella: Playing with Sara

Emily: I liked playing with all of the home corner

Ravleen: Poppie played with me

Poppie: Playing with Ravleen

Kanyini (Connectedness)

Today we met with our buddies from 6/7SM and 6/7NB. We drew portraits of each other to celebrate “Kanyini” – Connectedness. Once we’d finished our portraits we had an opportunity to learn and play with our buddies.

I am Special

Today we discussed the things that made us special. We used the mirror to tell ourselves why we are special. Take a look…